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Intercollegiate Modules

List of modules offered to UoL intercollegiate students for 2018/19

The modules below are available to students from University of London colleges that participate in the History intercollegiate sharing scheme. All requests for places should be made through your home college.  Please get in touch with your home college's programme administrator for more information.

For King's students who are interested in taking modules at other UoL colleges, please see the module choices page.

All students from UoL colleges who have been allocated places on King's modules will need to complete a Intercollegiate Registration Form (IRF).  This will allow students to receive a King's ID card and IT account so as to access KEATS (Virtual Learning Environment / Moodle) and other resources.  Any questions should be directed to

Intercollegiate registration form

King's Modules

The modules offered in each academic year are subject to change in line with staff availability and student demand: there is no guarantee every module will run. Module descriptions and information may vary between years.

Level 5 modules / Group 2 courses

Level 6 modules / Special Subject / Group 3 courses


Modules offered by other institutions

Below is a list of the available Intercollegiate modules.  To see full descriptions and details please see the University of London History syllabus or the institutions' individual websites.

The modules listed below are Level 5 Group 2 modules (for Year 2 students and finalists) and Level 6 Group 3 modules (for finalists only).

Please note that although there is a usual intercollegiate time-slots (Thursdays 2-4pm for Level 5 Group 2 modules and Mondays 2-4pm for Level 6 Group 3 modules),institutions might have to re-schedule due to circumstances outside their control.  If this results in a timetable clash, you will have to change modules in August (at that point, choices will be subject to availability and dealt in a first-come, first-served basis).


The following list is now confirmed for 2018/19

Level 5 Group 2 modules

  • 5XA9HT52 Bodies and Drugs: A Global History of Medicine (HT52212A)
    Prohibited combination with 5AAH3006  History of Medicine from Antiquity to the Present
  • 5XA9126A The Central Powers in the First World War, 1914-18 (HT52126A)
  • 5XA9076A Health, Healing and Illness in Africa (HT52076A)
  • 5XA9102A Mediterranean Encounters: Venice and the Ottoman Empire, 1453-1797 (HT52076A)
  • 5XA9200C Modern South Asia: Body, Society, Empire and Nation
    Prohibited combination with 5AAH3011 Modern South Asia from the Mughals to Modi
  • 5XA9207A Utopian Visions: The Soviet Experience through Arts

Level 6 Group 3 modules

  • 6XA95312/B Life ni the Trenches: Perspectives on British Military History, 1914-18 (HT53120A/B)
  • 6XA9208A/B Medicine on the Silk Roads: Traditions and Transmissions (HT53208A/B)
  • 6XA9230A/B Mughals, Munshis and Mistresses: Society and Rule in Early Colonial India (HT53230A/B)
  • 6XA9107C/D Poverty, Dress and Identity in Nineteenth-century England (HT53107C/D)
  • 6XA9036A/B Sex and the African City: Gender and Urbanisation in Southern Africa (HT53036A/B)

Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL)

The following list is now confirmed for 2018/19

Level 5 Group 2 modules

  • 5XA4OM17 Outsiders in the Middle Ages (HST5109)
    prohibited combination with 5AAH1077 Living Together Apart: Jews and Muslims in Medieval Christian Europe

Level 6 Group 3 modules
Please note that if you choose a QMUL Group 3 module, you are required to take the associated dissertation.

  • 6XA46108 Saladin, Richard the Lionheart and the Third Crusade (HST6710)
  • 6XA46109 Slaves on Horses: State and Society under
    the Mamluks (HST6711) - module cancelled due to low intake
  • 6XA46111 Lives, Letters and Lifestyles: English Political Society During the Wars of the Roses (HST6713)
  • 6XA46112 Apocalypse Now: Crisis, Change and Later Medieval
    Mentalities (HST6714)
  • 6XA46311 The Russian Revolution and Civil War, 1917-21 (HST6731)
  • 6XA46734 France: Occupation, Resistance and Collaboration in the Second
    World War (HST6734)
    prohibited combination with 5AAH2011 The French Civil War, 1934-1970
  • 6XA46327 Reinventing Ourselves: Psychology, Sex and Chemistry in Modern Britain (HST6735)
  • 6XA46342 British Cinema and the Second World War: Propaganda,
    Myth and Memory (HST6736)  - module cancelled due to low intake
  • 6XA46348 We the People: Democracy in America, 1787-1861 (HST6740)
  • 6XA46359 Women, Family and Work in Post-War Britain (HST6742)
  • 6XA4EF17 Exhibiting the First World War (HST6745)
  • 6XA4IW17 The Idea of 'The West': A History from the Nineteenth to
    the Twenty-First Century (HST6746)
Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)

Main campus located in Egham, Surrey.

The following list is now confirmed for 2018/19

Level 5 Group 2 modules

  • 5XA82264 Nationalism, Democracy and Minorities in Central Europe,
    1918-1939 (HS2264)
  • 6XA82304 Justice, Power and Religion in the Muslim World: The History of Shari'a Law (HS2304)

Module 5XA82315 Modernizing Despots and Angry Mullahs: Development and Popular Resistance in the Muslim World, 1930-1980 (HS2315) is no longer available, as it has been withdrawn by RHUL.

Level 6 Group 3 modules

  • 6XA83150/51 Heresy, Crusade and Inquisition in Southern France, c.1140-1300 (HS3150/51)
  • 6XA83257/58 Berlin: A European Metropolis in the 20th Century (HS3257/58)
  • 6XA83351/52 Modernity and the Victorians: The Intellectual Response (HS3251/52)
  • 6XA83367/68 Malcolm X and African American Islam (HS3367/68)
  • 6XA83376/77 Drawing the Line: Independence, Partition, and the Making of India and Pakistan (HS3376/77)

Module 6XAH3279/80 The Clash of Powers and Cultures: Sino-American Relations During the Cold War (HS3279/80) is no longer available, as it has been withdrawn by RHUL.

UCL School of East European and Slavonic Studies (SSEES)

Regrettably, SSEES informed us they will not be able to offer any intercollegiate modules in 2018/19.

University College London (UCL)

The following list is now confirmed for 2018/19

Level 5 Group 2 modules

  • 5XA1H108 Understanding the Early Mesopotamian World (HIST2108)
  • 5XA1HIS2 The Medieval Universe (HIST2201)
  • 5XA12204 Social Systems in Religious History (HIST2204)
  • 5XA12302 The Industrial Revolution (HIST2302)
  • 5XA12420 India and the Global Economy, 1500 - present (HIST2420)

Level 6 Group 3 modules

  • 6XA13110/6XA19110 Competitive Men: The Politics of Competition in Ancient Greece (HIST3110/HIST9110)
  • 6XA1330/19310 Modernity and Modernism (HIST3110/HIST9110)
  • 6XA13206/9206 Popes, Caliphs and Sacred Law, 350-850 (HIST3206/HIST9206)
  • 6XA13427/9427 The City of London in the Age of Global Capital 1870-1914 (HIST3427/HIST9427)
  • 6XA1TLA7/6XA13109 Temple Life ni Assyria and Babylonia (HIST3109/HIST9109)
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