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Academic Staff (A-Z)

Humeira Iqtidar

Lecturer in Politics 

IqtidarContact Details:
Department of Political Economy
Room S2.24
Strand Building
Strand Campus
London WC2R 2LS

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7848 7381

Office Hours:

  • Wednesdays, 13:00-14:00
  • Fridays, 11:50-12:50


Dr Humeira Iqtidar joined King's College London in 2011. She has studied at the University of Cambridge (UK), McGill University (Canada) and Quaid-e-Azam University (Pakistan). Before joining King's, Humeira was based at the University of Cambridge as a fellow of King’s College and the Centre of South Asian Studies.

Humeira is a Lecturer in Politics of South Asia. She is also the Principal Investigator on the Tolerance in Contemporary Muslim Politics: Political Theory beyond the West project and Co-Convenor for the London Comparative Political Theory Workshop.


Humeira’s research is concerned with exploring the contours of social and political theory particularly in the South Asian context. She is interested in the shifting demarcations of state and market, society and economy, secularism and secularization. She has carried out ethnographic research with two Islamist parties in Pakistan, Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamaat-ud-Dawa for her previous research project. Currently her research has two key strands. One explores ideas and practices related to tolerance within the Pakistani context. The other engages with the relationship between liberalization and piety in both UK and Pakistan. 

Humeira's research has featured in interviews and articles in The Guardian, BBC World Service, Voice of AmericaDer SpiegelSocial Science Research Council OnlineThe DawnExpress Tribune and Open Democracy



Humeira Iqtidar, Secularising Islamists? Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamaat-ud-Dawa in Pakistan, University of Chicago Press, 2011

Humeira Iqtidar and David Lehmann eds., Fundamentalisms: Critical Concepts in Religions, Routledge, 2011.(4 volumes).

Journal Special Issue

Humeira Iqtidar and Tanika Sarkar, eds., Special Issue, "Revisiting Secularisation in South Asia", EPW, XLVIII: 50, December 2013

Humeira Iqtidar and David Lehmann, eds., Special Issue on "Secularism and Citizenship in the Non-European World", Citizenship Studies, 16:8, 2012

Humeira Iqtidar and David Gilmartin eds., "Secularism and the State In Pakistan", Modern Asian Studies, 45:3, 2011.

Journal Publications 

Reassessing Secularism and Secularisation in South Asia”, (with Tanika Sarkar), EPW, December 2013

"Secularism and Secularisation: Untying the Knots", Special Article EPW, September 2012

Secularism and Dilemmas of Citizenship for the ‘Majority'", Citizenship Studies, 16:8, 2012 

Introduction: Secularism and Citizenship in the World Beyond North Atlantic", Citizenship Studies 16:8, 2012 (with David Lehmann)  

Secularism Beyond the State: The ‘State’ and the ‘Market’ in Islamist Imagination” Modern Asian Studies, 45:3, 2011 [reprinted in Osella, F and C. Osella eds., Islamic Reformism in South Asia, Cambridge University Press, 2012]

“Introduction: State Management of Religion in Pakistan”, Modern Asian Studies, 45:3, 2011 (with David Gilmartin)

“Collatoral Damage from the Afghanistan War: Jamaat ud Dawa and Lashkar-e-Tayyaba Militancy” Middle East Report 251, Summer 2009

“Terrorism and Islamism: Differences, Dynamics and Dilemmas” in special issue on ‘Terrorism, Security and Business’, Global Business and Economic Review, 10/2, 2008

“The Fracturing of Pakistan” ISIM Review 21/Spring, 2008 (with Kamran Asdar Ali).

Book Chapters 

"Islamism in Pakistan: Islamist Spin-offs and their Contradictory Trajectories” in Asef Bayat ed., Post Islamism: How Political Islam is Changing, Oxford University Press, 2013

“Cosmopolitanism, Religion and Inter-Civilizational Dialogue” in Gerard Delanty ed. Cosmopolitanism, Routledge, 2012

“Colonial Secularism and the Genesis of Islamism in North India” in Gareth Stedman-Jones and Ira Katznelson eds., Religion and the Political Imagination, Cambridge University Press, 2010

“Jama‘at-e-Islami Pakistan: Learning from The Left” in Naveeda Khan ed., Beyond Crisis: Re-evaluating Pakistan, Routledge, 2010

“Muslim Cosmopolitanism: Contemporary Practice and Social Theory” in Bryan Turner ed., Handbook of Globalization, Taylor & Francis, 2009

“The Politics of Poverty and Poverty Reduction in Pakistan” in Hasnat, Syed Farooq ed., Unresolved Issues in Pakistani Politics, Vanguard Publishers, Pakistan, 2007
“‘Dialogue Of Civilizations’ and Jama‘at-e-Islami Pakistan: Limitations and Opportunities,” Alliance of Civilizations, United Nations, July 2006. 

Selected Media and General Audience Articles 

"Moving Beyond the Cliché”, Herald, 28 December, 2013

“Burning Joseph Colony”, The Express Tribune, 13 September 2013 

The difference between secularism and secularisation”, The Guardian, 29 June 2011 

“Punjab” in Vijay Prashad, Madiha Tahir and Qalandar Memon eds. Dispatches from Pakistan, New Press, New York, 2012

“Why do natural disasters impact some areas more than others? Structural Impoverishment and the Floods in Pakistan”, The American Social Science Research Council, 15 September 2010 

“Who are the Taliban in Swat?” 30 April, 2009 

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