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Student Fellowships

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the list below for answers to frequently asked questions about the King's Undergraduate Research Fellowships.


If you can't see an answer to your question on this page, please see the Programme Regulations, or contact
What are the Undergraduate Research Fellowships?
King’s Undergraduate Research Fellowships offer King’s undergraduate students the opportunity to work on a research project alongside academic staff from across King’s Faculties and Institutes over the summer break.
How many Fellowships can students apply for?
Students can apply for one Fellowship.
Can students take part in more than one Fellowship at a time?

No. Students are limited to one Fellowship per student each year. Additionally, previous Undergraduate Research Fellows are not eligible to re-apply in subsequent years.

Do students get financial support?

Yes. Undergraduate Research Fellows will receive a £1000 bursary to support one month (four weeks) of work. If the Fellowship lasts longer than 4 weeks, an additional £250 will be paid per week, see table below.

Bursary amount guide
 Length of Fellowship Bursary Hours required
 4 weeks  £1,000.00  150 hours
 5 weeks  £1,250.00  187.5 hours
 6 weeks  £1,500.00  225 hours
 7 weeks  £1,750.00  262.5 hours
 8 weeks  £2,000.00  300 hours
Do students receive any special training?
Yes. When students are accepted onto a Fellowship, they will attend a compulsory half day induction. This workshop will provide an overview of the scheme and is an opportunity for Fellows to meet each other and the King’s Experience team, and to ask any questions they might have.
What are the benefits of completing a Fellowship?
Fellowship holders will gain experience of undertaking research during their undergraduate studies. The Fellowship will enhance students' learning because they will be actively engaged in the production of knowledge.Undertaking a Fellowship will also be advantageous if students are considering postgraduate study or research, and can enhance their employability, too, by adding to undergraduates' skill sets.


Is it first come first served?

No. Please take your time in filling out your application. All applications received by the deadline advertised on our website will receive equal consideration.

When can I apply?

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship proposals are released in March, the application window is around four weeks.

Do students have to have prior research experience to apply?
No. The Fellowships are an opportunity for students to engage in research for the first time. All undergraduate students enrolled at King’s are eligible to apply.
Do students have to apply for a Fellowship in their Faculty?
No. If students have an interest in another department or Faculty, King's Experience encourages applications to those areas. Students should check individual Fellowship adverts to see if their skill set matches with what is required.


Is there a flexible start and end date?

Each Fellowship project shows the earliest start date a project can begin and the latest end date that a project can end. Applicants should check that they will be available for these dates.

When students are selected for a Fellowship they will then be put in touch with their Fellowship supervisor to confirm when they will start and finish.

If I graduate in the summer, can I still apply?

Yes. Students that are registered as an undergraduate student at King's at the beginning of summer term in their final year can still apply for a fellowship.

How long do they last for?
A Fellowship lasts for one month and Fellows are required to participate for up to 150 hours (35 hours per week). In a small number of cases the Fellowship may last up to two months.
When will I recieve an outcome to my application?

Students will be notified by the end of May and at the earliest in mid April. We aim to notify students as soon as an academic has made their decision, because of this some students will receive the outcome to their application sooner than others. 


Is there an assessment involved?
Yes, at the end of the Fellowship students will be required to produce and submit an assessment, reflecting on their experience. This assessment does not provide students with formal credit.
What kind of assessment can students produce?
The King’s Experience Research Award offers a range of assessment options, such as academic posters or reflective essays. The King’s Experience team can offer students more advice and guidance.
How do students gain formal recognition for the Fellowships?
Undergraduate Research Fellows will be automatically enrolled on the King’s Experience Research Award, which requires submission of an assessment. If students achieve a ‘Pass’ mark for the King’s Experience Research Award it will be included on their Higher Education Achievement Record transcript.


Are integrated masters students eligible to apply?
Yes, during the undergraduate portion of their degrees. Students in the final year on integrated master’s programmes are not eligible to apply.
Are international students eligible to apply?
Yes. King's College London undergraduate students can apply if they are a registered undergraduate student and available for the duration of the Fellowship.
Are students at universities, other than King’s, eligible for the scheme?

Unfortunately the King’s Undergraduate Research Fellowships are only open to current undergraduate King’s students.

I am a student but have taken a year out, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes you are eligible to apply but should consider whether your personal circumstances allow you to complete a Fellowship.

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