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King's-China Scholarship Council Studentship

King's College London and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) hold an agreement to jointly fund PhD students to pursue research degrees at King's. 

As part of the agreement, successful applicants will receive a scholarship that covers the tuition fee and an annual living allowance that includes overseas student health cover, a return airfare to London and visa application fees.

Up to 7 K-CSC awards will be available for the 2017-18 competition



Candidates MUST:

  • Be citizens and permanent residents of the People’s Republic of China at the time of application;
  • Satisfy the selection criteria relating to current study and employment as set out by the CSC on their website.
  • Agree to return to China upon completion of their studies and/or research;
  • Be due to commence a full-time MPhil/PhD research degree programme at King’s College London during the 2017/18 academic year, OR be in the first year of a full-time MPhil/PhD research degree programme at King's College London during the 2016/17 academic year;
  • Have submitted all the required application materials by the funding deadline (as instructed in the ‘Application Process’ section below);
  • At the point of application to the Graduate School for the scholarship, hold an unconditional offer of admissions, OR a conditional offer of admissions that is based solely on the completion of a current degree programme, for an MPhil/PhD programme at King’s College London; OR be a current first year MPhil/PhD research degree student at King’s College London;
  • Have fulfilled the English language entry requirements for their chosen research programme;
  • Also follow the separate local application procedure within China and submit the required documentation to the CSC by its stated deadlines (see for further details).

Please note that:

  • These studentships cannot be held on a part-time basis
  • Distance learning programmes are not eligible
  • Professional doctorate degrees are not eligible
  • Joint PhD programmes are not eligible
  • Students who fail to apply to both King’s and the CSC, as appropriate, will not be eligible
  • Studentships cannot commence prior to September/October 2017

How to apply

Application Start: 10 November 2016

Application Deadline: 16:00 GMT, 31 January 2017

Applications will be invited from 10 November 2016 and will close on 31 January 2017 at 16:00 GMT sharp

Please follow the instructions below that apply to you.

Applicants who fail to apply as instructed below will not be eligible for consideration.



1)      First, apply to the College for a research degree programme using the online admissions application and obtain an admissions offer*


2)      Submit an online K-CSC funding application form to the Graduate School by the funding deadline of 16:00 GMT, 31 January 2017.  Note that this should only be done once you have applied for admissions and obtained an offer of a place. The online K-CSC application form can be accessed by clicking here


3)      Submit a separate application to the CSC by its stated deadline and following the local application procedures in China. Note that the local CSC application process is completely separate to King’s processes and their deadlines will also differ from ours.

* PLEASE NOTE: students who have already applied for admissions, and those who previously applied but deferred entry to 2017/18, will NOT be required to submit an admissions application again.



1)      Submit an online K-CSC funding application form to the Graduate School by the funding deadline of 16:00 GMT, 31 January 2017. The online K-CSC application form can be accessed by clicking here 


2)      Request the completion of a K-CSC supporting statement form by one of your current supervisors at King’s College London. Click here to access the K-CSC supervisor statement form. This form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate School via email to by the funding deadline of 16:00 GMT, 31 January 2017, and it will be your responsibility to ensure that this is submitted on time.


Submit a separate application to the CSC by its stated deadline and following the local application procedures in China. Note that the local CSC application process is completely separate to King’s processes and their deadlines will also differ from ours.

Selection process

Once the King’s application deadline has passed, the Postgraduate & Graduate School Support (PGSS) office will gather and record the details of all the applications received.

The PGSS office will check the eligibility of all applicants, and all applications that are deemed eligible will be circulated to academic Faculties/Departments for consideration. Final decisions will be made by a central King’s Graduate School selection panel.

The panel will select up to 15 candidates who they wish to support for the award, and these candidates will be nominated to the CSC.  The panel will be asked to make their final nomination decisions in early March 2017.  

Assessment of applications will be based on:

  1. Evidence and strength of academic qualifications gained (minimum entry qualification is an undergraduate 2i and/or a higher degree), and where applicable, professional qualifications and/or relevant experience;
  2. Strength of the research proposal;
  3. Match of the applicant’s interests with his/her potential supervisor

Once King’s’ nominations are confirmed, the PGSS office will submit the nomination decisions to the CSC by no later than 20 March 2017, which is the CSC’s nomination deadline.

The CSC will conduct a separate selection process based on the applications it received directly within China, and will evaluate candidates according to CSC requirements and priorities.  The CSC will make its final decision about the awards towards the end of May 2017, and provide the PGSS office with a final list of scholarship recipients.

NOTE that, K-CSC awards can only be successfully offered to students who have been chosen/supported by BOTH King’s Graduate School and the CSC.

Applicants who are selected by the CSC for funding but who were not selected by the Graduate School at King’s CANNOT be awarded a K-CSC award. However, students who have been selected by the CSC may still be able to retain funding from the CSC so long as they are able to find alternative funding from the university to cover their full tuition fees. Students in this situation are asked to liaise with their academic department/School about possible fees only support.

Announcement of results

All results will be announced via email in the first instance.

Candidates who are deemed ineligible by the PGSS office for a K-CSC award will be informed about their ineligibility.

Eligible applicants who have been considered for nomination by King’s will be informed about the outcome of their applications around early-mid March 2017.

Final decisions lie with the CSC, and will be confirmed towards the end of May 2017. As soon as the PGSS office is aware of the final outcome, they will contact the successful candidates. Unsuccessful candidates will also be informed at this point. 

Candidates who are successfully offered a K-CSC award will be asked to provide a decision on acceptance/decline by a given deadline.  If a successful candidate fails to respond by the given deadline or declines the offer, their award offer will automatically be withdrawn.

Conditions & Regulations

Please click here to download a copy of the Conditions & Regulations of this award

Please be aware that students funded through this scheme must abide by any additional terms and conditions set by the CSC. Scholars will be required to enter into a legally binding agreement with the CSC before they are able to take up the studentship. If there are any significant developments that could affect/hamper a scholar's expected completion of the PhD, scholars are advised to get in touch with the Education Section in the Chinese Embassy. 

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