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Jewish Studies seminars and events 2010-11

Michaelmas Term 2010

Monday, 11 October
Dr Laliv Clenman (Leo Baeck College)
“Surely he wrote this reason from his own great mind”: Maimonides’ legal innovation on sexual relations between Jews and non-Jews
Council Room (Strand Campus)

Monday, 15 November
Dr Aaron Rosen (University of Oxford)
Levinas and the Hospitality of Images
Council Room (Strand Campus)

Monday, 22 November
Prof Diana Pinto (Paris/Institute of Jewish Policy Research, London)
Jewish Communities and Jewish Spaces in the Age of Asemitism*
18.30 Refreshments, Old Foyer
19.00 Seminar, Council Room (Strand Campus)

Monday, 13 December
Dr Adam Silverstein (University of Oxford)
The Idea of Abrahamic Religions

Room S-3.01 (Strand Campus)

Lent Term 2011

Monday, 31 January
Professor Israel Bartal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
New Paths, Old Narratives? Jewish International Networks Responding to the 1881–1882 Pogroms
River Room (Strand Campus)
Monday, 28 February

Professor David Ruderman (University of Pennsylvania)
*** The Annual Maccabaean Lecture  ***
Kabbalah, Science, and Moral Cosmopolitanism in Enlightenment Jewish Thought
Council Room (Strand Campus)
Monday, 14 March

Professor Marcy Brink-Danan (Brown University)
Quiet Diplomacy: Jews on the Turkish Street and the European Stage*
Council Room (Strand Campus)
Monday, 28 March
Professor Micha Brumlik (Goethe University, Frankfurt)
Council Room (Strand Campus)

Summer Term 2011

Thursday, 12 May
Professor Meira Polliack (Tel Aviv University)
Written Torah Inverted and Oral Torah Subverted in Medieval Karaite Thought
Old Committee Room (Strand Campus)

Monday, 23 May
Professor Sylvie-Anne Goldberg (EHESS, Paris)
- Topoi of Time: Keynote address -
Timing: How Jews Made Time Jewish
Council Room (Strand Campus)

24–25 May
Topoi of Time: Jewish Interpretations of Human and Other Temporalities
International Workshop
Conveners: Professor Jonathan Boyarin (UNC, Chapel Hill), Dr Andrea Schatz (King’s College London)

Thursday, 26 May
Professor Oren Kosansky (Lewis & Clark College)
Moroccan Jewish Identity and International Markets: Alcohol Production from the Derb to the Duty Free*
Council Room (Strand Campus)


Monday, 27 June
Biblical & Jewish Studies: A Study Afternoon
Davina Grojnowski (King’s College London)
Josephus, between Classical Autobiography and Biblical Prophecy
Steffan Mathias (King’s College London)
What's in a Name? The Function of Names and their Relation to the Person in the Hebrew Bible
Professor Amy-Jill Levine (Vanderbilt/ Cambridge)
How Christian Sermons (mis-)Read Jewish History
Response: Dr Diana Lipton (King’s College London)
K0.20 (Strand Campus)
Followed by a Farewell Reception for Dr Diana Lipton
Council Room (Strand Campus)
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