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Emergency plans

New students should read the College's guidance on health and safety including more information on fire safety, personal safety, accidents, looking after your health, working with computers, electrical safety and protecting the environment.

The College has a number of guidelines to help you in an emergency:

Accident / injury report

After dealing with an accident or injury, please remember to fill in the College's online accident report form.

Alarm signals

If the alarm rings continuously (continuous two tone sounder), leave the building immediately by the nearest useable route. To prevent the spread of fire and smoke, please ensure you shut all doors behind you.

Alarm tests

Maintenance tests may be carried out on mornings between 8am and 9am. At these times the alarms will only sound for 30 seconds. In the unlikely event of an emergency occurring at this time the bells will continue to ring beyond 30 seconds and standard evacuation procedures should be followed.

Discovery of fire:

If you discover a fire
  • Raise the alarm using one of the break glass points. Please ensure you are familiar with the location of these.
  • Dial 2222 and give information on the fire location.
  • Evacuate.

Emergency exit routes

Staircases and external escape routes should be used as fire exit routes to street level. Do not use the lifts.

Evacuation drill

Evacuation drills are usually carried out at the beginning of the academic year.

Evacuation marshals

Training sessions are organised regularly for Evacuation Marshals. Existing Marshals must report to security or reception that their area is clear. You must obey the instructions of the Evacuation Marshals.

Evacuation – re-entry

You may only re-enter the building when the alarms have ceased and on instruction from the Evacuation Controller or Security.

Exit routes & corridors

All exit routes must be kept clear at all times and corridors must be kept clear of obstructions e.g. furniture, crates and rubbish.

Local safety arrangements

Local safety information should be displayed in teaching, meeting, conference and PAWS rooms – please take note of this basic but essential information for the area in which you are located. If any room you are being taught in does not have this information displayed in poster form, please report this to your department.

Medical emergencies

Call campus emergency number (2222). They will find a first aider for you.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) for students with disabilities

New students and staff will be asked by Admissions / HR if they require assisted evacuation. The PEEP ensures that those requiring assisted evacuation, whether permanent or temporary, are not put at any disadvantage or treated less favourably in the event of an emergency situation. Guidance documents (pdf) are on the internal Health & Safety website, but if you are in any doubt, do talk to your personal tutor or admissions staff.
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