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Personalised Assessment Arrangements

Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA)

Circumstances relating to COVID-19

If you become unwell and you are unable to complete an assessment, please visit this webpage on information regarding Mitigating Circumstances relating to COVID-19.

Will I receive additional time for online assessments?

Any additional time as part of your PAA will be included in timed assessments. This does not include 24-hour assessments as this is already built into the assessment mode.

Can I use my Coursework Coversheet for online assessments?

For essay based online assessments, if you have a Coursework Coversheet as part of your PAA provisions, please attach this as the first page of your document. For more information on Coursework Coversheets, including who is eligible, please visit our webpage here.

What is Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA)?

The purpose of Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA) is to provide an environment that gives all students an equal opportunity for assessment.

How to apply?

If you have a diagnosed Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) or a medical condition that may affect your performance in written exams, you can apply for PAA via your Student Records. 

Supporting documents 

All PAA applicants are required to provide supporting evidence confirming their SpLD or medical condition and recommendations. All documents must be dated and signed by their author. More information can be found at the following links:

Specific Learning Difficulties

Medical Conditions


There are strict deadlines for each examination period. We ask that you apply and submit your supporting evidence via Student Records by the appropriate deadline below (this includes applications for a Coursework Coversheet/Exam Script Sticker): 

 Examination Period Application Deadline
 Period 1:    6 January - 10 January 2020  Friday 1 November 2019
 Period 2:    27 April - 29 May 2020  Friday 21 February 2020
 Period 3:    3 August - 14 August 2020  Friday 10 July 2020

All applications for PAA received after the deadline will be held on file until the following examination period. 

Deadlines for exams/assessments held outside of the main Examination Periods

If you do not have to sit any examinations during the main Examination Periods and and only have examinations/assessments run by your course department, then you must submit your completed application at least 3 weeks prior to the date of your first exam/assessment. These deadlines also apply to applications for a Coursework Coversheet/Exam Script Sticker.

In addition, you must state the date of your first exam/assessment on your application and email to let us know that you have submitted your application 

Exceptions to deadlines

Due to the complexity of processing applications and arranging PAA examinations we are generally unable to make any exceptions to the above deadlines. 

If you have incurred an accidental injury or acute illness after the prescribed deadline, you will need to fill out a Mitigating Circumstances Form (MCF) and send this to your course department or personal tutor.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to grant arrangements for anyone suffering from an accidental injury or acute illness occurred after the deadline due to the steps involved in processing individual applications and the time constraints of the examination period.

Deadlines for Summer School

Due to the start dates and the short duration of the courses at the Summer School, the following deadlines are in place for applicants:

Start date Application Deadline
29 June 2020  Wednesday 1 July 2020
20 July 2020  Wednesday 22 July 2020
Guidance and examination information for PAA

For more information on PAA, including types of arrangements, how these arrangements work in examinations and where PAA examinations take place, please see our guidance document:

Guidance for Personalised Assessment Arrangements (PAA)

PAA Examination Candidate Instruction Sheet

How to apply to sit examinations at an Alternative Venue?

More information on how to apply to sit your written examination at an alternative venue can be found at this link:

Alternative Venue Arrangements

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