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Centre for Hellenic Studies

Research projects

Members of the Centre for Hellenic Studies are currently engaged in the following research projects:


 Gridamus Project

GRIDAMUS: Greek Identity in Art Music since the Early Nineteenth Century: Towards an Interdisciplinary Methodology 

GRIDAMUS is a two-year project run by Dr Katerina Levidou, who is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie International Fellow, based at the Centre for Hellenic Studies, with links to the Department of Music. The project is conceived as a contribution to understanding the strategies by which national narratives are constructed and the part played in that process by culture, and music in particular, focusing on the case of Greece and Western art (or ‘classical’) music since the early 19th century. The approach is interdisciplinary, bringing historical and cultural contextualisation into dialogue with a) critical discourses advanced during the last two to three decades, to understand and contextualise the concept of ‘Greekness’ within Modern Greek Studies and b) ethnomusicological approaches to the study of music and identity. GRIDAMUS thus proposes to offer a revisionist study of Greek art music – a repertory that remains to be investigated in the depth it merits – while, at the same time developing an interdisciplinary methodological framework that has the potential to become paradigmatic for the study of other national repertories.


Studying Classical Civilisation in Britain: Recording the Past and Fostering the Future

This project aims to examine, and to champion, the availability of classical-subject qualifications across schools in Britain


Ancient Inscriptions of the Northern Black Sea

The aims of the project include a new study of all Ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions originating from the Northern Coast of the Black Sea; and publication of Russian and English critical editions of the inscriptions in print and digital formats. Resultant publications: collections of Byzantine texts (2015), texts from Tyras and Chersonesos (2017).


Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

This project's goal is to produce an online corpus of the inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica, with particular focus on plotting and displaying geographical information.  

ego media

Ego-media: The Impact of New Media on Forms & Practices of Self-Presentation

This project will consider the implications of the growth of new digital methods of self-expression on notions such as individuality, creativity, privacy and sociability.


The Springboard of Europe

A project to study the role of Ravenna in mediating the interactions between Byzantine and Western medieval culture. Initial publication: Ravenna: its role in earlier medieval change and exchange (2016).

 digital prosopography

Wealth, Consumption and Inequality in the Late Byzantine World, 1200-1453

A study of wealth and its uses in the late Byzantine empire (1261-1453), particularly investments in afterlife management strategies such as charity and the cult of remembrance.





Experiment and Exchange: Byzantine Pharmacology between East and West (ca. 1150-ca. 1450)

This project aims to place in cultural and therapeutic context for the first time a large number of published and unpublished Byzantine pharmacological texts. It will determine the various connections between these treatises and evaluate the degree of influence on Byzantine pharmacology from Arabic, Persian, and Latin pharmacological traditions. It will also examine the activity of pharmacy-related professions and their role in the preparation, administration, and selling of drugs in Byzantium and will provide an important and fresh set of data for comparative historical studies across the Medieval Mediterranean and Near East.




Constructed Sainthood: The Genesis of Hagiography

digital prosopography 

Digital Prosopography of the Roman Republic (DPRR):

This project aims to collect, analyse and present in digital form the evidence for attested members of the Roman Republican elite. 



Training in Action: From Documentation to Protection of Heritage in Libya and Tunisia

Recently completed


Classics & Class in Britain, 1789-1917

This research project identified evidence which challenges the prevailing picture by consulting working-class subjects themselves in the period when class conflict in Britain was most acute and self-conscious. Resultant publication:  Classics and Class


The Art of Making in Antiquity: Stone Carving & Carvers in the Roman World

This project developed an innovative approach to Roman sculpture by interpreting carving techniques through the lens of practical craft expertise. Resultant publication: Art of Making


Prosopography of the Byzantine World

This project aims to record all surviving information about every individual mentioned in Byzantine textual sources, together with as many as possible of the individuals recorded in seal sources. Resultant publication: 3rd edition, PBW2016.


DEBIDEM: Defining Belief & Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean

Defining Belief & Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean

This project seeks to recover the processes by which religious beliefs and identities were defined through interreligious interaction and debate in the religious culture of a broader social base in the eastern Mediterranean. 


Heritage Gazetteer of Cyprus

This project aims to provide a well-structured gazetteer framework for the digital analysis and publication of materials from medieval Cyprus; material continues to be added. Resultant publication: 


Heritage Gazetteer of Libya

This project, undertaken in partnership with the Society for Libyan Studies, aims to provide a gazetteer of heritage sites in Libya, and to facilitate the collection of data about those sites and their condition; materials are regularly being added. Resultant publication:


Philostratus' Imagines and the Late Antique Imagination

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