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German with a year abroad BA

King's was always my first choice of university when I was considering higher education at school. After my first Open Day visit, I fell in love with the university! I was attracted to King's because of its fantastic reputation and of course, the location. There is no place like London - and no place where I would rather spend studying for my course!

The resources that are available to students are hugely beneficial, especially as I study at the Strand campus. The Maughan Library is a only a short walk away, there are numerous study areas, cafes and canteens and so on. In addition to the brilliant facilities on offer to students, the location of the university is especially beneficial if you want to find part-time work, and also go out and enjoy yourself.

I love my course; the staff and the department give unconditional support, they are always friendly and welcoming. In addition to the staff, the senior students are always on hand to offer support, and they run really great societies and clubs which I would recommend anyone to get involved in. The language societies always have events planned, ranging from pub quizzes to a trip abroad.

I consider myself to be very lucky that I have met such fantastic people and am located in such a wonderful place. I am looking forward to the next few years here at King's, and feel safe in the knowledge that King's will get me to where I want to be after I have graduated.
German with a year abroad BA

I started at King’s in September 2009 after being allowed to defer my entry for one year so that I could spend some time working as an Au-pair near Düsseldorf. I chose King’s for various reasons. King’s offers a wide range of modules in German from medieval literature to modern day politics to cinema through the times. The structure of the course allowed me to be able to choose the modules that interested me the most and therefore you can structure your degree to suit your own interests and abilities.

Another factor that compelled me to opt for King’s was the friendly nature of the department. It made me feel comfortable making the transition from A-level student to undergraduate at such a prestigious institution.

My initial impression of King’s being friendly has not changed at all. The lecturers in the German department really make an effort to get to know students, their academic interests, what they would like to do in the future and are always there to help when needed.

A great opportunity as part of studying German at King’s is the year abroad and King’s has great links with universities in Germany and Austria. I spent my year abroad studying in Frankfurt and do not hesitate in calling it the best year of my life so far. Not only were there some interesting module choices on offer but I discovered a new part of Germany, lived in a student flat share with Germans and most importantly for me, made friends for life. I continue to visit Frankfurt now and am considering moving back there sometime in the next few years.

As for my plans after King’s, at the moment I have a few options. I plan to stay in London for the time being and the short term plan is to work. Over the coming summer I’m hoping to work as a tour assistant at Wimbledon where I can use my second language on a daily basis. Beyond the summer I’m looking for jobs where I can use my second language and hope to either find a job in translation or as a German speaking assistant in an international company.

In the long term I’m still considering applying to do a master’s degree in German and Comparative Literature after I’ve spent some time working but whether it be in the UK or Germany, I’m not yet sure. What I can say though is that studying German at King’s has provided me with so many options and there is no doubt that being able to speak another language has boosted my chances for the future.
German with a year abroad BA

I was attracted to London because I wanted an international and metropolitan setting for my undergraduate studies. King’s was the obvious choice for its strong academic reputation and excellent German department. The department has been producing fantastic research in areas that have been extremely relevant to my personal interests, allowing me to develop my knowledge of literature post-1900 in particular.

The college has many extra-curricular activities and groups which have also been beneficial to my studies. The German Society, of which I was president from 2010-11, produces an annual play which has been a highlight of my experience at King’s.

The German department’s partner universities in Germany were also a decisive factor in deciding to study at King’s. I spent my Erasmus year abroad studying at the Humboldt University in Berlin, where I was able to explore other styles of literature to compliment my studies at King’s, including modules on feminist and cyborg literature.

In my dissertation, I consider the legitimacy of labelling Franz Kafka’s Der Proceß and “In der Strafkolonie” as works of dystopian fiction. This project frames these texts within the wider discourse of utopia and dystopia in the twentieth century, focusing on analyses by Ernst Bloch and Darko Suvin, whilst also taking classical dystopian novels of the same era as measures of comparison. The project focuses on the themes of sex and technology within dystopian fiction as tools of oppression which aid in maintaining a state of dystopia.

I have applied for a DAAD postgraduate scholarship to continue my studies in Berlin, and also for programmes at King’s and Cambridge, where I hope to complete an MA in European Literature or German Literature. I plan to develop my undergraduate dissertation at a postgraduate level and frame Kafka within a wider European framework of dystopian discourse and literature.
German with a year abroad BA

I’m originally from Bath and decided early on that London was the city for me. King’s is the most central of all London universities which was a huge attraction, however it was by no means the sole reason why I chose KCL. The overriding factor to why I chose to study at KCL was based on how personable I found the staff to be and this has remained the case for the four years I have been here.

The German department can also pride itself on the modules that are on offer; from German politics, literature and history to German film, popular culture and of course the German language. As a result of this extensive range of modules, you gain the opportunity to explore many different avenues post university.

A German degree is not simply a mass of vocabulary, grammar and translation classes as some may assume. A passion of mine is traveling and with this degree you’re lucky enough to spend a year in a German speaking country. I found myself studying at the university of Vienna, however I also spent a large amount of time in Berlin and Frankfurt! The Year Abroad is one, if not the best chance to get a real understanding and grasp for the German language, it’s an opportunity not to be missed!

The German department also offers a range of extra curricular activities which I have been fortunate enough to be a part of. I have been an avid member of the German society which I am indebted to because through the various events, I have formed solid relationships with fellow members and made wonderful memories which will never be forgotten. This year I have also been a member of the Königspost; a student led departmental newspaper which has given me interest into continuing this post university in an employment capacity. I plan to combine my love for writing and the German language by working for a German branch of an established magazine company, watch this space!
German with a year abroad BA

Being centrally located was one of the key things I was looking for when applying to university. King's central location made it just perfect, and its Strand Campus is so faultlessly placed. Studying German at King's is fantastic, not only is there a huge choice of modules to choose from, but as I'm studying a language, I get the opportunity to study abroad.

Another advantage of King's is great sports facilities. I currently play football at a competitive level for the King's Medical Women's team. Outside of my studies I volunteer as a Metropolitan Police Special Constable and I waitress part-time. London can be an expensive place to live; these extracurricular activities help with expenses as I receive free travel from the Metropolitan police for my time volunteering as well as a reasonable salary working part time.

Overall, London is an exciting place to study, especially at such a reputable institution such as King's, I aim to make the most out of the remaining time I have here.

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