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English Research MPhil/PhD, option of joint PhD with HKU/NUS/Humboldt

The postgraduate research community at King’s is very lively and supportive, offering a variety of workshops and a long list of people who support the students. As a PhD student, I’m working on a very specific project of my own design, focusing on photography of Shakespeare in performance. Although King’s has no photography or theatre studies departments, the English department is (perhaps resultantly) richly interdisciplinary, and also maintains strong links with certain London institutions who can support my work – the British Library, Globe Theatre, National Theatre and Victoria and Albert Museum, to name a few.

Doing a PhD can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be, especially given that there are research seminars on every conceivable topic, as well as opportunities to discuss your work and that of your peers at the Graduate Research Seminar (for first year PhD students) and ‘The Abstract’ (for all English department students).

I took the MA in Early Modern Literature at King’s in 2010/11, so I had the opportunity to discuss the PhD with my supervisor during the application process, and he was incredibly helpful and supportive.

I was awarded funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, which essentially allows me to put my studies first, rather than juggling them with paid work. I have also had the opportunity to supplement my studies with working for the educational outreach charity The Brilliant Club, and writing theatre reviews for the website OneStopArts.

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