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Assessment guidelines

Submitting assessments online

You will find specific instructions for submission on the relevant KEATS page of the module for which you are submitting work.

  • It is important that you do not leave your submission to the last minute. You are strongly advised to start your submission no later than one hour before the advertised submission deadline, so that you have plenty of time to ensure your submission is successful and correct, and in case you experience any difficulties in uploading the submission.
  • You can re-submit your work as many times as you need to prior to the submission deadline. The new submission that has been made will overwrite the earlier submission and we cannot retrieve the earlier submission(s).
    Please note that after three re-submissions have been made, there will be a 24 hour delay for any subsequent re-submissions before a new Similarity report is generated.
  • You MUST submit work BEFORE the deadline. The system automatically highlights late submissions in red to both students and staff.
  • Work recorded by the system as being submitted ON the deadline will be marked as late (E.G. if the deadline is 5.00 pm, the work must have completed its submission at 4.59.59 at the latest). You need to submit BEFORE the deadline. Please see below for information on the penalties applied to late submissions.
  • No amendments can be made to submissions after the submission deadline has passed (unless mitigating circumstances are approved).
  • The majority of summative assessments will be submitted via KEATS only (no email submissions will be accepted). Exceptionally, alternative or additional submission instructions will be provided by the department on the relevant module KEATS page.

Update 1 February 2019: Please note: All deadline submission times are in UK time (GMT or BST).

Contact your department office immediately should you have any problems submitting a piece of work.

Help & guidance

You can find guidance on using the system in the How to Submit Coursework guide.

You can find more information about plagiarism avoidance on our page on plagiarism.

You can practice using Turnitin on the A&H Student Induction and Turnitin Practice Spaces module.

Student responsibilities in online submission
  1. Students are responsible for ensuring that the correct work is submitted. The file(s) electronically submitted by the student at the time of the deadline will be taken as the final and complete submitted work, and no amendments or additions will be permitted after the submission deadline.
  2. Students are responsible for ensuring that submitted electronic files are submitted in one of the specified acceptable file formats, and not corrupted. Students should check files on the system after submission to ensure they are valid and correct.
  3. Students must ensure that any instructions for submission are followed. Failure to correctly follow instructions given in your programme or module handbook may result in work not being marked. 
  4. Technical failure, including of a computer, browser or internet connection, is not a valid reason for late submission of work, unless as a result of a failure of the College’s IT systems where there was no reasonable course of action the student could have taken to submit the work on time.
  5. It is VERY important that you do not leave your submission to the last minute, so that you have plenty of time to ensure your submission is successful and correct. During the period immediately before College submission deadlines, both KEATS and Turnitin can run more slowly than normal due to the high demand placed on the software. Leaving your submission to the last moment could result in your work being marked as a late submission by the system.
Faculty Policy on Word Count

Word limits apply to the main text, quotes, footnotes, and appendices consisting of original material (see below for exclusions). Only front matter and bibliography are excluded from the word count. Penalties will be enforced if students significantly exceed the specified word count.


The Oxford English Dictionary defines an appendix as: “An addition subjoined to a document or book, having some contributory value in connection with the subject matter of the work, but not essential to its completeness”. In order to be excluded from the word count of an assignment, the “contributory value” of the appendix must be as an external source or raw data or results derived from analysis. Examples can include:  filmography, translations, transcripts, ethical clearance letters, discographies, primary statistical data and software code.

Appendices whose “contributory value” consists predominantly of original material authored by the student will be included in the word count.

Front matter

Front matter, which is excluded from the word count, will be taken to include title, coversheet, contents page, lists of abbreviations, acknowledgements, dedications, abstract, glossary and lists of images.


The penalties for exceeding the word counts will be as follows:

  • For work 5% over the specified word-count limit, 2 marks will be deducted;
  • An additional 2 marks will then be deducted at each 5% increase in word count, up to a word count excess of 50%;
  • Word counts that exceed the limit by more than 50% will incur a further penalty of 3 marks at each 5% increase in word count.
  • Work less than 5% over the word limit will not be penalised.

No penalty is applied to candidates whose work falls short of the prescribed limits. Such work will be marked in accordance with the usual academic criteria.

Faculty Policy on Late Submission

Work submitted up to 24 hours after the deadline will be marked, but the grade awarded will be capped at the pass mark (40% for UG and 50% for PGT). Students will be informed what mark would have been awarded had the cap not been applied and will receive feedback on the work. 

Work submitted more than 24 hours after the deadline will receive a mark of zero. No feedback or indicative grade will be provided. 

This is set out in the College Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes (T43.12).

Students have up until the deadline to submit work and we recommend leaving plenty of time to do so. The system automatically marks submissions as late by highlighting them in red to both the student and any staff. Work submitted ON the deadline, will be marked as late.

If you have not submitted any work before the submission deadline you will only be able to submit one version after the deadline and this version will stand as your final version to be marked (if submitted within 24 hours after the deadline). No resubmissions can be made after the submission deadline has past (unless mitigating circumstances are approved).

Contact your department office immediately should you have any problems submitting.

What happens in the event of a technical failure of College systems?

You should first confirm that the problem is not with the computer or internet connection you are using, by attempting to submit using a different device or connection if available.

If the College’s electronic submission system suffers a technical fault near a submission deadline, you should alert the relevant department office, who will contact all students to let you know what to do next.

As a precaution you should regularly check your College email account during the period immediately before the deadline, as this is how we will communicate with you should there be any problems.

Departments often have specific requirements in place for the submission particular types of assessment. It is very important that you consult these alongside the Faculty guidance:

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