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Visiting researchers

Dr Tuomas Pernu

pernuVisiting Research Fellow


Address Department of Philosophy
King's College London
Philosophy Building, Strand
London, WC2R 2LS



Dr Pernu holds an MA and a PhD in Theoretical Philosophy from the University of Helsinki. He completed his PhD thesis on the topic of causal explanation in naturalistic philosophy of mind.

For more information please see his personal website

Research interests and PhD supervision
  • Philosophy of Science 
  • Philosophy of Mind 
  • Metaphysics 
  • Philosophy of Biology
Dr Pernu’s current research interests revolve around the topic of causation and causal explanation. These include fundamental theoretical issues in metaphysics of causation as well as more pragmatic issues related to philosophy of science and scientific explanation. A specific research focus is on causal explanation in hierarchical systems, i.e. the issue of higher, multi and inter-level causation. Dr Pernu also seeks to apply the results of his research to topical issues in the special sciences, such as psychology, medicine and biology.

Dr Pernu is happy to talk to students and supervise assignments or theses related to causal explanation.

Selected publications

Pernu, T. K. (2008). ”Philosophy and the front line of science”. The Quarterly Review of Biology 83, p. 29-36.

Pernu, T. K (2009). ”Is knowledge a natural kind?”. Philosophical Studies 142, p. 371-386.

Pernu, T. K. (2011). ”Minding matter: how not to argue for the causal efficacy of the mental”. Reviews in the Neurosciences 22, p. 483–507.

Pernu, T. K. (2013). ”Does the interventionist notion of causation deliver us from the fear of epiphenomenalism?”. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 27, p. 157-172.

Pernu, T. K. (2014). “Causal exclusion and multiple realizations”. Topoi 33, p. 525-530.

Pernu, T. K. (2014). “Interventions on causal exclusion”. Philosophical Explorations 17, p. 255-263.

Expertise and public engagement

Dr Pernu is happy to talk to the media about subjects falling under his research interests.

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