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LEGO SERIOUS PLAY WORKSHOP: Hosted by the Marketing Subject Group

On 5 December 2018 the King’s Business School Marketing Subject group held their first event as part of their new Teaching Innovation Workshops series. The series provides a platform to explore emerging teaching and learning methods, to test new classroom technologies and to share teaching best practices. In line with the wider educational strategy of King’s College London, the workshops aim to support the community of educators at King’s Business School to develop transformative teaching and learning initiatives, designed to enhance the educational experience of our students.

Professor Ko De Ruyter, Head of the Marketing Subject group shared why they decided to hold this workshop series: “We want to make people aware of how important development education activities are and restore the balance between education and research. We want to shake things up, a lot of academics and institutions are set in their ways and our students are asking us to move ahead with the times”.


For this workshop, Matteo Montecchi, Teaching Fellow in Marketing, introduced LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) to academics from King’s Business School and the wider King’s College London community. The event was facilitated by Professor Alison James, Director, Department of Learning and Teaching Development Staff, University of Winchester and is an accredited facilitator of LSP.

LSP is a methodology designed to support problem solving, strategic decision making and innovation within a wide range of business contexts. It involves “a set of activities combining metaphorical modelling, building with Lego and peer discussion to explore complex issues” (James, 2013). In this workshop, Professor Alison James introduced LSP as a methodology to enhance the curriculum within the context of business and management disciplines and discussed her research on the application of LSP in higher education. Professor James also spoke about the effectiveness of LSP for researchers: “LSP is an effective tool to create connections, it makes you look at people in a different way because they are expressing themselves differently. Its effectiveness is in bringing things out of people.”

Throughout the evening guests were encouraged to put down their phones and took part in exercises using LEGO to express what research means to them.  


Professor Ko de Ruyter reflected on what he learnt during the workshop: “It was a powerful experience, in two seconds you are talking abstractly, using metaphors and talking about how you feel in a completely new way”.

If you don’t know much about LSP but would like to incorporate the methodology in your teaching, Professor James gave some advice for novices: “If you are new to LSP, my recommendation would be to talk to someone who has done it before and if you are able to, take part in the facilitator training. Anyone can of course incorporate LEGO into their teaching, but if you want to use LSP really effectively take some time to explore methodology and attend the LSP training if you can”.

Learn more about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY here

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