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Classics Research MPhil/PhD

I am a 25 year old Italian girl who, after completing a BA in Classics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy, decided to move to London to attend a Masters in Classics at King’s College London. I chose King’s because of its outstanding academic reputation in my field of studies and of the well-known high quality of the courses provided by the College.

My expectations were completely fulfilled, and that is why, while I was still attending my MA, I decided to apply for a PhD in Classics with a research proposal on the manifold and complex relationship between Herodotus and Greek Lyric Poetry under the supervision of Professor D’Alessio. In my view, in fact, King’s represented the best possible institution to undertake such a research, in that first of all Professor D’Alessio was the ideal supervisor for my project, secondly because I knew from my MA experience that the College could offer excellent studying facilities such as extremely well-stocked libraries or several further learning opportunities such as that of attending stimulating seminars and conferences.

Finally, the possibility of getting a scholarship from the College for the funding of research projects - which in fact I myself was so lucky to obtain - represents, I believe, an important incentive to work hard as well as a fundamental step in a young scholar’s attempt to pursue an academic career.

Perhaps what I have reckoned to be the most amazing trait of my experience so far is the chance to express my own views and opinions on my subject, enjoying the privilege of sharing my thoughts with a vibrant community of students and with a distinguished body of Professors whose helpfulness, competence and guidance have allowed me to become even more enthusiastic about my subject than I already was and, most importantly, more self-confident as a young scholar.

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Will Wootton
Will Wootton
Classics Research MPhil/PhD

I am one of four new Research Council UK (RCUK) fellows in the Department of Classics, my particular subject area being Roman Art. The fellowship gives me the opportunity to teach while at the same time developing my research profile. I am currently initiating a major research project at the interface between craft production and visual history in the ancient world. This focuses on craftsmen as producers, analysing their role in the formation of visual culture through a material-based approach which highlights the processes of production alongside their social status and modes of organisation.
King's is an excellent place to teach and study Classical Art & Archaeology, having received the top rating in both the teaching review by the Quality Assurance Agency and the Research Assessment Exercise. The programme itself combines the practical aspects of archaeological excavation with a through grounding in the material culture and history of the classical world.
My own background is both academic and practical. I recently completed a doctorate on the techniques of mosaic production, but have also made mosaics for many years. I enjoy teaching ancient art and archaeology, and have developed a postgraduate module, Ancient Mosaics: Making & Meaning.
The department is on the Strand, so in the heart of London. We are lucky enough to have fantastic resources close by, including some of the most prestigious research libraries and world-renowned institutions such as the British Museum, the Museum of London and the Victoria and Albert Museum, along with the smaller collections of the Soane Museum. Altogether this makes the department one of the best places for the study of Greco-Roman and Byzantine material culture.

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