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Music Research MPhil/PhD, option of joint PhD with HKU

My research is about Armenian musicians in the Ottoman Empire, the emergence of notation and its impact on musical practices in the 19th century. King’s was attractive for me because it has a very strong historical approach to the humanities, but is also open to new ideas and standpoints. There is a very exciting mix of scholars, musicians and students in the music department, which reflects current debates about the way boundaries between historical musicology, ethnomusicology and various other sub-disciplines are changing.

The recent appointment of Martin Stokes is a real boon for King’s, and his supervision of my research has been both supportive and highly motivating. I have enjoyed attending graduate seminars in music historiography and criticism, as well as the public music colloquia, where I’ve had a chance to engage with a wide range of new research I wouldn’t normally encounter. I’ve also found the courses provided by the Researcher Development Unit very useful.

In addition, King’s has close links with SOAS, which means that I have easy access to the resources I need for my research in Ottoman history and ethnomusicology. Of course, being in the heart of London is also a huge attraction, both for research purposes and for cultural life. I am fully funded by the AHRC, which is an amazing opportunity in the current economic environment, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to do a PhD otherwise. It’s extremely important that King’s provides financial support for research in new areas in music and the humanities, and I’m very grateful to be able to contribute something to international scholarship. I hope that the research skills and knowledge which I develop at King’s will help me to pursue a career in higher education.

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