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Personalised Assessment Arrangements

Alternative Venue Arrangements

Please note that this service is currently not available until further notice due to the current format of online assessments as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.


Who can apply to sit their exams at an alternative venue?

All students are expected to sit their examinations at King's College London to ensure the integrity of the examinations and to provide the best examination conditions for students.

However, you can apply to sit written examinations at an alternative venue if you are a:

1) Distance learning student

Distance learning programmes include:

  • PG Diplomas from the Centre of European Law
  • Programmes offered by the Unit of Distance Learning within the Dental Institute
  • MSc in Palliative Care
2) Study abroad student

You can apply to sit your examination at an alternative venue if you are either an:

a)      Incoming study abroad student studying at King’s for semester 1 (September to January), if you are returning to your home institution prior to the January exam period. You can only apply to sit in your home country.


b)      Outgoing study abroad student in semester 2 (mid-January to June), if you are leaving for your host institution prior to your January exams at King’s. You can only apply to sit in the country of your host institution.

Please note:

Incoming study abroad semester 2 or full year study abroad students are expected to be at the university until June and will not be permitted to sit any exams at alternative venues in May-June due to premature departure from the UK.

3) International student

For the purposes of this service, international students are defined as those who pay overseas fees. You can apply to sit your examination at an alternative venue if you are either:

a)      Taking a resit and/or replacement examination and you are a non-attending student. You can only apply to sit in your home country.


b)      Taking a resit and/or replacement examination and you are applying to take the examination during the August exam period. You can only apply to sit in your home country.

In both of these circumstances you will be required to pay an overseas examination fee to King's College London for providing this service. 


How to apply

Step 1: Check with your course department

There is no limit to the number of written examinations that you can sit at an alternative venue, however, please check with your course department:

  • Which modules you are permitted to sit/resit at an alternative venue
  • For which examination period the modules are expected to be scheduled (eg January, May, August)
Step 2: Check our application periods and deadlines

Applications for particular examination periods must be submitted by the deadline. Please ensure that you apply during the appropriate application period, otherwise your application will not be considered.

We are unable to process any applications received after the deadline and the online application form will be disabled until the start of the next application period.

Step 3: Find and contact a suitable venue to administer your examination(s)

It is your responsibility to find a suitable venue to administer your examination(s) and to make the initial contact with them. British Councils should always be used where possible. They have offices worldwide and often run examinations for British universities.

If the British Council do not offer this service in your country, it may be permissible for you to sit at a local university or institution that runs degree level or higher examinations on a regular basis.

Your chosen venue must comply with our requirements for alternative examination venues and must agree to return your examination scripts via secure courier to us after each of your examinations (the venue may charge you for this service).

Step 4: Pay King’s College London overseas examination fee

If you are an eligible international student you are required to pay an overseas examination fee to King’s College London for providing this service to you before applying (click here to pay online):

  • £125 - if you are sitting/resitting one, two, three or four examinations
  • £165 - if you are sitting/resitting five or more examinations

Please note that you are also responsible for any other costs charged by your chosen alternative venue.

These fees are for 2019/20 and reviewed each academic year.

Step 5: Submit your application form online by the relevant deadline

The application form is located at the bottom of this webpage.

To complete the form you will need:

  • Your module codes and titles of your examination(s) (exactly as they appear on your Student Records)
  • Contact details of your chosen venue (full name, phone number and email address)
  • Your eStore payment reference 
Step 6: Await for an email response from the Examinations Team

The outcome of your application will be sent to your KCL email account.

Step 7: Await for final details of your examination(s)

Finalised details (date and time) of your examination(s) at your alternative venue will be sent to your KCL email account.

Your examination dates and timings at your alternative venue will not be updated on your personalised examination timetable on Student Records.

The KCL Examinations Office will schedule examinations at alternative venues as close as possible to the UK examination date and time. However, due to the time difference with some countries and the opening hours of venues, examinations may be scheduled on a different date and time to the main examination in the UK. Therefore, please ensure that you are able to sit your examination at any point during the examination period.

Please note that we cannot change the dates and times of examinations at students’ requests.

Step 8: Attend your examination(s)

Please ensure that you have the following at each of your examinations:

a) Your KCL ID card (or another form of official photo ID)

b) Your candidate number for the current academic year (if you cannot find your candidate number on your Student Records, please email


Non-permitted modules

Please be aware that some examinations cannot be sat at an alternative venue, for example, if they contain a practical or oral element requiring assessment. Your course department will be able to clarify this for you.

Scheduling of examinations at alternative venues

Once the examination timetable has been finalised, the Examinations Office will contact your chosen venue to arrange the date and time of the examination.

We try to schedule examinations at an alternative venue as close as possible to those held in the UK, but it often depends on the time difference and the availability of your chosen venue. Please note that it is possible that the examination will be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday if your chosen venue is able to administer examinations on these days.

Our cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your arrangements to sit your examination(s) at an alternative venue, please contact as soon as possible.

Please note that you will still be liable for the full overseas examination fee if you cancel less than 10 working days prior to:

  • the start of the examination period (for examinations taking place during the main examination periods: January, May or August)
  • the date of the examination (for examinations taking place outside of the main examination periods)

Costs at your chosen venue

You are responsible for any other costs charged by your chosen alternative venue.  

Some venues are unable to charge students directly eg British Council in Russia. In this case, you will need to contact for an invoice to be generated by the Examinations Office, which you will need to pay before your examination.


King’s College London takes allegations of misconduct very seriously, and sets out the procedures for dealing with this in the academic regulations.


Any questions?

Please email if you have any further questions or concerns.

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