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King's Patristics Seminar and History of Philosophical Theology Seminar

The King's Patristics Seminar and History of Philosophical Theology Seminar invites leading international scholars, but also gives young scholars a platform and the chance to interact and discuss recent research.

All seminars will last for approximately two hours.

For more information, please contact Professor Markus Vinzent.


Tuesdays, 10.50-12.30 in Room VB 3.01, Virginia Woolf Building, Strand Campus, unless otherwise stated.

Semester Two 2015-16

 19 January 2016
Markus Vinzent
'Tertullian's Preface to Marcion'

02 February 2016
Julia Konstantinovsky
'Patristic Reflections on Eschatological Fulfilment'

08 March 2016
Anne Conway-Jones
'Theological Rhetoric and Social Reality in the anti-Judaism of Ephrem the Syrian'

22 March 2016
Allen Brent
'The Long Recension of the Ignatian Letters and Fourth Century Theology'

Past Seminars  

08 October 2013  
Allen Brent
‘The Avercius Inscription: a witness to a popular Christian culture in the third century?’

22 October 2013
Anna Gannon
‘Christianity in Early Anglo-Saxon England: the evidence through art and coinage.’

12 November 2013
Nicola Spanu
‘Pseudo-Kaisarios and Cosmas Indicopleustes on Genesis 1-3.’

26 November 2013  
Luise Frenkel
'Ritualised decisions, proceedings, and the development of tradition in late antique Christian synods and the Roman Senates'

11 December 2013
Joint Meeting with the Biblical Studies Seminar:
Francis Watson
‘In Quest of the True Gospel: Marcion, Tertullian’

21 January 2014
Dr  Ioannis Papadogiannakis
‘Managing Anger, Hope and Fear in Troubled Times.’ 

4 February 2014
Professor Johannes Hoff
‘Nicholas of Cusa, Dionysius the Areopagite and the Science of Praise.’

18 February 2014
Professor Sébastien Morlet
‘Eusebius' polemic against Judaism.’

11 March 2014
Dr Benjamin De Lee
‘The use of Gregory of Nyssa's Trinitarian argumentation in the Byzantine polemic against Islam in the 11th century.’ (1400-1600).

7 October 2014
Yas Elsner
 ‘Rational, Passionate and Appetitive: The Psychology of Rhetoric and the Transformation of Visual Culture from non-Christian to Christian Sarcophagi in the Roman World.’ 

21 October 2014
Alistair Stewart: ‘Im Westen etwas Neues: the priority of the creedal declarations in baptismal ritual.’

11 November 2014
Peter Csigi: 'Shades of Identity. An Iconographic Approach to the Early Christian Cemetery in Sopianae (Pannonia)'.

25 November 2014
Peter Toth, 
‘The Game of Modes: Experimenting with Scriptural Citations in Patristic Literature.’

3 February 2015
Professor Mark Edwards (Christchurch College Oxford)
‘What is Antiochene Exegesis?'

24 February 2015
Janet Sidaway and Robin Orton
'Glorification in Gregory of Nyssa and Hilary of Poitiers'

10 March 2015
Dr Tim Dooley
'Damasus, the Rise of the Roman Church, and the Vulgate Problem'

24 March 2015
James Steven
'Ambrose of Milan: Bishop: Bishop and Cross in late Fourth-Century Baptism'

6 October 2015
Richard Price
"The Ecunemical Councils: the Work of the Holy Spirit or a Series of Disasters?"

20 October 2015
Sophie Cartwright
'Augustine’s Engagement with Lactantius on Emotion.' 

10 November 2015
James Carleton Paget
'1 Clement, Jews and Judaeism.'

24 November 2015
Gather at the SBL Conference, Atlanta, Georgia

8 December 2015
Jessica Van-‘T-Westeinde
'Picturing "religion on the ground" in Late Antique Rome: Jerome and his "Jewish Network."'




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