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Assessment guidelines

Assessment guidelines

The pages in this section contain Faculty Guidelines covering all forms of assessment you are likely to encounter as a student in Arts and Humanities at King’s College London.  By Assessment, we mean any exercise in which a piece of work or activity you undertake is judged by a university teacher or examiner, and the result of that judgement conveyed back to you in feedback or used in calculating the outcome of your degree.

The Guidelines are set out in the order in which you might need to consult them when being assessed, and give you a clear understanding of how we undertake assessment in the Faculty. 

Why am I assessed?

Assessments are a crucial part of your university education; They enable both you and the university to demonstrate the extent to which you have achieved the educational goals of the programme and modules you have undertaken (the ‘learning outcomes’). There are two main types of assessment:

  • Formative assessments - These assessments do not contribute to the mark you are awarded for the module with which they are associated. Their purpose is to enable both you and your teachers to monitor your learning and understanding, and to give an opportunity for feedback to help you improve your performance for the future. 
  • Summative assessments – These assessments do contribute directly to the mark you will be awarded for the module with which they are associated, and so evaluate the extent to which you have achieved the learning outcomes of the module. However, they can nevertheless also be used to provide useful feedback on your performance to help you improve your future performance on either the module or the programme in the same way as formative assessments
How will I be assessed?

Every Department and module will have a specific set of assessments associated with it reflecting the nature of the subject studied and the content of the specific module. These will be clearly communicated at the start of the module and be made available to you in the module documentation, at the start of the year and the relevant KEATS area.

In Arts & Humanities, the most common forms of assessment are:

  • Essays of varying lengths
  • Research-based dissertations
  • Written examinations
  • Presentations
  • Performance

Check your department handbook for more detailed information about the specific assessments employed in your programmes.

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