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ENSN Events

About ENSN Events

The ENSN will organize the following events:

  1. Annual team workshops
  2. Network conferences
  3. Short visit and exchange grants
  4. Neuroschools

Each year, one of the key ENSN Theme Areas will be chosen as the thematic focus of the four activities above. In 2007 and 2008 there will be a combined focus on the theme of Neuroscience and Society: Setting an agenda for Europe.

Activity 1) Team Workshops

A chief aim of the Programme is to facilitate concentrated engagement among researchers who would not otherwise have the chance to meet and interact on a formal basis. Thus, the Programme will fund and organize a series of four team workshops, organized around the key themes of the Programme.

For each workshop, a team leader will typically be drawn from the list of Advisory Experts and / or programme collaborators to ensure maximum participatory involvement from those outside the Steering Committee.

Team leaders will, with the administrative support of the programme coordinator, each organize a concentrated, annual three-day multidisciplinary seminar.

The seminar will be limited to 20-25 participants, chosen for their individual expertise. This selectivity will facilitate the process of compiling the workshop proceedings into a published annual volume. The first ENSN workshop is scheduled for the spring of 2008. More details of this workshop will be forthcoming on this site.

Activity 2)
Network Conferences:

The Programme will co-ordinate and host a series of two-day conferences for the exchange of debate, research findings and policy suggestions between neuroscientists, bioethicists and social scientists. The first ENSN conference, Neurosocieties: The rise and impact of the new brain sciences, is currently scheduled for November 12-13, 2007 in London.

Activity 3) Travel and Exchange Grants

A key goal of the Programme is the promotion of methodological interdisciplinarity among junior researchers. Periodically, at the discretion of the Steering Committee, the ENSN will provide junior researchers with small grants toward the costs of short exchange visits to help foster interdisciplinary dialogue (see the section "Online application for funds" at for details).

Activity 4) Residential "neuroschools"

Two residential research schools, combining two of the four key themes areas, are planned to take place in years alternating with the network conferences. These "neuroschools" will be somewhat similar to the workshops, but will be of a longer duration, and will involve fewer participants.

Open to application by any participant or interested colleague working in these areas, whether from the neurosciences or from the social sciences and humanities, but selective in their admission criteria, the goal of the "neuroschools" is to promote sustained engagement with the thematic areas identified above.

The end result of each school will be a series of papers, which will published as Special Issues in leading international journals
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