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Culture, Media & Creative Industries Research MPhil/PhD, option of joint PhD with Humboldt University (Berlin)

For those working at interstices of cultural studies, gender theory, critical psychology and sociology, the Centre for Culture, Media and Creative Industries Research (CMCI) provides an exciting and dynamic intellectual environment. Indeed, it was the CMCI's reputation for innovation which first led me to apply to King's College London for my PhD research.

Once installed in the CMCI PhD workroom in the Chesham Building of the Strand campus, I soon came to appreciate the further benefits of working within this institution. Combining academic distinction and public presence, the CMCI houses internationally recognised leaders in the field, who double as interested and engaged research supervisors. My own supervisor, Professor Ros Gill, is an inspiring presence in my academic life.

The department's unique programme of study incorporates weekly seminars and specialist research training, as well as frequent outings to the CMCI local over the road! The wide variety of lectures and events on offer at King's ensures that there is ample opportunity for creative and interdisciplinary engagement. As part of the University of London network, I further benefit from links with other universities and cultural institutions around the city. Generously supported by a scholarship from the Graduate School here at King's, I am able to undertake my studies full-time.

Postgraduate Officer, Centre for Arts & Sciences Admissions (CASA)
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