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King’s Experience

King’s Experience gives you formal recognition for activities that you do alongside your degree. You’ll complete tasks designed to help you understand your strengths and apply your learning to put your career plans into action. This means that everything you do while at King’s counts. You can complete an Experience Award in three streams.


“Service” describes King’s commitment to serving society beyond the traditional roles of education and research. At King’s, serving society is more than something we do, it is instilled in our mindset. In this award stream, you will focus on how to bring positive impact to the King’s community by sharing your vision to inspire others. 

Within the Service Stream, the Global Award focuses on your global engagement, in particular how you negotiate the different layers of cultural, political and economic issues to understand the role you play in the world today. As it is experiential, you earn it through reflecting on activities that you have taken part in.

The King’s Experience London Award encourages you to think about life in London through different points of view by engaging with the city and its diverse communities.  As it is experiential, you earn it through reflecting on activities that you have taken part in.

King’s Experience: Sanctuary encourages you to engage with communities through volunteering. As it is experiential, you earn it through reflecting on activities that you have taken part in. 

King’s Cultural Experience Award is a ten week co-curricular course that allows you to explore and map your cultural London in a fun, sociable and supported way. 


Leadership offers a range of opportunities for you to investigate what it means to be a leader in the 21st century. In this stream, you will focus on a range of aspects from qualities and behaviours to career management skills. 

The Principal’s Global Leadership Award (PGLA) enables you to learn about leadership from experts in the field and to develop distinctive leadership skills in service to society. Participation on the Award involves attending workshops and a residential week-end, participating in group discussions and completing a reflective assessment.

The King’s Enterprise Award aims to develop, enhance and recognise student enterprise activity. The award is for activities undertaken outside your formal learning and is open to all current undergraduate and postgraduate students from any faculty. The Award also enables you to evidence your enterprise activities undertaken outside the formal curriculum.

This module focuses on Career Management and how you see yourself professionally, the way the context you are part of shapes and impacts on your choices and how you may plan for the future.


From designing a research question to disseminating your research, in this stream you’ll explore how you can make sure your research is valid and reliable, fit for the academic community.

King’s Undergraduate Research Fellowships give undergraduate students the unique opportunity to learn alongside our leading academics during the summer. Successful completion of the Research Award will feature on students’ Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR). 

If you are doing research outside of your degree programme and seek a way to get your research formally recognised, this path of the King's Experience Research Award is the opportunity you are looking for. You can apply whilst you’re conducting research, or retrospectively. Successful completion of the Research Award will feature on students’ Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR).


Student Opportunity Fund 

The Student Opportunity Fund supports King’s students in undertaking projects or attending conferences and events related to their areas of interest and future aspirations. The fund welcomes applications for opportunities that will develop students' knowledge, attributes, skills and experiences which will contribute to their academic and career goals.  Find out more information for the Student Opportunity Fund through our KEATS pages. 

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