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Santiago Sanchez-Pages


Senior Lecturer in Economics

Contact Details:

Department of Political Economy

King's College London

Room S2.41

Strand Building

London WC2R 2LS



Personal Website:


Office Hours:

Tuesday: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am - 12:00pm


Santiago Sanchez-Pages is Senior Lecturer in Economics in the Department of Political Economy. He obtained his PhD from Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona in 2003. After that he joined the University of Edinburgh and the University of Barcelona. His background is in economic theory, including bargaining, game theory and political economy, but one of his main research fields is also experimental economics.


The economics of politics (undergraduate)


Santi´s  research interests are very diverse and include voting, participatory democracy, bargaining, coalition formation, the economics of conflict and contests, experimental economics, gender economics, personnel economics, and the biological foundations of economic behavior. He has published papers in Economics, Political Science and Behavioral Science journals.

Selected publications

 “Gender differences and stereotypes in strategic reasoning,” (with M Cubel). Forthcoming in the Economic Journal.

“Social capital, conflict and welfare,” (with C Jennings). Journal of Development Economics, 124, 157-167, 2017.

“An axiomatization of difference-form contest success functions,” (with M Cubel). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 131, 92-105, 2016.

“Do personality traits affect productivity? Evidence from the lab,” (with M Cubel, A Nuevo-Chiquero and M Vidal-Fernandez). Economic Journal, 126, 654-681, 2016.

“Immigration, conflict and redistribution,” (with A Solano-Garcia). Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 118(3), 557-593, 2016.

“(Don’t) Make my vote count,” (with M Faravelli), Journal of Theoretical Politics, 27, 544-569, 2015.

“Facial masculinity: how the choice of measurement method enables to detect its influence on behaviour,” (with C Rodriguez and E Turiegano), PLOS one, 9(11), 2014.

‘“Bargaining and conflict with incomplete information,” in the Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Peace and Conflict, S Skaperdas and M Garfinkel, eds., OUP, 2012.

“Testosterone, facial symmetry and cooperation in the Prisoners' Dilemma” (with E Turiégano), Physiology & Behavior, 99(3), 355-362, 2010.

“Conflict as part of the bargaining process,” Economic Journal, 119, 1189-207, 2009.

“Enjoy the silence: An experiment on truth-telling,” (with M Vorsatz), Experimental Economics, 12(2), 220-241, 2009.

 “A theory of participatory democracy based on the real case of Porto Alegre,” (with E Aragonés), European Economic Review, 53(1), 56–72, 2009.

“An experimental study of truth-telling in a sender-receiver game,” (with M Vorsatz), Games and Economic Behavior, 61(1), 86-112, 2007.

Working Papers

“Gender, competition and performance: Evidence from real tournaments,” IEB Working Paper 2016/27 (with P Backus, M Cubel, M Guid and E López-Mañas).

 “Difference-form group contests,” (with M Cubel). IEB Working Paper 2014/6.

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