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Liesbeth van Vliet

Research Fellow Marie Curie

Phone: 0207 848 5805
Fax: 0207 848 5517


My research interests include palliative care, the patient perspective on quality of care and communication; (implementing) patient reported outcome measures (PROMS); holistic care for patient and family.


I have a bachelor and masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Rotterdam (the Netherlands, 2008). Before enrolling into a PhD I conducted a study into bereaved parents’ experiences of paediatric palliative care at the Sophia Children Hospital Rotterdam and worked as a scientific teacher in Clinical Psychology. In 2013 I completed my PhD on communication at the transition from curative to palliative breast cancer care at the NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research) and Utrecht University (the Netherlands). This project investigated the patient perspective on how oncologists can balance explicit with general information and realism with hope. During my time at NIVEL I was involved in two international research groups focusing on doctor-patient communication; GULiVer and Verona Sequence Analysis.

In January 2013 I joined the Cicely Saunders Institute as a Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow on the EU-funded EUROIMPACT project. Together with Professor Irene Higginson I am developing more clinical guidance for the use of patient reported outcome measures, with a focus on the Palliative care Outcome Scale (POS). I am currently a member of the POS development group and the Postgraduate Coordination Team.

Selected Publications
  • van Vliet LM, van der Wall E, Plum NM, Bensing JM. Explicit prognostic information and reassurance about non-abandonment when entering palliative breast cancer care: findings from a scripted video-vignette study. J Clin Oncol 2013 Sep 10;31(26):3242-9
  • van Vliet LM, Hillen MA, van der Wall E, Plum N, Bensing JM. How to create and administer scripted video-vignettes in an experimental study on disclosure of a palliative breast cancer diagnosis. Patient Educ Couns 2013;91:56-64. (Epub 2012 Dec 6)
  • van Vliet LM, van der Wall E, Albada A, Spreeuwenberg PM, Verheul W, Bensing JM. The validity of using analogue patients in practitioner-patient communication research: systematic review and meta-analysis. J Gen Intern Med 2012;27:1528-43.
  • van Vliet L, Francke A, Tomson S, Plum N, van der Wall E, Bensing J. When cure is no option: How explicit and hopeful can information be given? A qualitative study in breast cancer. Patient Educ Couns 2013;90:315-22. (Epub 2011 May 8)
  • Mazzi MA, Bensing J, Rimondini M, Fletcher I, van Vliet L, Zimmermann C, Deveugele M. How do lay people assess the quality of physicians’ communicative responses to patients’ emotional cues and concerns? An international multicentre study based on videotaped medical consultations. Patient Educ and Couns 2013;90:347-53. (Epub 2011 Jul 23)
International Links

The EURO IMPACT (European Intersectorial and Multi-disciplinary Palliative Care Research Training) project I am currently involved in is a major four year coordinating action project funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

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