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Research seminars

Ancient Philosophy research seminar


Time Thursdays, 14.00-16.00

Venue: Room 605, Philosophy Building

Convenor: Dr Shaul Tor

Schedule 2018-19 - Plato, Apology

  • Session 1 (4th October): 17a1- 19d7
  • Session 2 (11th October): 19d8-21e2
  • Session 3 (18th October): 21e3-24b2
  • Session 4 (25th October): 24b3-26a7
  • Session 5 (1st November): 26a8-28d5
  • Session 6 (8th November): 28d6-31c3
  • Session 7 (15th November): 31c4-34b5
  • Session 8 (22nd November): 34b6-37a1
  • Session 9 (29th November): 37a2-39b8
  • Session 10 (6th December): 39c1-42a5

Translations and commentaries
  • Cooper, J. M. (ed.) (1997) Plato: Complete Works. Cambridge, 17-36.
  • Miller, P. A. and Platter, C. (2010) Plato’s Apology of Socrates: A Commentary. Oklahoma. (Lots oflinguistic help. A clearly set-out text with helpful, linguistic and historical comments at the bottom ofeach page; full vocabulary at the back of the volume. Also a section-by-section commentary on eachsection, but of variable quality.)
  • Stokes, M. C. (1997) Plato: Apology. With an Introduction, Translation and Commentary.Warminster: Aris & Phillips.

Secondary Literature

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  • Brickhouse, T. and Smith, N. (1989) Socrates on Trial. Oxford.
  • Brickhouse, T. and Smith, N. (eds) (2002) The Trial and Execution of Socrates: Sources andControversies. Oxford.
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