Classical Studies & French with a year abroad




Full Time

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King's reviews its optional modules on a regular basis, in order to continue to offer innovative and exciting programmes. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that any particular optional course will run in a given year and the options listed below are subject to change.

Compulsory & core modules:
  • French language
  • Introduction to French Literature

Choice of optional modules which may include the following:
  • Art & Archaeology of Greece & Rome
  • Greek & Latin Literature: An Introduction
  • Introduction to Ancient History (c. 1200 BC-AD 600)
  • Working with Greek & Latin Literary Texts: An Introduction

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Core and Compulsory modules:

  • Core French Language
  • The Practice of Translation (French)

Second year students choose from a range of optional modules, which may include options such as:


  • Art and Power in the Age of Alexander
  • Democracy, Empire and War: Greece 446-338 BC
  • Roman Drama I: the theatre at Rome
  • Grand Tour: Antiquities in London from the Enlightenment to the Present Day
  • From Sulla to Caesar: the fall of the Roman Republic
  • Pompeii: History and Society
  • Who Needs Myth?


  • Death and Desire: Love in French Literature before 1700
  • Writing the Self since 1700 in French Literature
  • French Poetry since 1800
  • Comedy in French Literature before 1700
  • The French Novel since 1700
  • The Idea of France
  • Modernity and the City
  • Modern French History

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Spent in a French-speaking country.


Compulsory module:

  • French language

Final year students choose from a range of optional modules, which may include options such as:


  • Dissertation on a classical subject
  • The Classical Art of the Body: Greek Sculpture
  • Augustus: Power & Propaganda
  • Alexander the Great
  • The History & Theory of Ancient Slavery
  • Pagans, Christians and Jews in the Roman Empire
  • Plato's myths: the soul, desire and the beyond


  • The Stylistics of Translation
  • Medieval Occitan Literature
  • Sixteenth-century Encounters with the New World
  • The City in the Literature of 17th- & 18th-century France
  • Proust
  • Troubling Desires
  • Recent French Thought
  • Images of Algeria
  • Forbidden Love in the Ancien Régime
  • Desire and the Family in 19th-century French literature
  • Citizenship & Exclusion: Theories and Practice
  • Citizenship & Exclusion: Republicanism and it's Discontents
  • Contemporary French Film
  • Contemporary Women's Writing in French
  • Old French Romance

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