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Dr Thomas Maguire

Research Associate 

MaguireDepartment of War Studies

School of Security Studies 

King's College London

Strand | London WC2R 2LS




Tom Maguire is a Research Associate in intelligence and international security working in the Intelligence and International Security Research Group.

He is coordinating research examining the extent to which and in what ways evidence from secret intelligence sources have informed or provided the basis for investigations and court trials under terrorism and related national security legislation in the UK.

He received his PhD in 2015 from the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), University of Cambridge. His thesis, awarded the Lisa Smirl Prize for best thesis in his year, explored interactions between the practices of intelligence and propaganda, with an empirical focus on British and American state use of these tools in Cold War Southeast Asia. He also holds an MPhil in International Relations from POLIS.

Tom's concurrent ongoing research from his Junior Research Fellowship at Darwin College, Cambridge, is interrogating the aims, nature and impacts of the British state’s use of internal security assistance in the Global South since 1945.

Outside of academia, Tom was formerly the John Garnett Visiting Fellow within the National Security & Resilience Studies programme at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI), focusing on conflict, violent extremism and organised crime in East Africa.

Research Interests
  • Intelligence and propaganda in foreign policy and domestic security 
  • Security sector reform and assistance
  • Counter-insurgency and violent extremism
  • International security liaison
  • The Cold War and decolonisation

In preparation:

  • T.J. Maguire, ‘Shades of grey: the British way of covert propaganda during the Cold War’, in preparation for Journal of Strategic Studies
  • T.J. Maguire, ‘“Psychological intelligence” and propaganda cycles: new approaches to assessing states' strategic communications’, in preparation for Review of International Studies
  • T.J. Maguire, ‘British security assistance in the Global South: “counter-subversion” and post-imperial influence in Cold War Southeast Asia’, in preparation forJournal of Contemporary History
  • T.J. Maguire and H. Franklin, ‘Creating a Commonwealth intelligence culture? Security, surveillance, and diplomacy in the founding of the Tanzanian state, 1955-1970’, in preparation for African Affairs


  • A. Glazzard, S. Jesperson, E. Winterbotham and T.J. Maguire, Conflict, Violent Extremism and Development: New Challenges, New Responses (Palgrave Macmillan Pivot Book, 2017 forthcoming)

Journal articles and chapters:

  • T.J. Maguire, ‘Transnational Threats and “State-Private Networks”: IRD Counter-Subversion in Early Cold War Britain’, Inteligentsia Y Seguridad, Special Issue - The Threat From Below: How Intelligence Counters Irregular Threats, 13 (Jan-Jun 2013), pp. 61-100.
  • T.J. Maguire, ‘Interrogation and “psychological intelligence”: the construction of propaganda during the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1958’, in C. Andrew and S. Tobia (eds.), Interrogation in War and Conflict (Routledge, 2014), pp. 132-52.
  • T.J. Maguire, ‘Counter-subversion in early Cold War Britain: the Official Committee on Communism (Home), the Information Research Department and “state-private networks”’, Intelligence and National Security, 30, 5 (2015), pp. 637-66.
  • T.J. Maguire, ‘The hydra-headed challenge of Al-Shabaab’s financing’, RUSI Newsbrief, 35, 1 (Jan 2015)
  • C. Haenlein and T.J. Maguire, ‘Countering Poaching and Wildlife Crime: Engaging from the Ground Up’, RUSI Newsbrief, 35, 4 (Jul 2015)
  • T.J. Maguire and C. Haenlein, ‘An Illusion of Complicity: Terrorism and the Illegal Ivory Trade in East Africa’, RUSI Occasional Paper (Sep 2015)
  • C. Haenlein, T.J. Maguire and K. Somerville, ‘Poaching, Wildlife Trafficking and Terrorism’, in C. Haenlein and M.L.R. Smith (eds), Poaching, Wildlife Trafficking and Security in Africa: Myths and Realities (RUSI Whitehall Paper, Nov 2016)
  • T.J. Maguire, ‘Kenya’s “war on poaching”: militarised solutions to a militarised problem?’, in S. Jesperson, T. Reitano and L. Bird (eds), The War on Crime (Palgrave Macmillan, Spring 2017 forthcoming)
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