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Conflict, Security & Development Research Group

CSD Annual Conference

CSD MA students hold an annual conference on themes broadly related to conflict, security and development.

CSD 2016: Marginalized Communities

CSDConference 2016Date: 18th-19th February 2016

Location: Great Hall, King’s College London Strand campus.   

The 2016 Conflict, Security & Development Conference is a joint initiative of postgraduate master’s students from the Conflict, Security and Development (CSD) programme, the War Studies Department and the Institute for International Development (IDI) at King’s College London. This event follows the success of previous conferences held in 2015 and 2014.

WATCH: Video by the 2016 conference chairs

This year’s conference places special emphasis on the role of marginalised communities in the evolution, continuation and determination of conflict. By highlighting the role of those demographic, ethnic and religious groups that often receive least attention, the conference aims to contribute to a more nuanced and accurate understanding of contemporary issues in security and development as well as approaches to solve these. As conflicts are increasingly fought along a number of varying fault lines, critical engagement with the impact of marginalised communities is crucial for both national and international organisations in developing sustainable policy solutions.The Conference is structured around four individual panels, introducing leading policy-makers, practitioners and academics in the field to critically analyse and discuss specific aspects in the debate about marginalised communities. It also offers a networking opportunity for both recruiters and students. For all the details on panels and speakers, please visit the dedicated 2016 conference website.



CSD 2015: Post-2015 Development Challenges in Conflict Zones







In 2015 the conference involved collaboration between the War Studies Department and International Development Institute at King’s College London. It focused on Post-2015 Development Challenges in Conflict Zones and took place on the evening of 12 March and the day of 13 March 2015. Further information can be found at the dedicated conference website.


For full details of each panel and speaker profiles, please visit the conference website.

Opening Session: Resetting the Clock - Moving forward from the Millennium Development Goals towards a Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Opening Keynote Address

PANEL 1. Health Under Fire: The difficulties of building health care in conflict zones

PANEL 2. The Foundation of Development: Implementing education in areas of armed conflict

PANEL 3.  Blue Gold: Impending threats to water security and development


PANEL 4.  A Complex Partnership: The role of the security sector in delivering humanitarian aid



Closing Keynote Address

CSD 2014: Organised Crime in Conflict Zones


The first conference was held on 6th March 2014 on the topic of ‘Organised Crime in Conflict Zones.’ The one-day conference focused on transnational organised crime – a multi-billion pound global business and an area of growing international concern. The programme addressed the conflict-crime nexus and focused on three key areas of organised crime. These were drug trafficking, terrorist criminality and human trafficking. The conference objective was to address gaps in policy and scholarship, and to encourage research into this subject of growing relevance. For details of the organising committee please go here.



Podcasts of presentations are available for a number of panelists. For full details of each panel and speaker profiles, please go here.


PANEL 1. The Conflict-Crime Nexus

Nigel Inkster - PODCAST

Lt. Gen. Jonathon Riley  - PODCAST


PANEL 2. Drug trafficking

Axel Klein - PODCAST

Professor George Philip- PODCAST


PANEL 3.  Terrorist Criminality 

Antônio Sampaio - PODCAST

Tom Keatinge - PODCAST

PANEL 4. Human Trafficking

Parosha Chandran - PODCAST

Closing Keynote

Dr. Mark Shaw - PODCAST



Video Interviews 

Richard Blunt in conversation with Lt. Gen. Jonathon Riley (Panel 1: Conflict-Crime Nexus)



Fanny Johanna Hoes in conversation with Tom Keatinge (Panel 3: Terrorist Criminality)



Luciana Téllez in conversation with Antônio Sampaio (Panel 3: Terrorist Criminality)



Larisa Lara in conversation with Dr. Lynellyn Long (Panel 4: Human Trafficking)



Luciana Téllez in conversation with Mark Shaw (Closing Keynote)



Luciana Téllez in conversation with Sara Batmanglich, Head of Crime, Violence and Instability at International Alert



Larisa Lara in conversation with David Pérez Esparza, UCL PhD Candidate


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