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Frequently Asked Questions

Key Information

I am a new student, how do I enrol / register?

Please visit the Welcome to King’s website for a guide on enrolment as well as your first weeks at King's.

What do I do if I can't attend induction?

We would appreciate it if you could make every effort to come to your induction - there's lots of key information given in these sessions.

However, if you really can’t make it you should contact your department to arrange a meeting once term starts.  Programme/Faculty information may be disseminated at induction events you should be able to collect a copy from your departmental office. You can find out more information about induction here. 

I am a returning student, do I need to register?

During August/September you will be invited to re-enrol online. You will be emailed by Registry Services giving instructions on how to complete this process.

If you have not received an email regarding re-enrolment please log in to Student Records and see if the re-enrolment task is visible and available for you to complete.

If not, please contact Registry Services (internal content only)

NB If you are a returning student, you do not need to attend campus registration, but will still be expected to attend department induction events.

What systems do I need to have access to?

Register IT account

You will need to register your IT account to get access to student computing PCs, King’s email service, KEATS and access the intranet. You can find out more about this on the New to King’s website.

Once you have registered your IT account you will be able to access your email from the intranet here (internal content only).

If your IT account username and password doesn’t work you should contact the IT Service desk (internal content only).


The College E-Learning Service (KEATS) is the virtual learning environment for the delivery of teaching material throughout King's College London. You can find out how to access and use the system on the College E-learning Service webpages.

Log in to KEATS

Student Records

Student Records is an online system that allows students to manage their personal information at King’s. You can also view your module registrations, module results and find out who your personal tutor is. You will also find your personalised exam timetable on Student Records.

Log in to Student Records

Research profiles for PGR students

Postgraduate Research students are encouraged to update their profile pages on the College’s research website the Research Portal. Information on how to access the system is available on this page in the Faculty Handbook.
How do I access my timetable, and when will it be available?

Returning students can access their timetable by logging in to their Student Records account.

New students: your personal timetable will be available from the Friday of Induction/Welcome Week.

General programme timetables are available on the timetables page in your Department Handbook.

If you have any specific enquiries then please contact your Department.

What do I do if I can't attend a seminar or lecture?

It is really important that you are aware that your attendance (including punctual attendance) at seminars and lectures is fundamental to you successfully obtaining your academic marks. Your attendance contributes towards the final mark of your degree and failure to attend lectures and seminars may result in you being withdrawn from the course. Your programme of study will have further information on how your attendance at each modules affects your marks.

However, there will, of course, be times when you are unable to attend a class for a good reason. This may be due to sickness or other personal circumstances. In this instance you should immediately inform the lead academic for your programme of study or your personal tutor, who will notify your module tutor of your non-attendance in their class.  For longer absences (e.g. more than 5 days) it may be necessary to provide a medical certificate.  

For further guidance on attendance and absence that may be particular to your department, you should refer to your Departmental Student Handbook

What are the term dates and other key dates I should know about?

The dates of academic terms and reading weeks are available to view on the term dates page.

Exam timetable publication dates (and timetables in due course) are available on the College intranet pages here (internal content only). 

A personal exam timetable showing the exams you are registered to take will also be available on your Student Record. There is further information on the Examination Periods and Examination Publications pages.

There is more information on important dates including graduation ceremonies on the College’s intranet pages here (internal content only). 

Who is my personal tutor?

You can find the contact details for your personal tutor on your Student Record. Please see the page on personal tutors in your Department Handbook (in the Starting the academic year section) for more information as well as the Faculty Guidelines on you & your personal tutor.

Where can I find contact details/office hours for staff?

The contact details and office hours for department staff can be found here.

Who is my student representative, and how do I become one?

The primary role of student representatives is to proactively gather feedback and raise concerns from the student body and to attend Staff/Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs) and other department meetings to provide feedback to staff on the student experience and views. You can find out more about current reps and becoming a rep on our student representatives page.

How do I find my way around?

Maps, travel directions and addresses for buildings are available on the King’s website.

I've forgotten my email password - what do I do?

If you have forgotten your King's password you can reset it using the self-service password changer or alternatively visit an enquiry desk with your College ID card. If you have never registered for self-service password management, you can set up your new password by registering.

Who do I contact if I have a problem/query?

Your Department Office will be your first point of call for queries. Details of all the Department Offices in the Faculty are available on our website

Visit the sources of help page for more information about the support services available to you. 

How do I change my registration status (Interrupt/withdraw/transfer)?

Occasionally situations arise that are outside your control and may adversely impact your ability to engage with your studies, i.e. ill health, financial difficulties and other personal reasons. 

On these occasions it may be necessary for you to make a change to your registration status. Please contact your personal tutor to discuss things. 

There are various changes that you can make including: Interruption of study, Permanent withdrawal from College, Transfer of mode of attendance or Transfer of programme of study.

For further information please see the following pages:

Module Information

How do I choose my modules or make changes to my module choices?

New students will be asked to submit their module choices before the end of Induction Week (the exact deadline varies by department - please check your Department Handbook). Full instructions as to the process will be released during Induction Week.

Second and third year students will be asked to make their module choices online via Student Records during semester two of the preceding academic year. This allows your timetable to be constructed around the modules you choose. You will be contacted by your department with details of your options. 

Information about how to request a module change is available on the changing modules page within your Department Handbook (in the Programmes section).

Where can I find the reading lists for my modules?

Module reading lists can either be found on each module KEATS area or on the Library website.

Can I change my degree programme?

If you believe that the programme you are taking is not for you and that a change of degree programme would be best, this must first be discussed with your personal tutor (or tutors, if a combination of subjects is involved). You must then speak to the Admissions tutor of the programme you wish to switch to before submitting the online ‘Change of Status Registration’ form. This must be approved by both Departments if a combination of subjects is involved. Permission to change will only be granted for strong academic reasons. Some programmes may have special restrictions for transferring students.

Can I take an additional Modern Language Centre (MLC) module?

The MLC offer a range of part-time, evening and assessed modules which can contribute to your degree. Make sure you have checked with your home department whether you are allowed to take additional credits as part of your degree.

With the exception of study abroad students, students may not take more than one assessed language module for free. Any additional modules taken may be subject to a fee.

How do I register at UCL/RHUL? 

Students interested in the taking modules at UCL or Royal Holloway will need to be registered at the module's institution and King's. This will allow students access to the other institution's virtual learning environments (VLEs) and other facilities. To register, please complete the appropriate form:

 Assignments, Exams & Marks

What happens if I go over the word count for an assignment?

You can find the Faculty Policy on word count here

How will my marks be released?

Final module marks are confirmed by the relevant Assessment Sub-Board of Examiners and then formally ratified by the Faculty Board of Examiners. 

Marks are then released by Registry Services (formerly ARC) via Student Records. 

Further information see the Faculty page on Module Results

When will my results be available online?

For undergraduate students, examination results and final degree classifications will be made available on your online student records page as soon as is feasible after the meetings of the Assessment Sub-Boards and Faculty Assessment Boards of Examiners; this is likely to be in early July. Notification that your examination results are available will be emailed to you in July by Registry Services along with information on your progression and details of any reassessment granted to you.

For postgraduate taught students, your module results and degree classifications are ratified normally in December. Again, you will be notified by an email from Registry Srvices when they are available.  

Further information is available on the Registry Services intranet pages:

How do I view my results and marks on KEATS?

Finalised results aren't stored in KEATS, but it is possible to access indicative grades written in feedback comments. A guidance document on KEATS can be found here.

Why can't I see my feedback on KEATS?

A guidance document on using KEATS can be found here

if you are experiencing technical issues with KEATS (including not being able to log in) then the College IT Service Desk is the primary point of contact. When contacting the IT Service Desk you must provide as much detail of the module as you can - ideally, the module code and title. Emails should be used for non-urgent issues only. If your matter is urgent you should telephone the IT Service Desk on 0207 848 8888. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When is feedback available and where?

Information on feedback can be found here. There is also a Faculty Feedback guidelines document which explains the guidelines on written feedback in more detail. 

When will I get my degree certificate?

Details on where and when certificates can be collected can be found here.

How do I get a full transcript of my marks?

All students with an award date from the 1st July 2013, will now receive an official transcript in addition to their degree certificate. Unfortunately we are unable to produce transcripts for the following courses: MBBS, BDS and RADA.  

Information on how to order a transcript if you have already completed your programme of study can be found here.

Can I get my marks early for job applications?

While marks cannot be released early, students who have not yet completed their degree can get a Record of Agreed Results from Student Services. Details of how to request this can be found here.

Can I book a practice room?

Details on the location of practice rooms and who to contact for bookings can be found here.

 Resits & Resubmissions

I've failed a module, what do I do now?

If you have failed a module (i.e. you have an overall module mark below the pass mark) due to not meeting the academic requirements, submitting late or not submitting/not attending an exam, you will normally be given a resit opportunity and your module mark will be capped at the pass mark.

A candidate for reassessment shall normally be reassessed in the failed elements of assessment and by the same methods as the first attempt.  

When will I find out submissions details for resits?

Details on resits & replacements can be found here.

 Study Abroad

When do I make the choice of where to go on my year abroad?

A full list of study abroad options can be found here. The application process as well as the deadline for the current academic year can be found here (internal). A timeline of when each round of the application process must be done by can be found here (internal). Which round you apply in depends on your study abroad destination.

When will I receive information on my year abroad?

Please see the dates and deadlines page for details on when you should expect to receive information at each stage of the year abroad application process.

Can I do my year abroad in one place if I'm taking more than one language?

You will need to check with your academic department & consult with your Study Abroad Tutor. Details on Study Abroad Tutors, including a list of current Tutors can be found here.

Can I do an internship on my year abroad?

Options for your year abroad can be found here.

How is my year abroad calculated?

Details on how your year abroad counts towards your degree programme can be found here.

Can I study abroad or do an internship as part of my programme? (non-MFL)

Information on the opportunities available, including internships, English Language Assistant opportunities and PGR Study Abroad options can be found here.


How do I register for graduation?

Student booking for graduation can be found here.

When does my email account get cancelled after graduation?

Your email address and access to King's areas such as KEATS usually get suspended 2 months after graduating, however this can vary. 

 Postgraduate Taught/Postgraduate Research

How do I submit my PhD?

There's information about how to submit a PhD on the Exam pages 

When can I collect my dissertation?

Dissertations will be returned at the end of the examination process, once marks have been finalised.

When and how do I upgrade?

On an agreed date between you and your supervisor (usually between the 9th & 12th month of your studies; 18th-24th for part-time students), there will be a formal assessment for upgrading to PhD status. You will be expected to submit a substantial body of work for this process.

The upgrade procedures and work required for upgrade differs depending on which programme of study you are on. Further details can be found on the department pages.

Can I get an extension?

Any request for extensions to registration/submission deadlines must be made in advance and approved at Faculty/Department level. It is important to retain written evidence of any change to registration and reasons for granting it.

Further details can be found in the Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research Degrees.

Is there support available for conference attendance?

Information on the Centre for Doctoral Studies Conference funds can be found here. Department specific conference support may also be available; and can be found on the department specific pages where applicable.

Still got a question?

We want to improve your Student Handbook and we want to help you find the answers you need. If you can't find the answer to your question or have an idea for improving your Handbook, please email your department office.


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