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King's Internships Competitions & Awards 2018 - The Winners

All students who took part in one of the King's Internships Programmes 2017-18 were invited to submit entries for the King's Internships Competitions & Awards of which there were 6 categories in total. We received an overwhelming number of very impressive and inspiring submissions and nominations, which the King's Internships team and Judging Panel thoroughly enjoyed reading and watching.

We are delighted to announce the winners and runners up below, as well as all the wonderful submissions we received for each of the categories.

We loved celebrating with everyone at our King's Research and Internships Awards on 5th December 2018. You can find all the professional photographs plus a video from the 2018 King's Internships & Research Awards on the King's Experience pages here

Award winners 2018Picture taken at the King's Internships & Research Awards Ceremony, 5th December 2018. Left to Right: Chow-Ching Jim, Bella Tennant, Zsófia Sára Török, Michael Leeman, Zeena Shawa, Lauren Moon, Andrew Armes (Roche)

King's Internships: Reflections Competition - Written Submission
  • Winner – Michael Leeman (King’s Internships Summer Scheme, with the King’s Entrepreneurship Institute, funded generously by Santander Universities)

 Michael Leeman

  • Runner Up – Zsófia Sára Török (King’s Internships Summer Scheme, with the King’s Student Success Team)


Shortlisted Entries
King's Internships: Reflections Competition - Video Submission



Shortlisted Entries
  • Penney Chu Yi Lam (Global Internships Programme)


  • Blank spaceTasnim Uddin (Accredited Internships Programme)
King's Internships: Photo Competition

Joint Winners:

  • Safa Daud “My feet are finally off the ground – now time to find my wings” (King’s Internships Fund/Self-Source Scheme)

Winner of Photo Comp 2

  • Ayo Meshe “That winning feeling when you finally reach the top! Me after reaching the 4,080 metres peak of Alto Campanas, the highest point within Antioquia. For those interested the Alto Campanas is located in the Páramo del Sol of Urrao, Colombia. Definitely one to check out if you have the chance!” (King’s Global Internships Programme)

 Winner of Photo Comp 1

Shortlisted Entries
  • Faizan Rai: Rising African Sun Fazian Rai - rising african sun
  • Emily-Kate Stuart: The blood (a lot) sweat (more than ever in my life) and tears (a few) on our hike through Tayrona were little cost for finding the gold under the rainbow @ Playa Brava, Tayrona National Parkpalm trees
  • Holly Aylmore: Summers day views from Guy's Hospital Holly Alymore
  • Baani Gambhir: Its always sunny in Philadelphia"- sunset from my window in Phillysunset in Philly
  • Eleonora Colli: Sunset in Athens, 35mm sunset in Athens
  • Mujtaba Ghulam Farooq: A typical day at work full of discussions, arguments and laughter Mujtaba
  • Penney Chu Yi Lam: The last night in DC with other internslast day in DC 
  • Zsófia Sára Török: me trying out what being Reggie feels like at KCL Graduations Zsofia Torok jpeg
  • Ayda Haile Redai: Picture of me in Lugano Switzerland enjoying the scenic Swiss landscape Ayda Haile Redai
  • Zeena Shawa: Jing'an Temple Zeena Shawa - Temple. PNG
  • Aya Fujisawa: Fireworks on Independence Day Aya Fujisawa - Fireworks
  • Nicholas Hall: Comuna 13, Medellin, Colombia, an illustration of the city's transformation Nicholas Hall
  • Ka Kiu Lui: Yuyuan Garden is so beautiful - it is on fire Katie Ka Liu
  • Anonymous: Prancing Horse in the Austian Alps Charlie Beales


King's Internships: 10 Second Competition
  • Winner – Chow Ching Jim (King’s Internships Part-time Scheme, with Spacebar Media, funded by Santander Universities)
Shortlisted Entries
  •  Irfan Suleman
King's Internships: Intern of the Year Award

Joint Winners:

  • Anna (Bella) Tennant (King’s Internships Summer Scheme, with Lemonaid Beverages, funded by Santander Universities)

Bella speaking

  • Lauren Moon (King’s Internships Summer Scheme, with Roche)

Lauren Moon

Read Bella's nomination below

"I would like to nominate King's graduate student Anna Bella Tennant who joined our Social Enterprise for the past three months as a Summer Intern. During her internship with us, Bella has displayed impeccable work ethics - approaching every task and challenge with a smile and a level of friendliness and enthusiasm that would never cease, not even after the 50th customer call in a row, which I have never come across with an employee. When our business was faced with the unforeseen departure of a key member of staff, Bella agreed without the bat of an eyelid to cover that operations role until we had found a successor four weeks later. In this role, Bella took on new tasks and responsibilities every day and became an integral part of our team of four overnight. It is fair to say that without her help we would have seriously struggled as a business in those difficult times and we cannot thank Bella enough for her commitment and sense of duty. During the last weeks of her internship, Bella took on a more sales-focused role which saw our ethical drinks launched into several new stockists, including the National Theatre, which is the result of Bella's fearless, determined and highly personable approach when talking to customers. It would fill ourselves with pride if Bella was awarded the King's Intern of the Year Award for her remarkable efforts in helping Lemonaid Beverages through a difficult period of time; a true display of her matureness and the great achievements that undoubtedly still lie ahead of her in her professional career." Julian Warowioff MD Lemonaid Beverages Ltd

Read Lauren's nomination here

We would absolutely nominate Lauren for Intern of the Year Award not only because what we have described in terms of her contribution earlier in this form but also for the specific activities she worked on below:


  • Researching advertising opportunities: Local buses, Local rail station (posters & billboards), Larger transport hubs including Heathrow airport
  • Online presence e.g. banner ads on industry websites
  • Researching university careers fairs to attend as a potential graduate employer
  • Looking up events and conferences to attend and enquire about/ cost sending a speaker
  • Giveaway items to take to the university fairs
  • Careers video spotlight stories how did you make your career/ get to where you are at Roche (with employees)
  • Business awards: Fees & deadlines Awareness / audience Writing submissions


  • Helping set up conference in October for Neurodiversity
  • Researching how to make standard communications inclusive e.g. dyslexia friendly, non-white screens for sensory perception


  • End to end hiring process: Read through CVs, Watched and rated video interviews using Shortlister, Followed assessment centre, observing and marking group tasks
  • LinkedIn recruiter finding candidates for roles ADG, DS (data scientist)
  • Researching costs and logistics of advertising jobs on various platforms: ICPE, ISPOR COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE
  • Global update: Mergers and acquisitions, Hiring competitors, Changes in management, Local trends / news
  • Researching graduate schemes of competitors: Length Requirements Structure Application rate / drop-out rate

Lauren exhibited a growth mindset, can-do attitude, willingness to go outside of her comfort zone, and ability to look for more value to add in everything that she was asked. Lauren will be an asset to any future organisation I have no doubt. Lauren has added value in all the projects she has been involved in (and she got involved in a wide range of projects) so it's hard to quantify the biggest impact other than general level of commitment and delivery on what was asked. She (without doubt) exceeded our expectations as to what she could achieve in the 4/5 weeks she was with us, constantly coming back for more work when she had completed projects, and going above and beyond what was initially asked of her. The team have really enjoyed having her here.

Shortlisted Nominations
Yusuf Ur-Rehman

My name is John Hetherington and I am a Wing Commander in the RAF and have worked with Yusuf over the last few weeks. Since joining us through the Summer Diversity Internship Programme, at the Ministry of Defence, Yusuf has shown some great potential and displayed many competencies which make me sure that he will be a great asset to the Civil Service in the future. In fact, one of my senior colleagues, who Yusuf created a high-standard report for regarding the Defence Living Accommodation Policy, stated in Yusuf’s evaluation report: ‘he is confident, has a good sense of humour and has a good dose of humility. At this early stage I would assess he has a number of the qualities required for future leadership roles in both the public and private sectors.’ The whole department has been delighted by Yusuf’s work ethic. His high level of performance culminated with him being selected as the only internee in the MoD to partake in defence engagement overseas visit to Bulgaria. I was on this visit and once again, I was very impressed with Yusuf’s attitude and ability to bare a large amount of responsibility so early in his career. He engaged extremely well with HMA Emma Hopkins and our Bulgarian military counterparts. He is a credit to King’s College London and I wish him the best of luck in his future.

Liam Holohan

Liam Holohan is one of the more capable interns to have worked at HongFangLaw. In these last 2 months I have continuously watched Liam rise to meet the challenges faced by a non-Chinese speaking intern, in a foreign country, at a local Chinese law firm. At every step of the way Liam has demonstrated a capacity for the role that has surpassed my expectations. For the last 2 months here at HongFangLaw Liam has shown to me a possession of skills I believe are integral for any flourishing intern. He has demonstrated, clearly, the ability to collaborate with colleagues here at the firm and has worked on many projects not only with myself but with many key members of the firm. Each project he has had a hand in has progressed successfully. Moreover, Liam has shown clear time management skills in that his assigned work has always been completed on a timely and efficient manner. HongFangLaw requires above all, the skill of adaptability, Liam has taken well to the nature of the varying work we do here and has been asked to participate in a wide range of tasks; he has assisted in joining a police raid with collective evidence on counterfeits, he has gone to events to represent the firm, networked, assisted with finding clients for HongFangLaw, assisted with redesigning the website, and produced high quality research and marketing reports for clients and the partners here. Finally, Liam always appears to apply good levels of critical thinking and initiative to tasks assigned, demonstrated not only by his going the extra mile, but also by his ability to overcome challenges often with innovative and creative solutions. He seems to always approach tasks with a positive attitude. Overall, I believe Liam to not only be a capable individual in his future endeavors but I also believe him to be a good ambassador and representative for Kings College London and what this programme stands for which is for new, young, and budding professionals to experience a new work environment.

Nalintha Wijesinghe

Nalintha Wijesinghe Nalintha was selected from a large shortlist of KCL students. During his interview, Nalintha was personable, friendly and honest and we were able to see within the first few minutes his passion for the world of technology and his desire to learn. The world of start-up businesses can be incredibly challenging and some find it very hard to adapt to, it can be a little overwhelming and intimidating to be in such a fast-paced and agile environment. Nalintha entered into our world with strides of confidence and was ready and raring to embrace all aspects of the business. He rolled up his sleeves and got stuck in no matter the task he was assigned. It was Nalinthas communication skills that impressed us the most, alongside his ability to articulate his thoughts and opinions on our software. He researched and reviewed our existing technologies and worked closely with the rest of the tech team to develop our tech roadmap. When necessary he even got involved with the Sales and Marketing team supporting the development of our website and creation of prototype applications needed for prospective clients. Nalintha never shied away from a task and embraced the diversity of his role. One notably excellent example of Nalinthas can-do-attitude, confidence and brilliant communication skills was when he lead our quarterly company Product Meeting. He effortlessly held the attention of the room, presented impressive and relevant research and explained the direction our product should take in order to best aid our company growth. For the reasons stated above, I believe that Nalintha is a very strong candidate for KCL intern of the year.

Tatiana de Berg

Tatiana de Berg joined the Children, Young People and Families team at Public Health England a day after her prospective line manager moved on to another role in the organisation. With minimal support she very quickly picked up the major task of updating a key PHE publication that gives schools and colleges an evidence based approach for increasing physical activity. During her internship she completed a literature review of recent relevant publications; made proposals for changes to the original document's structure; secured the support of government departments and national organisations to this approach; collected and quality assured a selection of case studies; and drafted the updated document. She handed over a substantial final draft that required minimal adjustments and is now scheduled to be published in October 2018. This document will be a significant resource supporting schools and colleges in reducing childhood obesity and increasing physical activity levels. Although studying international economics, Tatiana fooled everyone into believing she was a seasoned public health professional. Her professionalism, conscientious and logical approach and excellent inter personal skills mean she will be an asset in whatever career she chooses.

Callum Bucklow

Callum has been a fantastic intern and we have been really impressed by his work and his attitude. Within the Research Careers team he has taken a particularly thoughtful approach to developing a guide for students thinking about undertaking a PhD. Callum appreciated that those using the guide will be at a critically important time in their life and understood the importance of making the guide honest, thoughtful and practical. The guide will be published and made accessible to all Universities and highlighted via our own website and social media to help students make a more informed decision about their future. His work will have a very wide reach and big impact. Callum also took the lead on a group project on the topic of research uptake. He was commended by his peers for his fantastic leadership and commitment to the task and by those who set the project for his tremendous work in developing a report, slide deck, and presentation. The detailed level of analysis far exceeded anything they thought possible in such a short time and his work will be hugely helpful in developing the area of research uptake at Wellcome. Callum has done so well at Wellcome that we extended his internship by the maximum time possible. He has been a great asset to Wellcome and has set a very high standard for future Kings interns!

Zsofia Torok

Zsofia joined our team in June 2018 as the Communications & Events Intern in the Student Success Department. Zsofia impressed us from the moment she joined; she is incredibly efficient, organised and manages her workload extremely effectively, ensuring that she always meets her deadlines. Working predominantly on the Welcome to King’s project, Zsofia was thrown into working in a high-pressured environment on a large-scale project with huge amounts to learn and comprehend. Zsofia took this all in her stride, making sure she asked all the right questions to ensure she could get on with her tasks.  In her first week, Zsofia had identified that there was a lack of information for students returning regarding re-enrolment and welcome-back inductions. As a result Zsofia designed a webpage, working with Registry Services and Faculty Student Experience Managers, with useful information for all returning students for when they come back after the summer break. Zsofia produced a desktop calendar with handy hints and tips, as well as key dates which was given out to 12,000 new students enrolling in September. The calendar looks amazing, and has received extremely positive feedback from staff and students at King’s – everyone wants one! Zsofia was also tasked in improving the student experience at the International Orientation social. She sourced a photo booth and props, ordered afternoon tea and came up with ice breaker activities. Feedback from the event showed that the students who attended this year rated the social higher than the attendees last year! Well done Zsofia!

Other Nominations
Valentina (Val) Meo
Val was a rock star this summer! She came to work every day excited and with the attitude that no task was too small. She took the initiative to take on new projects that interested her and saw that every detail was done perfectly. Her go-getter attitude will take her very far!
Mathilde Schmitt

We wish to recognize and highlight the positive contribution Mathilde has done in our organization, Khulisa Social Solutions. She has done an outstanding job in improving the quality of our project, by identifying gaps and taking steps to remedy them. She has been extremely strategic and goal oriented in improving lesson plans and notes of our daily rehabilitation classes, bringing more structure and institutional learning to our project.

here Laura Deslandes

Laura Deslandes interned with us earlier this year as part of her public policy course at King's College London. She threw herself into all of the opportunities presented to her from research, advocacy, and strategic planning. In particular her work on our flagship Cratos Project, which aims to design a certification framework for online voting platforms was excellent. She demonstrated excellent stakeholder engagement and research skills, as well as a keen political nouse. As a result, I felt confident to invite her to actively participate in meetings with GCHQ, Google, and the Scottish Government. Whether it was networking with MPs at YouTube's summer party, engaging with computer scientists in Birmingham, or networking with civil servants in Edinburgh, Laura's efforts consistently had a positive impact on our think-tank's work. In addition to this, Laura contributed to a successful funding bid for a research project exploring social media regulation. It is without hesitation that I nominated Laura for the King's College London Intern of the Year Award.

Daniel Sundvik

Daniel was an exceptional intern. He had a positive, professional and open approach, was understanding of times when the team were busy and always willing to help with any tasks that would be useful. He quickly got a grasp of the work of the department and gave great support to the team as well as presenting good ideas for new areas we could explore and we were very pleased with the work he did developing the curated lists of film for school visits on our blog.

Raja Ali

Raja (Awais) Ali is an intern with Student Success who has been helping What Works make a series of short videos to help current students get the most out of their time at University. He has shown great flexibility in helping out two Departments and been a really positive and inspiring figure- getting other interns involved in filming and teaching staff about filming techniques and equipment.

Emily Chow

I'd like to nominate Emily Chow as Emily is an undergrad that got placed in as an Analytics Intern and right through Emily has been very professional and has always stayed hungry to learn new things and most importantly understands the art of delivery and managing expectations without losing quality of the work she produces. These are attributes that one develops over few years and its great to see Emily already has this.

Arjun Kiri

Arjun Kiri Arjun was an enormous asset during his time at Access Partnership. We were very impressed by his professionalism, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. As well as completing all the regular tasks required of him, Arjun went out of his way to impress, and to further the businesses objectives. One example of this was his work on open banking, which provided the company with an insight into a new area of policy. Additional Arjun took the decision entirely on his own initiative to attend an event with Monzo bank CEO and founder and asked them about their public policy profile. We hope that this will lead to a future conversation about public policy support.

Enzo Desiage

In 10 weeks Enzo transformed from a shy student to a fully fledged implementation engineer at Pico. Initially working with Implementation, he took an active interest in the development of our programs, teamed up with BDIE and produced a program which is now being used by our CSD department. He integrated seamlessly within the company, reaching out to the global teams and we can't wait to welcome him back in September as a permanent employee.

Winnie Fung

I would love to nominate Winnie, as she was truly fantastic.

Marie Voigt

We would like to nominate Marie as intern of the year as she has shown that she can manage multiple tasks to a strict deadline, and can deal effectively with the workload. She was also great at communicating with our beneficiaries - For example, she would take part in aiding students at JAN Trust to learn English, and formed a great bond with the women. She was also efficient at creating videos, and created many for us over 8 weeks. Her attitude was refreshing and it was great to have her on the team.

Anna Vuillerod

We would like to nominate Anna as intern of the year as she has shown a positive and can-do attitude throughout the internship. She was also great at working with our beneficiaries and helping them with whatever they may need. We were very happy to have our on our team.

Rebecca Clayton

I believe Rebecca should be awarded Intern of the Year because she achieved so much at Orion, in a very short space of time. She very quickly understood our data systems and her work on them has made a tangible difference to our book sales. She also gave insightful editorial feedback and quickly became an important voice in our meetings. Rebecca also interviewed key members of staff, from around the company, to collate her ideas and thoughts on what publishing could be doing differently. She came up with a really exciting idea that we will be putting in place to engage readers in our content and encourage them to read more books. Rebecca will also be featured in our trade press so she can promote the Kings Internship but also encourage other London Publishers to offer internship places to candidates with disabilities.

King's Internships: Host Organisation of the Year Award
  • Winner: Roche (King's Internships Summer Scheme)

Andrew from Roche

Read Roche's Nomination

I am nominating Roche because of how welcoming and helpful they have been throughout my time there. I was introduced to almost everything I expressed an interest in, irrespective of whether it was the department I was interning in or not, because the staff believed that the most important thing was for me to learn and explore career options in as many fields as I wanted. I was even invited on a trip to a different facility to meet staff there, because the work I asked about was carried out off site. Feedback was continuous and genuine, showing the work I was doing was appreciated and useful to my colleagues. I really felt like I was given the opportunity to be a full member of the team, assigned a diverse array of meaningful projects aimed to both contribute to the productivity of the team whilst allowing me to develop experience and skills in different areas. I was trusted to complete individual tasks with full autonomy, but if I felt I needed help it was easily given from any and all members of the team. I was also immediately included and treated as a peer; participation and opinions were encouraged in meetings and the office, where all ideas were considered and weighted irrespective of who expressed them.


Shortlisted Nominations
Public Health England

I am nominating Public Health England and Loretta Sollars with the Children, Young People and Families Team for the King's Internships Host of the Year Award. I am nominating them because during the three months that I spent at PHE I was given great opportunities to learn and develop skills, meet new people and experience a working environment. The team was very welcoming, making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I was able to gain experience across various departments within the organisation gaining a better understanding of what PHE does. Whilst completing my main task of updating and reviewing a policy document I was able to learn through my own initiative but also given the support I needed to complete the task. The opportunities provided by PHE did not stop at the end of my internship. Since finishing I have been invited back for a team lunch as well as asked to attending a filming day and a conference in October. The relationship I have developed with PHE is one which I hope will last for much longer, and I am truly grateful for the opportunities and experience that undertaking this internship has provided me with.

Civil Service Summer Diversity Internship Programme Team
  • I would like to nominate the Civil service SDIP team for internship host of the year (with particular mention to the Home Office). The team I was placed with where incredibly welcoming and helpful. They made sure I felt like a member of the team as opposed to just on placement. They also went out of their way to understand my needs as someone with dyslexia which made the whole process easier. Every member of staff interacted with me to understand what I wanted to achieve and each person helped me to do this whether in the work place or personally. They went above and beyond to provide information for me outside of my internship as far as helping me with dissertation research. Nothing was to much hassle and truly made sure they pushed me above what I thought I could achieve whilst they always believe I could. I cannot thank the placement enough for helping me grow so much in only a matter of weeks.
  • I would like to nominate the Ministry of Defence for the King’s Internships Host Organisation of the year award. I would like to nominate them for several reasons, for which 250 words would not be enough, but one thing I would like to state is that, there were many individuals on the SDIP (Summer Diversity Internship Programme) at the MOD and we all had an overwhelmingly positive experience. Personally, I would like to nominate the MOD, as someone who comes from a non-professional background joining the government, is daunting. However, I was made to feel very comfortable from day one. I was never treated like an intern, instead I was made to understood how I could really grow and develop from my internship. At every moment, there was a maximum effort in my development, I was made to meet a range of individuals from various government departments, I was given great responsibility and truly made aware of how the civil service operates. Moreover, my hard work was rewarded, as I was selected to partake in a trip to Bulgaria on behalf of the MOD to carry out defence engagement overseas. Every single one of my team members, has been committed to diversifying government and have treated me like a true team member. Moreover, they have gone above and beyond, despite this being my last week, everyone has exchanged personal details with me and asked me to stay in touch and ask for help anytime. They are a perfect host organisation.
Social Mobility & Student Success Division, King's College London
  • I firmly believe that if anyone deserves to be called Host of the Year it is none other than the Student Engagement & Communications Team at the Student Success Department of King’s College London. It is a small team full of lovely, amazing people, and they have made my internship the experience of a life-time. From day one everyone has been incredibly helpful, and they all have been incredibly keen on answering all my questions and give guidance. I can’t express how grateful I am for all the things I’ve learnt from them and for the insight they have given me into their current and previous jobs – all of which have enabled me to have a clearer idea of the kind of career I’d like to have. I am also very much indebted to my line manager who has supported me on this journey, has given me invaluable advice for my future career, and thanks to them I feel I have grown both professionally and personally. I have been incredibly fortunate to have met these amazing people who not only have been the most support colleagues one can wish for, but also have become my dear friends.
  • A special thanks to the Social Mobility & Student Success division who recruited more than ten interns this year to help them achieve their aims. For a division that has only recently been brought together, they have gelled amazingly and as interns we all felt a part of the SMSS division. There is a nice vibe around the office within SMSS, with everybody respecting each other's input into enhancing student experience at King's. Staff check up on each other a lot, and create a fun environment that I looked forward coming into every single day. Working in this division was a privilege, and I hope future interns get the opportunity to blossom under SMSS!
Memento & The King's Entrepreneurship Institute, King's College London

I nominate both of my host organisations Memento and the Entrepreneurship Institute. These two companies really cared for my development and made sure that I was comfortable during my internship. As a person who has a disability, I find it very hard to express my difficulties to others. Fortunately, Michael from Memento and Jeremy from the institute were very understanding and reassuring, they assisted me to make sure my needs were met. Jeremy and Josh always wanted to make sure that I was finding my internship to my satisfaction. They went the extra mile to reassign me to a different start-up when I was uncomfortable with the location of the start-up I was originally assigned to. With such considerate people, I was able to grow as a person. I learnt and developed so much under the guidance of Michael, Olga and the Institute. Michael and Olga have helped me to learn the skills of being a great salesperson and they gave me a lot of beneficial advice. I’m very happy with my time at Memento and the institute. I hope to work with the institute again in the future and I will highly recommend any KCL student to apply for the Interns of Entrepreneurship programme.

Other Nominations
Tata Medical Center, Kolkata - Tata Social Internship Scheme

The Tata Medical Center was a fantastic host organization. Living in India can certainly be challenging for newcomers, and everyone from our boss to senior doctors at the hospital would go out of their way to ensure our comfort, including driving us around, inviting us for drinks and dinners with their family. The characteristic Indian hospital was evident and then some amongst the TMC host organization. Further, physicians would take the time to explain to us advanced medical procedures so that we would be able to both do our jobs and learn topics of our own interest. A special thanks is extended to Ms. Soumita Ghose, Dr. Vivek Radhakrishnan and Dr. Mohandas Mallath for their vested interest and friendship through the program. I hope we meet again!

Awards event 2018 pan

King's Internships Awards 2017

On Monday 2 October, the King's Internships Awards 2017 were held in the Great Hall at the Strand, to celebrate the incredible achievements of everyone who took part in one of our King's Internships programmes over 2016 - 2017.


More information from the King's Internships Awards 2017

The  King's Internships Programmes 2017 included the Accredited Internships Programme, King's Internships Part-time & Summer Schemes, Global Internships Programme - guests at the Awards were made up of students who had completed internships, their hosting organisations, and a range of key partners including Santander Universities who generously support our work with SMEs every year.

The Awards included the exciting live final of our King's Internships Reflections Competition and King's Intern of the Year Award - thank you to our fantastic judging panel:

  • Kate Daubney - Head of King's Careers & Employability
  • Mark Homans - Senior Relationship Director at Santander Universities
  • Hamilton Morrin - King's graduate & Runner up in the King's Internships Reflections Competition 2016


Click the video below for a short overview of all the incredible submissions and nominations received for our 2017 Awards, which included three key categories:

  • King's Internships Reflections Competition: Written Submissions
  • King's Internships Reflections Competition: Video Submissions
  • King's Intern of the Year 2017
The Winners!
  • King's Internships Reflections Competition: Written

Winner: Anamika Madhuraj (Global Internships Programme)


Runner Up: Ralitsa Chorbadzhiyska (King's Internships Summer Scheme)


Shortlisted: Olivia Carter (Global Internships Programme)

Shortlisted: Ashley Williams (Global Internships Programme)

  • King's Internships Reflections Competition: Video

Winner: Mirella Zlateva (King's Internships Summer Scheme)


Runner Up: Hannah Brown (Global Internships Programme)


  • King's Intern of the Year Award

Winner: Luke Stinson (King's Internships Summer Scheme)


Runner Up: Emma Heelas-Jorgensen (King's Internships Summer Scheme)


Shortlisted: George Spain-Warner (Global Internships Programme)

Shortlisted: Megan Acton (Accredited Internships Programme)

Click here to see more photos from the evening






To take an in-depth look at all the submissions and nominations received please click on the drop-down options below for each category.

If you are a 2017-18 intern seeking inspiration to enter into the King's Internships Competitions and Awards this year, then check out last year's entries below!


Calling all 2017 - 18 interns:


King's Internships Reflections Competition: Written Submissions
Winner: Anamika Madhuraj (Global Internships Programme)

As part of the Global Internships programme, I worked with the Colombian Government as a policy research intern at the secretariat of education in a municipality called Sabaneta. I was put on a project called ‘Sistema Local deEducación’ where my main task was to find education policies and strategies that could be implemented to improve schooling in Sabaneta. At first, I found it difficult to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions since I knew very little about the ground realities of Sabaneta. I suspected that non-complimentary interventions could mean a tectonic shift in the very identity of the place. So, it was important for me to find strategies that were context relevant. To move forward with my research, I needed to interact and get involved with individuals who truly know the system- the students and teachers.

Anamika - Colombia

Soon I started visiting the different schools around my office in hopes that I could conduct informal interviews. Since I was really worried about communication problems, before launching my interview, I set aside sufficient time to sit in these classes to gain first-hand experience of the teaching atmosphere. It was surprising to realise how responsive the students were when shown genuine interest and enthusiasm. They took the time to answer my various doubts and were also eager to learn about my university. They only knew some words in English and I spoke no Spanish. Yet, with patience and a little help from Google translate, we were able to share ideas and stories. I learnt a lot more about the challenges to education- from high dropout rates, lack of classrooms and apathetic teachers to increasing disparity between public and private schools.

During my research, I remember having a really great conversation with my supervisor, who was also the General Secretary of education, about the political climate of Colombia. We exchanged our views on the recent rebel negotiations and the future of Colombia. This discussion helped me see the objective and impact of my work more clearly. The spill over effects of an improved education system will be vital for the maintenance of peace and establishment of a stable government. From that day on, I worked a lot harder. Colombia is going through a silent yet powerful revolution and I wanted to contribute as much as I could!

Anamika - Colombia Flag

I could finally see my dedication come to fruition when the team approved my nearly 50 pages long policy recommendation paper. Creating and presenting this work was the biggest highlight of my internship. It was definitely challenging to explain my ideas to a team of people who were from various backgrounds, having different tastes and diverse opinions. However, this was about transcending such barriers and working together towards the united goal of improving education. Apart from being able to contribute to the much-needed research surrounding the promotion of education, I am very proud that I could learn to comfortably communicate across cultures.

Something I learnt along the way is that Colombia is not the violent, war-torn country that many popular shows like ‘Narcos’ make it out to be. Unfortunately, a substantial measure of our understanding and perception of a place is moulded by existing stereotypes and prejudices. I remember my friends and family expressing concern for my security when I told them the news of my internship. When usually talking about ‘Colombia,’ people conjure images of poverty, civil unrest and drug cartels.                             

However, as Marcel Proust once said, ‘the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new lands but in seeing with new eyes’. By undertaking this internship, I could see the real Colombia, one with vibrant towns, untouched wilderness and diverse people. As global citizens, we are all shaped by the same problems and promises. And now, more than ever, it is important for us to remain tolerant of various cultures. Knowing what I know now, I would have reassured my parents about my safety with more confidence. I would have also urged more of my friends to change their opinion and join me in Colombia. I also feel that my work would have been easier and I would have been more useful to my colleagues if I had taken the time to learn more Spanish before the internship.

Flamenco Dancers - Anamika

In a way, being abroad, I was made to think more deeply about my future than ever. As a politics major student, I have always considered a line of work that would involve public affairs and policy work. However, after actually completing an internship doing policy research, I realise that I do not necessarily want to directly jump into a career of formulating policies. When recommending policies, it is difficult to ignore the moral sphere and the normative decisions that one is tempted to make. During this research, I realised that I am still a novice who doesn’t quite know where to stand on certain issues. My youthful idealism blinds me from always seeing how the real world works. My moral vision is still unfinished, and perhaps always will be. Even so, I don’t think I can ever consider a career in policy making until I am certain of my own beliefs. My internship was incredible, and this experience has only strengthened my passion for politics. However, I now also realise that I need to move beyond the curriculum to better understand the deep and complex realities of the political world. This experience has certainly moved me to take ownership, become more informed and reflect deeply on issues. And hopefully, more experiences like this in the future will widen my understanding and grant more clarity to my future ambitions. 

Runner Up: Ralitsa Chorbadzhiyska (King's Internships Summer Scheme)

Ever since applying for university to study English literature I knew I wanted to go into publishing but I never knew which role will suit me best – an editor, an agent, a person in marketing or sales… So I decided the best way to find out was to learn from experience! I discovered Bahati Books had opened editorial and marketing interning positions through King’s Summer Internship Scheme and I applied for both.

I had first put my passion for editing into practice as a member of the prose editing team of the KCL Literary journal. But I also had some knowledge of marketing strategies from promoting my blog on social media and in person alike. Therefore, I thought developing my skills and gaining professional experience in either will help me know which role I prefer to do for my future career.

A while after the interview I was offered a position for Bahati Books as an intern with both editorial and marketing responsibilities. As much as I was happy, this was challenging news and I could not wait to start and prove to myself that I could do both at the same level of excellence.

Ralitsa - Bush House

One thing I achieved:

In the beginning of my internship I was given a valuable professional piece of advice by Kudakwashe Kamupira (one of the co-founders) which I then worked continuously to achieve. She told me that efficiency is key to success and I had to be aware of how long it takes me to complete a task, so I can schedule my day better, be more productive and improve my pace.

When I started, it used to take me above a week to edit a manuscript of up to 120 pages. But as I practiced timing myself and trying to gradually add to the tasks I was completing within a specific time frame, my speed increased. I can now happily say I can edit the same number of pages in just under 4 days! I find this skill of awareness when it comes to time management crucial at my stage of academic and professional development as I will be writing a dissertation this year.

One thing I achieved personally as a result of my internship with Bahati Books was to gain confidence and use it to deal with demanding situations and execute diverse tasks in the publishing sphere.

As I mentioned, the position of both an editorial and marketing intern was challenging at first. I had to learn not only how to edit to a high standard but also to subsequently promote the authors’ work on social media effectively. I was happy I could put my concise style of writing to a good use when it came to producing synopsises and press releases. I had to learn to create e-books and come up with marketing strategies for Bahati’s authors. More specifically, I worked on how the authors can utilise their presence on social media (mainly Instagram as a focus) and how the company can encourage them to do so. These were all new activities to me but I used my motivation to work Bahati Books and determination to do a great job to execute them successfully.

One thing I would change if I were to do it again:

If I could do my internship again, I would love for it to be longer. I now know how many valuable skills I gained for the 10 weeks I was with Bahati Books and I wish I could have a few more to continue learning. Also, I focused more on the publishing activities and if I were to do it again, I would ask more questions about entrepreneurship as Bahati Books is just as well experienced in that and I can learn more about starting my own publishing company in the future.

One thing the internship has changed about the way I see my future career:

Instead of narrowing down my choices to one role I would like to acquire in publishing, my internship with Bahati Books broadened them. If I were leaning towards editing, now I like marketing, communications and even design just as well! I believe that’s valuable because I gained a more realistic view of the industry and its intricacies, so I’m now set to do a Publishing Masters as a result of this work experience.

Moreover, because of the nature of the company – Bahati Books is a start-up found by two women – my internship changed the way I see the monopolist book market. I now know I will be able to start my own entrepreneurship publishing house one day and succeed based on my efforts and determination, despite the presence of established big names already.

Ralitsa - Macaroons and coffee

What I have taken from my experience and continue to learn:

As a proof for the success of my work efforts during my internship with Bahati Books, I was offered a job with the company to stay for an additional month. I would not have had this opportunity, especially so early in my degree, if it was not for the King’s Summer Internship Scheme in the first place. I am also happy that I developed my skills at the level that can now be called ‘professional’ and I will continue to improve. 

Another essential gain from my internship were the contacts – reviewers, authors and other publishers. I will now be able to establish professional relations with them and continue to build my publishing network in the future.

I was provided with the opportunity of writing a couple of articles, including one for the English Department blog, about my experience as an intern at Bahati Books. Therefore, I have been able to grow as a writer as well as a publisher and for me, this is incredible.

I have enjoyed and learnt from every day that I worked for Bahati Books and will continue to explore the field of publishing, expanding my knowledge and skills to find the best role for my future career. 

Shortlisted: Olivia Carter (Global Internships Programme)

When I got off the plane at Cape Town, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I would be working at a refugee centre for the next two months- the how, what, and where were all shaky details that I hadn’t fully comprehended. Eight weeks later, and my time in South Africa has surpassed any expectations I might have had, and I feel like I’ve developed both professional and soft skills that will stay with me for a lifetime. It’s impossible to verbalise all that I have learnt abroad in a few short paragraphs, but I’ll try my best!

Briefly, during my day-to-day working life, I was responsible for seeing new refugees and asylum seekers who came in. For those new to the centre, I had to establish their reason for asylum and decide whether I deemed them vulnerable enough to warrant assistance from the centre. For return clients, I would assess their current circumstances, and see whether I could help with whatever they came in to the centre for. There is no denying this was a challenge- to listen to these people’s stories and what they had been through is nothing short of harrowing. Further complications arose when the centre ran out of funding one month in to my internship, so we had to turn away nearly anyone who came in to the centre- largely irrespective of their circumstance. It would have been so easy to get upset when people are crying in front of you, and saying how they had been abused and their children taken, but I am proud that I could emotionally detach enough to think of solutions to some of the problems people faced. When we ran out of money, I decided to research other organisations, food banks, and shelters people could turn to, and personally helped at a few soup kitchens myself. In addition, I noticed that many of the refugees I saw were well-educated and had degrees, and so I created a CV template and walkthrough guide that I hope will be of use and aid some of the clients on their job search in the future.

Olivia Carter - Cape Town

This was only one facet of my role at Cape Town Refugee Centre. With the limited budgets, I wanted to think of more sustainable ways to encourage donations and sponsorship. I am proud that I (and one other intern) organised two separate events for World Refugee Day and Mandela Day. This was a challenge as we had no funds, so I appealed to local and national outlets for donations and sponsorship and through a lot of outreach we could get free t-shirts, decorations, musicians, nail technicians, and corporate donations to our events. Another intern on the programme was working at a local radio station, who we invited along to World Refugee Day. Through this, and the promise that I would write blog posts and recognise their contribution on social media, we were able to convince a lot of the donors for their time or money. For me, this was a valuable exercise in networking and problem solving which will stand me in good stead for later life.

Professionally, I feel like I have learnt to look at security issues more holistically and from different referent points. It is easy from a UK-perspective to slip in to a Western viewpoint of security and defence issues, which are mainly international. It was fascinating to talk to people about experiences and life in their own countries- particularly those from the DRC- and understand how for many people, civil war and domestic strife characterises their perception of insecurity. In the future, I will be more able to compare and contrast different issues based on these insights. In terms of careers, my time interning has showed me that I am a lot more motivated doing, and prefer, project-based work rather than doing the same tasks every day- now, I am searching for graduate schemes and future career paths that offer variety and fluidity.

There were, however, some things I would change about my time at the centre. I led a series of workshops for refugee children on topics such as leadership, communication, and xenophobia. Unfortunately, we started running these towards the end of our internship. We had developed a great rapport with the children and felt there was more we could teach them had we had the time and as we learned more about the challenges they faced as young refugees.

My time in South Africa became was so much more than just my internship, and going through the process with other King’s students meant I was surrounded by people who were also keen to delve into South African culture and challenge ourselves- whether this be going to a lecture at the University of Cape Town or hiking Table Mountain. By discussing what it was like at each other’s organisations, we were also able to learn more about what the political, economic, and social situation was like in South Africa- a country I knew very little about before. Some of us even took our sight-seeing to the max by going to Zambia and Zimbabwe to visit Victoria Falls, a truly unforgettable experience.

Overall, I am so pleased that I decided to intern abroad. Whilst I might have learned a lot in a UK-based organization, immersing myself in a culture so far removed from that in the UK enriched my development through teaching me to be empathetic, work with highly vulnerable people, take initiative when others wouldn’t, and act like a leader when needed. 

Olivia Carter - Cape Town 2

Shortlisted: Ashley Williams (Global Internships Programme)

In my role as a heritage officer I travelled quite a lot visiting different heritage sites in order to fulfil one of my tasks which was producing site visit reports. To do so, I had to acquaint myself with the histories of the places and the legal statute governing the organisation. Subsequently, I learned the research process of declaring a heritage site which was very interesting from a visitor’s perspective and I gained access to areas that I would not otherwise have, as a tourist. Further, this was academically beneficial as my course is research based. Furthermore, I had to acquaint myself with Cape Town’s City By-Laws and having some background in law (I studied for a year before switching to my current course), came in handy in reading, interpreting and applying statutes. Therefore, I read and learned a lot about South Africa. Moreover, in my policy project I discovered that the principles of effective policy formulation are the same as I learned in my course; which is evidence based and stakeholder engagement. Therefore, I was able find important threads linking my course and internship.

I was fortunate indeed to have a supervisor who not only set me measurable out-come based tasks, but was incredibly generous with his knowledge and allowing me the space to learn on my own by trusting me with a fair amount of responsibilities. This being my first major internship experience, and in order to track my professional development, I committed to reflecting upon three areas including adapting to a new work environment; interpersonal communication and awareness of the organisation’s workings through observations. I kept a diary and made an effort to write every weekend which I found very helpful both personally and professionally. 

Having said that, a major observation I made –of which could be helpful to those considering an internship abroad- is the importance of attitude! The attitude with which one approaches their global internship experience is fundamental because this will have a major impact on the overall experience. I think it is vital to be cognisant that different societies have different approaches to things, therefore a visitor must be prepared to be reasonably flexible as it not only demonstrates courtesy but such is an excellent space within which to learn about one's strengths and weaknesses.

Giulia Monteleone (Global Internships Programme)

Creating alternative media: my time at Bush Radio, a pioneer in community media activism in South Africa

This short essay is a reflective piece of writing on my two-month internship experience in South Africa which took place over the course of the summer as part of King’s College London’s flagship Global Internship Programme.     

I must admit my time in Cape Town was truly mind-opening - thanks to my job there I was able to discover and learn tremendously about South African politics and socio-economic conditions, as well as about the challenges facing this still young democracy which arise from the still vivid memory of the apartheid era.

Giulia - Cape Town 3

I became aware of the reality of townships, South African underdeveloped & segregated areas under apartheid – which are part of an urban geography which still to nowadays is reflective of the sharp social inequalities affecting the country.

When I first applied to the Global Internship Programme in early 2017, I was looking to gain some work experience in the policy and advocacy sector over the months following my completion of my undergraduate studies in International Relations.

Connect 123 - King’s local partner organisation in South Africa - selected me for an internship in journalism at Bush Radio, the oldest community radio station in whole African continent. Although initially it didn't represent exactly the kind of placement I had in mind, I soon became fascinated with Bush Radio as an organisation as I was researching more and more about it. This was the case also because over the course my studies at King’s I researched on social movement theory and horizontalism, hence I am intrigued by manifestations of politics from below, such as the grassroots activism and community media advanced by Bush Radio. 

Giulia - Cape Town 4

Shortly after my arrival in South Africa, I realised how my little understanding I had of the history of the country, which was only a simplified version of the reality on the ground. Bush Radio played a pivotal role in my process of observing and studying socio-economic relations in modern South Africa.

Over the two months I spent in Cape Town, I co-hosted - alongside my supervisor, Jasnine Roberts - Bush Radio’s flagship show “Sakhsizwe: Building the Nation, Bou Die Nasie”, which airs from 12:00pm until 2:00pm every day from Monday to Friday. I was involved in the programming and content editing of the show, as well as setting up interviews, welcoming and interviewing guests. In addition to this, I was also in charge of ensuring social media engagement during the show, blogging and responding to queries from the audience.

Alongside community engagement which was a crucial aspect of my job, I was also required to identify issues that needed to be addressed in a public forum. This was only possible by engaging with as many individuals from the community as possible. Hence, by speaking or just even listening to locals I was able to improve so much over such a limited period of time. By going to public lectures, taking public transports, attending book launches or visiting some of the major townships in Cape Town, I developed a greater cultural awareness of the country and a better understanding of the place where it finds itself nowadays. Over time, hence, thanks to this background I was more at ease when carrying out interviews and speaking about controversial and sensitive issues affecting the country.

Giulia - Paragilding

For instance, outside broadcasting opportunities proved to be one of the most educational experiences, and the ones I am most proud of. I can still remember the multiple sensations I felt the day I went covering an event organised by the Cape Town Refugee Centre in the district of Wynberg. The event hosted jointly by the Refugee Centre and the local NGO Sonke Together took place on June 20th – World Refugee Day – and it was aimed to celebrate the elderly – the most vulnerable individuals in zones of armed conflict.

Throughout the day-long event – which involved lunch, live music and entertainment as well as free manicures for the ladies – I interviewed over 15 refugees who were willing to share their stories of sorrow and hope with me. Those interviews were recorded and after editing, they were played on air the same day. I was shocked to learn about the xenophobic attacks that most of the interviewees had been victims of in several townships: their stories told of attempts at setting them on fire, rape and daily threats. The majority of refugees who attended the event were from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Malawi.

These encounters prompted me to research further on identity politics in modern South Africa as well as to learn more about the 2008 xenophobic attacks that took place across the country.  This led me to reflect upon issues of rejection of a pan-African sentiment in South Africa as well as the relationships between South Africa and other African countries.

Looking back at my experience, although I am glad I got to spend much time in studio mastering the use of the equipment and acquiring broadcasting and editing skills – I wish I had spent more time in the communities covering stories and interviewing people in the street.

Also I would have brought with me my digital camera had I known of the scarcity of equipment, in fact, we lacked the technology to turn the recorded material into a digital version and this was a shame because this prevented us from using the material on our website and social media accounts.

My experience at Bush Radio made me realise some of the limits affecting horizontal organizations of the ground, and, at the same time, it has made me consider seriously a career in journalism. 

Giulia - Top of Table Mountain

Maria Spano (Global Internships Programme)

Finally, going towards the other part of the world! Expectations? None or too many, I don’t know.

I was confused on what to expect but curious of the new country, despite all the negative things I heard of it. I intend to: 1. experience how a country with recent history of internal divisions manages to unify its population, 2. to become more professional and 3. to understand which career path to undertake.  Will I be at height of their and my expectations? Too many questions overwhelming my mind during my flight, in which I have also been told of the Manchester terror attack.

My confused and tired state of mind, swimming between the Lion King and some Nelson Mandela movies, can be compared to the one I had when I went Shark Cage Diving. I didn’t know whether I was frightened or excited of being in a very small boat in the middle of the sea on which a shark could have easily jumped on. The actual decision of going on that trip has been too fast for me to realise I was really on a speeding boat in front of a beautiful red sunrise asking myself why did ever decide to do it in the first place. A bird was flying next to us all the time, as KCL and 123 Connect checking on us. Patience, that is the answer, all questions will be soon resolved.

Maria - Cape Town 2


My first week in Cape Town has passed.

As I met with the Head I got not one placement but two: working for the Legal and Advocacy departments. What an honour. The first week was real hard. I had three days to write a concept note on an intervention in Hanover Park linked to Gang Violence. I knew nothing about anything, not even what a concept note was. I had no internet at home or outside the office and, punctual, a very big thunderstorm, after a year of drought, decided to stop and fill with wind and water the entire city.  This allowed me two days. I thought: new task, good spirit, focus, use your mind and past knowledge, research and finalize. Done. All went perfectly well, my boss was amazed and impressed… I was proud.

The city was strange for me. Townships and skyscrapers, the level of insecurity which prevented me from taking cabs and trains, the cold city and the warmth of the people. The Draught and the fires. The green of the vegetation. The redness of the sunsets. Both vegan and junk food everywhere. This strong dichotomy made me curious in the discovery of this new culture.

The picture of the safari with the cheetah appearing symbolizes the unpredictedness of the tasks assigned and the hikes the first sloping up part when you start working .

Maria - Cape Town


Hours. Days, weeks… Highs and lows…  Little by little you get used to what surrounds you. The mountains sloping down in the ocean, the long white sea sides, the little streets full of art galleries, the touristy stands squares of the centre, African melodies, the protests. The participation in marches for human rights, the consultancy with people crying desperately asking for your help and calling you an angel, the interventions in places in the middle of nowhere where people say thank you to you meaning it from the depth of their hearts, speaking with the co-workers with pastry and tea in the hands about recent facts and the independence proved in your tasks. Also, you get used to the vibe of Cape Town: people enjoying life and time with a mindset of “I live then I work”. You really start understating how your job is having a positive impact on the life of people and how much that country needs to improve under some sectors. But also goodbyes, sicknesses and news of attacks in the streets of your house back home…always highs and lows, always.

Maria Zip

The picture chosen is one taken from ziplining, since when you are on the zip you go so fast that the ends approaches far too quickly, and my experience in the Cango Caves, symbolising me in the discovery of the work I am doing deeper and deeper as the time passes.

Maria Convention

These pictures represent the Hanover Park intervention I totally planned from beginning to end, carrying it out even though that area was named “RED ZONE” on that day and establishing new partnerships. However, what I am most proud of is the participation in the Mandela’s March on my own initiative, which symbolises my interest for such matters born with this job and integrated In myself, for the rest of my life.

Maria - Cape Town 3


I would have never thought that this experience would have been this useful for my personal growth, for the understanding of myself and how I would picture my future career, for my integrity, confidence, professionalism and many other soft and hard skills useful in the future. I found myself surrounded by people who came here to SA to do good and improve themselves with who I overpassed difficulties, as the team pictures show.

Maria - Cape Town 5

The backlash? Leaving so soon… you become part of something that you must leave already.

For me this country and this job were a hike aimed at the clouds, where the point of the mountain is totally invisible.

But when I got there, the only thing I could see was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life.

A sun setting on a me becoming real citizen of the world.

Maria - South Africa

Grace Pinault (Global Internships Programme)

My name is Grace Pinault, and I was a selected to intern with Dentons Munoz in Costa Rica this summer for two months. I was able to execute my work outputs, travel throughout the country, secure the founding partner’s reference, and secure an additional two-week internship with the Dentons office in London. I view my internship in Costa Rica (and subsequent London internship) as an overwhelmingly positive experience. My reflection discusses the strategies that I employed to improve my work experience; it is my sincere hope that other interns working abroad consider these strategies so that they may grow professionally and personally during a global internship.


Leveraging a Network

I was extremely friendly in the office and picked up work in the intellectual property department (which is my preferred field). I had built up enough rapport that I was able to invite myself onto a conference call with the IP department with the London Dentons Office. Before I left Costa Rica, I made sure to set up a coffee meeting with this contact in London. During that meeting, I received an offer for a two-week internship. During that two-week internship in the London office, I went around and made coffee (from beans I brought back from Costa Rica) for the department. Everyone was very eager to try and it was a brilliant opportunity for me to get to know my colleagues better. All of my networking turned into an offer of employment to work as a paralegal with Dentons.


Taking Advantage of Travelling

If I could re-do my summer, I would not have scheduled my new job to start so closely after my internship. After my time in Dentons Munoz, I had a research fellowship scheduled to start in King’s College London and an impromptu internship with Dentons in London. I wish I had blocked out the rest of the summer to travel throughout Central and South America. After I learned about public transport in Costa Rica, I realised that transnational travel by bus was incredibly affordable. It typically cost between $5-10 US per journey to travel from one side of Costa Rica to the other. I found plenty of bus companies that advertised bus journeys to other countries for under $10 US. I found the buses in Costa Rica to be on par with National Express in the UK and significantly better than most public transportation in the United States. If I had more time after my internship, I could have left my luggage with a colleague and travelled across the continent on these buses.

Dentons Munoz was spectacularly generous with granting me time off. I was able to travel around the country every single weekend whilst working at Dentons Munoz. They were even kind enough to grant me three days off work to extend a bank holiday weekend into a six-day trip. The bank holiday celebrates Costa Rica's annexation of the Guanacaste province, and because I was afforded enough time off, I had enough time to travel to the Guanacaste province for the festivities. At the epicenter of the festivities, we saw a variety of folk traditions and village festivals. At one point into the evening we climbed into a makeshift rodeo and enjoyed the bull riding. It was because of Dentons Munoz’s generosity that I was able to visit throughout the country. I know that that trip would not have been possible were it not for their generosity and accommodation.


Career Development

Having lived in Costa Rica for almost three months, I do feel like I can confidently work with legal Spanish in the future. My Spanish language skills improved dramatically during the summer and I  was able to handle complex legal documents in Spanish with relative ease and assurance. Going forward I will not shy away from legal opportunities requiring Spanish language skills.

My internship with Dentons Munoz was a huge development to my future career. Dentons is the largest law firm in the world, and I now have experience working in huge corporate law firm. My short internship in their London office was a spectacular addition to my resume. I started the London segment of my internship with a desire to work as a paralegal after. It wasn’t until after I was exposed to actual paralegals that I realised I did not want the position. While I did not take up the offer to work as a paralegal during my final year of LLB, it did signal to me that I was a good cultural fit for London’s legal firms.


King's Internships Reflections Competition: Video Submissions King's Intern of the Year 2017 Nominations:
Winner: Luke Stinson (King's Internships Summer Scheme)

Luke is exceptionally talented, easily connects with people and thinks laterally about challenges. He has gained the admiration of all at KCL. He’s proactive, adding value at all opportunities. He was essential in galvanising support from industry leaders, charities and patients to win the Tech4Good Award, with 20000 votes and coverage in the Guardian. He built a marketing strategy, taking Twitter followship from 60 to 2000. He created a partnership with World Child Cancer to address cancer in developing countries and has spoken and educated at high-profile NHS conferences. He is an enabler of people, a motivator and a driver for innovation.

Runner Up: Emma Heelas-Jorgensen (King's Internships Summer Scheme)

From Emma Heelas-Jorgensen first day with us, she provided the support and ingenuity I would expect from a seasoned marketer not form someone new to the field/industry. Emma excelled throughout, embracing every task we set. She has a gift for social media and I have no idea how I am going to continue to provide the wealth and quality of content without her. I genuinely believe that Emma’s achievements during her time with We Are Waterloo were limited by the work we undertake, not her ability. I know she will be successful in whatever she chooses to do and I would be happy to offer her a role tomorrow if one were available.

Shortlisted: George Spain-Warner (Global Internships Programme)

George Spain-Warner from Shanghai. From very early on, we received very positive feedback from George’s supervisor, particularly on his attitude and quick transition into the team. Within the month he had already been offered a job and encouraged to stay in Shanghai to work with his host company (and is still in Shanghai now). During his time on the program, he also attended many of the cultural and social events arranged by ImmerQi, and really embraced China and all its challenges it throws at you. In terms meeting some of the key objectives of the program i.e. employability and an amazing experience; George ticks these boxes.

Shortlisted: Megan Acton (Accredited Internships Programme)

Megan Acton, joined PHE Older Aults team as an intern in Nov. 2017 , spending approximately a day/ week with us for 5 months. During this time Megan displayed a high level of knowledge, passion for the subject matter, professionalism, integrity and a can do attitude when ever asked to support or lead on a piece of work for our team. Her quality of work, contributions and Pace of delivering on objectives was remarkable for a young intern coming into a new healthcare system at National Government level. I am nominating Megan as Intern of the year as she made outstanding contributions to the work of our team and she deserves this accolade. 

Anita Baratti (Global Internships Programme)

Gave so much of herself in everything. Really cared about students she was tutoring. Regularly volunteered at Mandela Day event and weekly Soup Kitchen.

Rupinda Gill & Olivia Carter (Global Internships Programme)

With their great attitudes turned their experience around, took initiative to do projects such as social media campaigns, fundraising, and planning events. Took initiative to do online policy course with the UNHCR in their spare time They also attended many events, volunteered at the soup kitchen.

Mark Ng (King's Internships Summer Scheme)

Jumped into a tech start-up environment with total commitment and completed 3 research projects to develop our data for AI analysis.

Beatrice Mustocea (King's Internships Part Time Scheme)

Beatrice has continually supported HISKIND's growth and development even following the end of her official internship. She used her initiative, creativity and passion to help drive HISKIND forward and navigated testing times with ease and maturity. Beatrice has a level of likability that has allowed her to build solid relationships with fellow team members and key clients. I was even given incredible feedback from Absolut's Brand Manager following an event Beatrice attended on behalf of the company. I will look to employ Beatrice full time at the end of her final year in study.

Olga Kravchenko (King's Internships Summer Scheme)

I would like to nominate Olga Kravchenko for the Intern of the Year Award. During her internship, she demonstrated outstanding initiative, eagerness to learn and professionalism. Together, we explored the opportunity using virtual reality as a new medium of reliving significant events, such as weddings. During her internship, Olga helped me to build the new business idea from scratch, along with the business strategy and finances, and helped prepare for an outstanding investment pitch which has generated interest from investors. From her hard work, I have made Olga a co-founder of our new tech startup, Memento Media Ltd (

Edward Pyrgos (King's Internships Part Time Scheme)

Edward (Ted) has been with us since January and had a really impact on the company. He has taken ownership for customer care within our customer experience team. He has stepped into a senior role within the team and demonstrated a really willingness to solve problems and improve our process. Edward has developed strong interpersonal skills through his time with us and has a real calmness with customers. Edward is currently working on a project to define our current process and propose how we should improve it going forward. He has also held a lunch and learn session where he covered all his experience so far.

Fernando Egoavil (King's Internships Part Time Scheme)

Fernando joined as a data analyst and this was a new role and he has performed very well. Fernando has allowed us to better understand our data as company and have shown his ability to learn new skills (SQL) and to understand complex issues and problems. Fernando has worked with most people in the company and shown his willingness to help out where required. Fernando also delivered a lunch and learn session which was very insightful.

Mirella Zlateva (King's Internships Summer Scheme)

I would just like to say I nominated Mirella mainly due to her attitude. She’s an amazing thinker and problem solver and never says no to a challenge. I’ve worked with many people in lots of industries before and what separates the good from the great are the ones who see a challenge and ask how rather than giving up or saying it can’t be done. Also just generally she’s been massively instrumental in our recent growth and has taken on a lot of responsibility with nothing but enthusiasm.

Amy Rose Burley (King's Internships Summer Scheme)

When I interviewed Amy Burley for a summer intern position at Medic, her professionalism and passion immediately stood out to me. She came to the interview prepared with bright ideas, and was brave enough to claim she could make a difference. Amy exceeded all expectations, and has brought monumental value to the company. She learns quickly and works sedulously. Thanks to her efforts and campaigns, our social media outreach grew drastically, we secured 100+ beta testers overnight, and are pursuing partnerships with organisations such as NatWest & the BMJ. Amy is now with Medic full time as our Brand & Partnerships Manager.

Ilona Mincheva (King's Internships Summer Scheme)

Ilona has provided a fantastic impetus to the regular team who all enjoyed working with her. A new set of eyes on our projects which are being launched to market after 18 months of development has been invaluable. She has created a full social media campaign from start to finish and the ads she has created are currently on face book Instagram, Youtube, and soon to be on TV and in the London Underground. This is a testament to the fact that the Kings internship programme helped us recruit a highly intelligent, motivated individual who was very keen to learn and seize the opportunity given to her with both hands.

  • Older news...

King's Internships Awards & Reflections Competition 2016

On Thursday 6 October 2016, the first ever King's Internships Awards were held to celebrate the experiences and achievements of all the interns who participated in Careers & Employability's 3 flagship internship programmes: the  Accredited Internship Programme, the  King's Internships programme and the  Global Internships Programme.


The event culminated in the Final of the King's Internships Reflections Competition, with 3 interns awarded first, second and third prize for their submissions. Thank you to our panel of expert judges:

  • Andrew Wright, Head of Employer Engagement, King's Careers & Employability; King's College London
  • Tom Atterson, Head of Study Abroad, King's College London
  • Richard Smith, University Relationship Branch Manager for City University, Santander. 

Well done and thank you to everyone who submitted either a written or recorded submission:

 Nancy A Ramirez  Accredited Internship Programme
 James Moss  Accredited Internship Programme
 Yaxuan Wang   Accredited Internship Programme
 Katrina Simpson  Global Internships Programme
 Samantha Lewis  Global Internships Programme
 Eamonn Ives  King's (Santander) Internships 
 Kirsty Benham  King's (Santander) Internships 
 David Tandio  King's (Santander) Internships 
 Eva Nelson   King's Internships
 Crystal Burrell   King's Internships
 Stephanie Kennedy  King's (Santander) Internships 
 Hamilton Morrin  King's (Santander) Internships 
 Caroline Mayberry   King's Internships
 Lloyd Ross   King's Internships
 Karina Voykova   King's Internships
 Mitchell Brown   King's Internships


  • Nancy A Ramirez
  • James Moss
  • Eamonn Ives
  • Hamilton Morrin
  • Lloyd Ross
  • Mitchell Brown

Congratulations to our winners:

 First Place

Eamonn Ives | Final year BA International Politics

Education Policy Internship, The AHOY Centre

Awarded by Andrew Wright, Head of Employer Engagement, King's College London

Blank space IMG_0228

Some extracts from Eamonn's written submission:

"I am particularly proud of my new found confidence because of how it feeds into every element of my life, both professional and personal, and especially when looking towards the future. . Indeed, even whilst at the AHOY Centre, it paid dividends in other areas of my remit, most visibly when I delivered a presentation to some thirty plus teenagers at a local school. The thought of public speaking, once the thing of my worst nightmares, now doesn’t faze me at all."

"My internship was based at a charity; a sector I had previously given little as to no thought about entering – until I finished my allotted eight weeks there, that is ... More so than just the relaxed working atmosphere, it was a privilege knowing that the work which I was doing was accomplishing so much more than bumping up the CEO’s profit margins. Each day I would see, chat to, and form friendships with precisely the people who the charity helps. This was particularly rewarding given how disadvantaged many of the people with whom the AHOY is involved with." 

Second Place

Hamilton Morrin | Graduate of MSci Medicine

Customer & Public Engagement Internship, Patient Source

Awarded by Richard Smith, Santander

Blank space Hamilton - second place 3

Hamilton's video submission: 


Third Place    

Mitchell Brown | Second year BEng Biomedical Engineering

Web Internship, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London

Awarded by Tom Atterson, Head of Study Abroad, King's College London

 Mitchell - third place tilted

Mitchell's video submission:


  • Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who attended. Here's to the King's Internships Awards 2017!



King’s Santander Internship and Work Placement Programme 2015 - 16

Following the success of the King’s Santander Internship programme 2014 – 15, Santander Universities UK has generously donated more funding for the year 2015 – 16 to help a higher number of students and recent graduates from King’s find good quality, paid work experience within SMEs. If you are an SME and would like more information on how you can access funding to support you host an internship or work placement for a student or graduate from King’s, please get in touch.

“The Santander Universities SME Internship Programme has enabled us to grow the business, with exceptional graduates, quicker than previously before, whilst allowing us to keep our overheads low. The process is quick and easy – critical for busy founders and we received several high quality applicants. Overall, it’s been a great experience and one we would certainly recommend to any SME in the UK.” Mark Chaffey, Hackajob

King’s Internships Summer Scheme 2015

The King’s Internships Summer Scheme was a brand new and exciting initiative for 2015, to increase the number of paid, exclusive internships available to students from King’s College London over the summer vacation. Following the employer launch event in April and the King's Internships Roadshow which took place for a week across campus, a total of 50 students and graduates from King’s College London found 2 – 3 month summer internships with local SMEs and university departments.

The KISS will be repeated in 2016, with employers being invited to submit project proposals in March/April for internships commencing between June and August. Santander funding will be available for SMEs. Internships will start being advertised on the King’s Internships portal from April 2016.

"I had a great experience at Stadn, one surely to be missed. Not only did I learn how to deal with project management, sales and recruitment, but I managed to apply what I had learned in my degree, biomedical engineering, in my side project, thus assisting with the final stages of product development for the hand splint and writing a scientific article about it." Laura Hanu, Summer Intern, Stadn/Talk to a Doctor 

 “Having Silvie at Fantasy High Street was incredibly helpful to the organisation. [Her] strong academic background ensured that we were able to provide her with a detailed and varied internship role … [S]he was also able to specifically support a creative research project that we delivered in partnership with King’s College London … which involved data analysis that was critical to the effective evaluation of the project.” Lydia Fraser-Ward, Fantasy High Street

“… the internship was a great opportunity to learn from someone who had successfully bootstrapped their business … the office space was also filled with freelancers and entrepreneurs from many industries, all of whom had interesting stories to tell. I learned about copywriting for small businesses, using design tools and some HTML … I discovered all sorts of free tools and applications that I previously had no idea about.” Max Menuhin, Creative Content Intern, Ticket Tailor

Click here to read case studies from the King's Internships Summer Scheme 2015.

King’s Santander Internship Programme 2014 – 15

Through the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme, 49 students and graduates from King’s were matched with local SMEs between August 2014 and August 2015; 36 of these as part of the King’s Internships Summer Scheme. As part of the year-long programme, all participating SMEs received a contribution of £1,500 from Santander to help support the interns’ salaries, with many offering their intern/s extended employment at the end of their placement.  Click here to see some case studies from SMEs and interns involved.

“[We have] benefitted enormously by using King’s Santander Internships as it gave us access to some of the brightest and most determined students in the country. We were able to harness our intern’s potential and turn her into a key employee at the end of the 3 month internship. Would we use the programme again? Absolutely.” Henry Arculus, The Ice Cream Union

"The experience exceeded our expectations.  For an SME like us, the financial support for the Intern Programme was extremely welcome, especially as it would be against our principles to take on an unpaid intern.  With the help of KCL’s excellent careers service, the process of hiring a summer intern was very simple and efficient.  It was also completed very quickly. Santander and KCL have certainly put together a programme in which we would be very happy to participate again."  Aidan Relf, Association of Employment and Learning Providers 

"I got exposed to the dynamics of working in a SME, something that I think is really important ... I got to deal with real clients and was given quite a bit of responsibility. Working in an SME also allows you to have a closer relationship to your directors/bosses. I learned a huge amount of things having to do with running a business as well as a lot of new technical skills/tools. I learned a lot about team working as well. This is an experience all undergrads should go though if given a chance." Kristian Kyvik, Software Developer Intern, TOAD London

“Working for an SME has been life-changing; I never expected to be this involved in any job straight out of university. I’m glad that the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme makes it affordable for SME’s to invest in talent.” Yolande Zuijdgeest, SOHOST London

King’s Internships Roadshow 2015

The first ever King’s Internships Roadshow took place in May this year. The King’s Careers and Employability team set up stalls at 3 of King’s campuses (Strand, Waterloo and Guy’s) every day across a full week, raising the profile of King’s Internships among students and emphasising the importance of work experience.

A number of interesting employers joined too, enabling students to meet them in person, network, ask questions about the application process and discover the range of opportunities on offer.

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