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Career Options

Whether you're just starting to explore your options and discover what you want to do, you have a few ideas already and are starting to focus on some options, or you have a clear idea as to what you want to do and are ready to take action, we're here to help.


"I'm just starting to explore careers and what I have to offer."

Many students at King’s, across all levels of study and in all subjects, would describe themselves as being in this phase. You are likely to be uncertain about who or what you might become after King's and you may not be aware of what you have to offer. This phase is all about figuring this stuff out.

Take a look at our fantastic online resources and come along to some events to get yourself started. If you still need some guidance, why not come and see us?

'Discover' resources on KEATS

"I have a few ideas of careers that interest me and beginning to understand how to get there."

This is where you start to narrow down your career options and dig a little deeper, getting to know what a career choice really means and how it suits you. You've got some ideas about what you want to do or be and you're beginning to understand what knowledge, attributes, skills and experiences you have to offer.

Why not come along to some of our "Discover Careers in..." panel events to hear from professionals what it's really like to do their job. You might also benefit from gaining some real-life experience. Why not look into internships and the King's Experience Awards?

'Focus' resources on KEATS

"I have a clear idea of careers that interest me and know how to achieve my next step."

This is the phase of your career journey when you are ready to take action. This doesn't mean you have a career plan for the rest of your life but you have a plan for your next step after King's.

It's time to get your job applications together so why not come along to a workshop, Application Advice appointment or even a practice interview?

'Action' resources on KEATS