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Arts in society

Techno fabricated imageTechnologically fabricated intimacy

This project aims to address the implications of hyper connectivity: how do dating apps influence the forming of technologically-mediated intimate relationships? 

Euro-vision imageEuro-vision, or the Making of the Automated Gaze

This project aims to investigate how the gaze offered by the patterns drawn from economic, social and humanitarian data alter their subject of inquiry through detailed capture divided into irreducible parts, and the production of analysis tools based on machine learning. 

Mossi forecasts1Mossi forecasts: reading weather in Burkina Faso

This project investigates how we can achieve co-production of indigenous and scientific knowledge about weather and climate to strengthen people’s resilience to climate change. 

Sense-of-Time1Sense of Time

This project investigates to what extent does the way we represent time reflect mind-independent, objective features of temporal reality, and what is subjective in our representation of time? 

3 Days of Fat image3 Days of Fat

This project is a series of 'live' art-science experiments, focused on the construction of an island of fat, to critically reflect upon our complex relationship with this material, what it is and what it might yet become. 

Boom-imageBoom! The politics of black sound

This project draws on the fields of black queer studies, sound studies, popular music studies, media studies and sound engineering as well as performance studies to produce an analysis of past and present black queer nightlife and sound system culture. 

Food-FictionsFood fictions & frictions

This project looks at our evolving relationship to what we eat, particularly in the social media and digital technology era.


Migrant agencyMigrant agency and the moving image

Explore the ongoing “refugee crisis” through the eyes of refugees themselves, following on from the work of the King's Migration Research Group.

RestRest in public space

This project aims to highlight the value of restorative public spaces by examining cultural attitudes towards public rest, alongside a diverse range of personal tactics that people use to elicit a sense of calm or rest at the emotional and sensory level.

The Filibuster imageThe filibuster

This project is a 12 hour durational performance piece featuring a series of female identifying performers speaking spontaneously, tackling the baggage around public discourse and women.


What-does-consent-sound-likeWhat does consent sound like?

This project aims to explore issues of sexuality and consent, masculinity and male privilege within educational contexts.


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