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Personalised Assessment Arrangements

Medical Conditions

How to apply

1) Before applying for Personalised Assessment Arrangements, please read our guidance document: 2) Apply for PAA & submit your supporting evidence via Student Records:

Application - You can submit an application via the Student Records homepage. Once logged in, select the 'PAA' tab at the top of the homepage and follow the instructions to complete an application.

Evidence -medical certificate or a letter from your GP/consultant to support your application.
For full details of the information that is required in a letter from your GP/consultant, please see the medical certificate.

Please note that you should print off a copy of the medical certificate and take this with you to your appointment (this includes appointments at the King's College Medical Centre).

You may also include any previously acquired evidence from your GP/consultant with your application.



Please note that completed applications (including evidence) must be submitted by the specified deadlines (listed here).

Late applications will only be considered in the case of accidental injury or acute illness incurred after the prescribed deadline. In these instances we cannot guarantee arrangements and applications will be considered only if possible and appropriate.

All other late applications will be held until the next examination period.


What happens next?

Application received confirmation

You will receive email confirmation from the Examinations Office that your application has been received.

Outcome confirmation

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an outcome email from the Examinations Office with details of the arrangements that you have been granted

Examination arrangements confirmation

Prior to each of the main examination periods, you will receive a further email with details of where your examinations (if you have any) will be taking place and confirmation of your arrangements.

Outcomes and length of arrangements

If your condition is long-term and unchanging, the Personalised Assessment Arrangements Committee (PAAC) will approve arrangements for the duration of your programme, meaning you do not need to reapply each year.

If your condition is long-term, but changing, we may require annual updates so that PAAC can reassess and make any necessary changes to arrangements each year.

Medical conditions (accidental injury or acute illness) that occur close to an examination period will be considered if possible and as appropriate, we cannot guarantee arrangements. In these instances (as well as for temporary conditions e.g. pregnancy), arrangements are granted as interim, usually for the upcoming examination period only.

Please be aware that recommendations suggested by your medical practitioner, or any previous arrangements granted at another institution, will not necessarily be granted by the PAAC. They are just one of the factors taken into consideration by the PAAC when determining suitable arrangements that are fair and in line with all other arrangements made/


Examinations & incourse assessments

Examination venues

For the main examination periods (dates here), students with approved PAA will sit their examinations on campus, rather than at the external examination venues.

You will be emailed further details prior to each examination period for which you have examinations. 

Departmental examinations or incourse assessments

If you have any departmental examinations or in-course assessments (i.e. examinations/tests run by your department rather than the Examinations Office), you’ll need to contact your department prior to the assessment to ensure your Personalised Assessment Arrangements are in place.

For further information regarding how your course is assessed and support available to you, please contact your department.

Reasonable Adjustments – Professional Clinical Examinations

Whilst the College has a duty, under the Equality Act, to make reasonable adjustments for students, it must balance these against the need to protect the academic integrity of its assessments, and the professional requirements of registrable programmes.  The College has a responsibility to sign off students as being fit for and capable of registration and practice.  As such, it is not always appropriate to grant additional arrangements for assessment practices, where inclusive processes have already been incorporated. 

If you have any further queries, please contact your course department for further information or seek the Reasonable Adjustments guidance relevant to your programme.


More information on medical conditions

For more information on support available to you at KCL regarding medical conditions, please contact the Disability Advisory Service.

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