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King's Leadership & Professional Skills Award

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Taking part in the King’s Leadership & Professional Skills Award is an opportunity for students to reflect on their strengths, develop valuable employability skills and knowledge of careers, and learn how to communicate these skills in a careers context - crucial in today’s competitive market.

To earn the Award, you will need to complete a number of core and optional activities over the course of the academic year. For each activity you complete you will earn points for it, and the award is formally assessed. Successful achievement of the award will be included on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Why should I do the Award? Through the award activities you will learn more about yourself, your abilities, encounter and explore different careers, and be able to showcase to employers a range of award experiences. You will have approximately 6 months to complete the award, so you have time to engage with many different activities and meet students from other disciplines and levels of study. During this time, you also need to take responsibility for your own journey through the award - another great skill to demonstrate to future employers! 

We are no longer accepting applications for 2018-19.

To take part next academic year, please apply in September 2019.

Unfortunately we cannot offer this award to distance learning students.

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What is the difference between a KLPSA and a KLPSAplus?
  • To earn the KLPSA award you must collect 15 points from the compulsory and additional activities. You will need to complete and pass the assessments for the 2 KLPSA assessed sessions you attend, as well as the reflective log on your experiential learning.
  • To achieve the KLPSAplus award you must gain 25 points from the compulsory and additional activities. You will need to complete the KLPSAplus level assessments for the 2 KLPSA assessed sessions you attend, as well as the reflective log on your experiential learning. 
What happens if I don't get enough points for KLPSAplus (and have completed the KLPSAplus assessment questions), can I still receive the KLPSA and do I need to do the KLPSA level assessments?
  • If you are aiming for KLPSAplus, and have completed the assessments for KLPSAplus but not managed to earn the full 25 points (but have reached 15 points) your assessments will be marked against the KLPSA level marking criteria. If you meet that criteria you can receive the KLPSA award. As you would have completed the KLPSAplus level assignments you do not have to also complete the KLPSA level assignments.
When does the award programme run?
  • The award programme runs over both the Autumn and Spring semesters, and you have until 12 pm (midday) Weds 27th March 2019 to partake in activities, as well as submit your activity log and assessments. 
How many KLPSA assessed sessions do I need to attend?
  • You need to attend 2 KLPSA assessed sessions and complete 1 online KLPSA course. You will also need to undertake a minimum number of activities and collect enough points to receive the award in the category you are going for. 
If I miss a session, is there any way to make up for it?
  • Firstly, please cancel your booking if you know you cannot make the session. If it is too late to cancel, please let us know regardless. You can then attend an alternate session. We run 11 KLPSA assessed sessions (at both Strand and Guy's campuses) each term. Please, only sign-up for 2 sessions - one in Autumn and one in Spring. If you cannot attend, PLEASE cancel your place as we need to make places available for other students and we have a non-attendance policy in place.
Why is there a cap on the number of places available on KLPSA assessed sessions?
  • There is a cap on the number of places available for KLPSA assessed sessions due to room capacities and the nature of the workshops. Two sessions (Interview Techniques and Presenting and Pitching Skills) have a cap due to the assessment format. 
Will the assessed session materials be made available online?
  • Yes, session materials will be made available on KEATS under the 'KLPSA Assessed Sessions' section.
Where can we find out the details about the assessments?
  • Marking criteria is here on KEATS under the 'Assessment Information' section. All the assessment questions will be posted in the 'Assessment Information' section. You will have to submit a log of the activities you have completed, assessment questions and an experiential learning reflection.
Will I be penalised if I go above or below the word count?
  • Keep as close to the word count as possible, and do not go above the word count by more than 10%. We ask you to stay within the word count as often employers wouldn't read beyond a certain point - this is an opportunity for you to practise making your points in a concise and succinct manner.
When will we receive our feedback for the assessments?
  • All assessments will be marked at the same time (Easter holidays) regardless of when you submit your work. You can expect to receive feedback 4-6 weeks after submitting.
Do we need to reference our assignments?
  • It is not a requirement but you may do so if you wish to.
How do I submit my assessments?
  • You must submit your assessments (and activity log) through KEATS. Please visit the 'Assessment Information' section and upload one document for your assessments - please include your KLPSA Assessed answers and your reflective log in the same document, either a Word format or a PDF. Please do not submit a Pages document as we are unable to open this file type.
For the assessments, do we need to only include information from the session or can I do further research?
  • You may do further research if you find it helpful and it can add value to your answers. Resources will be added to the KEATS page.
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