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Dr Barbara Daveson

Cicely Saunders International Lecturer in Health Services Research in Palliative Care

Phone: 0207 848 5565
Fax: 0207 848 5517
Researcher ID:


Palliative care; end of life care; bereavement; grief; outcome measurement; scale development; POS; care coordination; patient and carer rights; access to services; the relationship between music and medicine; time (i.e., temporal phenomena); service-user (patient and public) inclusion and engagement.


With Professor Irene Higginson, Dr Barbara Daveson is the Principal Investigator on the International Access, Rights and Empowerment (IARE) study that forms part of BuildCARE. The IARE study involves research in Ireland, the US and the UK and aims to generate information regarding access to improve the rights of palliative care patients and their families. Barbara also coordinates project BuildCARE with Irene, and she supervises three of the BuildCARE PhD candidates.

Barbara’s first degree was in music therapy (University of Queensland, Australia). This was followed by health service management studies (University of Manchester), and a PhD from University of Melbourne (Australia) that resulted in theory from grounded theory research. Barbara has worked clinically as a music therapist in acute care, oncology, palliative care (in hospice, specialist inpatient, day hospice and home-based environments) and neuro-rehabilitation in Australia and the UK. Barbara has also led a therapy department for people with complex neuro-disability and neuro-degenerative disease in the UK. She holds a special interest in grounded theory methodology and qualitative synthesis, and is experienced in cross-national research.

Before joining the Cicely Saunders Institute in 2009 to work on the cross-national European Commission funded project called PRISMA, she held a variety of academic positions including a conjoint academic-clinical post with the University of Queensland (Australia).

Key Leadership Roles
  • Principle Investigator on BuildCARE International Access, Rights and Empowerment (IARE) study
  • Co-founder and member of the Palliative care Outcome Scale (POS) development team
  • Chair of the Reach and Impact Committee (RIC), The Department of Palliative Care, Policy and Rehabilitation Executive Committee, CSI
Selected Publications
  • Daveson BA, Bausewein C, Murtagh FEM, Calanzani N, Higginson IJ, Harding R, Cohen J, Simon S, Deliens L, Bechinger-English D, Hall S, Koffman J, Lopes Ferreira P, Toascani F, Gysels M, Ceulemans L, Haugen DF, Gomes B, on behalf of PRISMA. To be involved or not to be involved: a survey of public preferences for self-involvement in decision making involving mental capacity (competency) within Europe. Pall Med 2013;27(5):418-427.
  • Daveson BA. Alonso J, Calanzani N, Ramsenthaler C, Gysels M, Antunes B, Moens K, Groeneveld EI, Albers G, Finetti S, Pettentati F, Bausewein C, Higginson IJ, Hrading R, Deliens L, Toscani F, Ferreira PL, Ceulemans L, Gomes B, on behalf of PRISMA. Learning from the public: citizens describe the need to improve end-of-life care in Europe. European Journal of Public Health 2013. DOI: 10.1093/eurpub/ckt029. Epub March 13, 2013
  • Bausewein C, Steffen ST, Ferreira PL, Higginson IJ, Daveson, BA, Calanzani N, et al. ‘Burden to others’ as a public concern in advanced cancer: a comarative survey in seven European countries. BMC Cancer 2013;13(1):105.
  • Daveson BA, Simon ST, Benalia H, Downing J, Higginson IJ, Harding R, Bausewein C on behalf of PRISMA. et al. Are we heading in the same direction? European and African doctors' and nurses' views and experiences regarding outcome measurement in palliative care. Palliat Med 2012;26:242-9.
  • Magee WL, Sigert RJ, Daveson BA, Lenton-Smith G, Taylor SM. Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Awreness in Disorders of Consciousness (MATADOC): Standardisation of the principal subscale to assess awareness in patient with disorders of consciousness. Neuropsychological Rehabililation: 2013;1-24.
  • Mason B, Epiphaniou E, Nanton V, Donaldson A, Shipman C, Daveson BA, Harding R, Higginson IJ, Munday D, Barclay S, Boyd K, Dale J, Kendall M, Worth A, Murray SA. Coordination of care for individuals with advanced progressive conditions: a multi-site ethnographic and serial interview study. British Journal of General Practice. 2013;63(613):580-8. DOI: 10.3399/bjgp13X670714.
  • Daveson BA, O’Callaghan C. Investigating the dimension of time: Findings from a modified grounded theory study about clients’ experiences and descriptions of temporality or time within music therapy. Journal of Music Therapy 2011;48(1)28-54.
  • Daveson BA, Bechinger-English D, Bausewein C, Simon ST, Harding R, Higginson IJ, Gomes B, on behalf of PRISMA. Constructing understandings of end-of-life care in Europe: a qualitative study involving cognitive interviewing with implications for cross-national surveys. Journal of Palliative Medicine 2011;14(3):343-349.
  • Daveson BA, Harding R, Derycke N, Vanden Berghe P, Edwards S, Higginson IJ, et al. The PRISMA Symposium 4: How should Europe progress palliative and end-of-life care and research? Proceedings from the PRISMA Symposium 2011. JPSM 2011: 42(4):511-6.
  • PhD supervision since 2012
  • MSc supervision since 2011
Current PHD Students
Selected Grants
  • Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity. Outcome Assessment and Complexity Collaborative in Palliative Care (OACC). Murtagh, Daveson, Bausewein, Stringer, Prentice, Beynon, Carey, George, Robinson, Emmit, Gao, Higginson. (2013-2015) [Charity award reference: MAJ120503]
  • Harding R, Daveson, B, Wee, B, Chidget-Clark J, Johnson K, Wright A, Burnell C, McEnHill L, Koffman J, Almack K, Oliviere D, ACCESSCare: Advanced cancer care equality strategy for sexual minorities. Submitted to Marie Curie Cancer Care in 2013.
  • Kirby Laing foundation. Advancing care for people living with dementia through outcome measurement (The Accent on Dementia study). Daveson B, Evans C, Higginson IJ. (2013)
Critical Impact

Barbara Daveson works in collaboration with a number of researchers, policy influencers, policy makers, clinical champions and service-users throughout the EU, the US and Australia. These collaborations help ensure quality palliative care for patients and their families.

In her role as chair of the CSI Reach and Impact Committee, Barbara works closely with other researchers to ensure translation of findings into practice, thus helping to shape and deliver evidence-based clinical care for all that require it. She also helps lead on POS (Palliative care Outcome Scale) developments, aiding the delivery of outcomes in clinical arenas.

International Links
  • Studies in the UK, US, Australia and Ireland
  • Member of the European Association for Palliative Care Outcome Measurement Taskforce.
  • PhD supervisor with University of Queensland (Australia)

Overseas appointments and collaborations

  • AUSTRALIA, University of Queensland, Brisbane Queensland Australia PhD Supervisor in School of Music.
  • Collaborating with Dr Clare O'Callaghan, Clinical Associate Professor (Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne AUSTRALIA), Music Therapist (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Caritas Christi Hospice, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne AUSTRALIA), and Honorary Fellow (Faculty of VCA, and University of Melbourne).

Current links

Collaborating with the following partners via the European Commission funded PRISMA project.

(Scientific Director: Prof Higginson; Project Coordinator: Dr Harding; Project Manager: Dr Daveson):

  • SPAIN partnering with CRESIB on culture
  • NORWAY partnering with NTNU regarding a research agenda
  • GERMANY partnering with DGP regarding outcome measurement
  • PORTUGAL partnering with CEISUC regarding POS-S symptom card
  • THE NETHERLANDS partnering with VUA regarding long-term care and end-of-life care
  • BELGIUM partnering with UA regarding sharing PRISMA’s final conference, and FPZV regarding end-of-life care
  • ITALY partnering with IRMP regarding end-of-life care developments
  • AFRICA partnering with APCA to determine cultural elements in end-of-life care and identifying priorities and preferences for end-of-life care

Analysis of findings regarding German and English understandings of end-of-life care:

  • GERMANY Institute of Palliative Care (ipac), Oldenburg/ Germany as part of PRISMA

International Meetings and Workshops 2009 - 2010

  • International Meeting on Culture and End of Life SPAIN (2010)
  • International PRISMA Workshop on Outcome Measures in Palliative Care GERMANY (2010)
  • International PRISMA Symptom Measurement Conference PORTUGAL (2010)
  • PRISMA 2nd All-assembly meeting SPAIN (2009)
  • PRISMA 3rd All-assembly meeting ITALY (2010)
  • FILE meeting ITALY (2010)
  • PCOC Annual National Benchmarking Workshops AUSTRALIA (2010)
  • Music and Medicine International Conference IRELAND (2009)
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