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Research on Arms Control Research on Nuclear Security and the Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism


Proliferation Case Studies and Peer -Reviewed Articles,Project Alpha
  • Salisbury, D. (2013) ‘Trade controls and non-proliferation: compliance costs, drivers and challenges,’ Business and Politics, 15(4), 529-551.
  • Salisbury, D. & Lowrie, D. (May 2013) ‘Targeted: a case study in Iranian illicit procurement,’ Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Vol. 69 Issue 3, 23
  • Stewart, IJ. (2015) ‘The Contribution of Intangible Technology Controls in Controlling the Spread of Strategic Technologies,’ Strategic Trade Review, 1(1), available online at
  • Stewart, IJ. & Dill, C. (2015) ‘Defining Effective Strategic Trade Controls at the National Level,’ Strategic Trade Review, 1(1), available online at


Research on Nuclear Non-Proliferation
  • Kienzle, B. (2015) 'The exception to the rule? The EU and India's challenge to the non-proliferation norm' European Security 24 (1). p. 36-55


Research on Nuclear Security and the Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism
Research on Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Disarmament and Strategic Stability
  • Elbahtimy, H. (2014) 'Early approaches to IAEA safeguards: Egypt's journey from reluctance to toleration 1957-1967', paper presented at The Global History of the International Atomic Energy Agency Conference, Vienna, Austria, September 2014
  • Elbahtimy, H. (2014) 'Verifying Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East', paper presented at the EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference, Brussels, Belgium, September 2014
  • Elbahtimy, H. (2014) 'Exploring the role of trust in verifying Nuclear Warhead Dismantlement', paper presented at the Annual Conference of the International Nuclear Materials Management, Atlanta, USA, June 2014
Research on Open Source Intelligence


Research on Nuclear Security and the Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism
Research on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Illlicit Trade  
- China, EU, Iran and India
Theoretical Perspectives on Nuclear Devaluation
Disarmament and Strategic Stability
Cyber Security and Information Warfare


Research on Nuclear Security and the Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism
Research on Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Disarmament and Strategic Stability
Cyber Security and Cyber Attacks
  • Betz D.J. & Stevens T., Cyberspace and the State: Toward a Strategy for Cyber-Power. Adelphi 424. London: Routledge for the International Institute for Strategic Studies.
  • Hobbs, C. & Patterson A. (2011), ‘Mitigating against cyber attacks by regaining control of your digital shadow’, World Defence Systems, September 2011
  • Stevens T. (2010), 'Written evidence', in: House of Lords, Protecting Europe Against Large-Scale Cyber Attacks. HL Paper (68). p. 160-164.
  • Stevens T. (2010) 'Breaching protocol: the threat of cyberespionage.' Jane's Intelligence Review 22 (3)p. 8-13.



Research on Nuclear Security and the Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism 
Research on WMD
Research on Biological Weapons
Research on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

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Cyberwar and Cybersecurity

Stevens T. (2009) 'Cyberwar: Always on (the offensive?).' World Defence Systems 2009 (2). p. 137-140.

Stevens T. (2009) 'Cyberspace and security: Issues and concerns.' World Defence Systems(1). p. 248-251.

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