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The Centre for Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences (CHAPS) is focused on research and postgraduate teaching in human and aerospace physiology in its broadest sense. We have close links with numerous related external bodies including the Royal Air Force Centre of Aviation Medicine and Crew Medical Support Office (European Space Agency). Our taught master’s programmes in Human & AppliedPhysiology, Space Physiology & Health, and Aviation Medicine, complement our varied postgraduate research opportunities.

Our wide range of research expertise spans basic science and clinically-related fields including: human ageing, skeletal muscle function, plasticity and growth. Our work in multi-systems neuroscience explores our interactions with the environment, investigating issues such as how our movement and balance control our sensory and cardiorespiratory physiology. Our research also investigates how such systems adapt to low levels of oxygen or the absence of gravity.

The Centre has a number of different research laboratories reflecting the wide range of research undertaken. These include: Psychomotor/Pain Laboratory; Gait Analysis and Sensory-Motor Control Laboratory; Muscle function Laboratory; Muscle and Exercise Physiology Laboratory; Ernsting Aerospace Physiology Laboratory; Interventional Neurophysiology Laboratory; Controlled Environment Laboratory; Conditioning and Rehabilitation Laboratory; Cellular and Molecular Muscle biology Laboratory. Two offices are designated for postgraduate student use and regular, student-led journal clubs and seminars help to broaden the horizons beyond indivudal projects. CHAPS is located in Shepherd's House and provides a dynamic enviroment for research. Regular contact with individual supervisors as well as with other research staff within CHAPS is a key component of the research training experience within the Centre.

The training of our postgraduate research students is a high priority for our research students. The School of Biomedical Sciences and the College itself provide a number of levels of support and training to assist you in your research degree. Our centre also has an active student-led journal club providing peer support in addition to that given by your supervisors.

Head of group/division
Professor Stephen Harridge
Awarding institution
King's College London
MPhil 2 years FT, 3 year PT; PhD 3 years FT, 4-6 years PT. Research degree registration may begin in October, January, April or July.
Guy's Campus, but some projects may take place on non-campus locations.
Student destinations
Postgraduate research students from our Centre have gone on to careers in research, clinical trials project management as well as returning to their clinical careers.
Year of entry 2016
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