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Cicely Saunders Institute Seminar Series

The Cicely Saunders Institute hosts a FREE monthly seminar with speakers presenting on a range of palliative care and rehabilitation related research topics. The series aims to optimise opportunities for local, national and international networking within palliative care and rehabilitation. We welcome King's staff, students and the public. The Seminars have CPD (1 credit) Royal College of Physicians accreditation.     

When: On the fourth Wednesday of each month, from 4pm-5pm (unless otherwise stated. There is no seminar in August).

Where: Dinwoodie Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, Cicely Saunders Institute, King's College London (Denmark Hill Campus),  Bessemer Road, London SE5 9PJ.

Contact: There is no need to register, but please email enquiries to

For other events hosted by the Cicely Saunders Instute, and events happening across the Faculty, please see the events listing.



Topic Area


Dr Chetna Malhotra



Professor Catherine Walshe

CovPall Volunteers/Case studies


Dr Sarah Mitchell

CovPall Primary Care


Eric Finkelstein

Quality of Death & Dying Index


Prof Lorna Fraser

Children & Young People


Charlie Hall, University of Edinburgh

ENeRgy Trial








Josie Dixon



Dr Lynn Calman & Dr Eloise Radcliffe










2021 Open Seminar Series
 Date Title Speaker Details

24 November 2021


HDRUK National Core Studies Lara Edwards, HRDUK   
27 October 2021

Understanding the processes underpinning the successful implementation of Person-Centered Outcome Measures in routine palliative care: A normalisation process theory approach 

Dr Andrew Bradshaw   
22 September 2021

Palliative care for ageing populations: how do we improve care for people dying with frailty? 

Dr Daniel Stow, Newcastle University   
28 July 2021 British Heart Foundation Data Science Centre, Consortium, and Projects   Professor Cathie Sudlow  
23 June 2021 Racial inequality of Covid-19   Dr Sabrina Bajwah  
26 May 2021 Exercise for people living with frailty and receiving haemodialysis: a mixed-methods randomised controlled feasibility study Dr Hannah Young, University of Leicester   
28 April 2021 Empathy in palliative care conversations: Insights from direct observational research on (recorded) real life palliative care consultations  Professor Ruth Parry, Loughborough University  Register on Eventbrite
24 March 2021 Clinical Trials in Palliative Care: The Mystery of the Mechanisms  Professor Gary Rodin, University of Toronto  Register on Eventbrite 
24 February 2021 Making a difference:  Can implementation and improvement science help the Institute meet its mission to pioneer the very best in palliative care and rehabilitation?  Professor Annette Boaz, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine   Register on Eventbrite
27 January 2021 It feels it’s wasting whatever time I’ve got left: Living with treatable but not curable cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic   Dr Lynn Calman & Dr Eloise Radcliffe, University of Southampton  Register on Eventbrite


2020 Open Seminar Series
 DateTitleSpeaker Details
25 November 2020

It feels it’s wasting whatever time I’ve got left’: Living with treatable but not curable cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic  

Dr Lynn Calman & Dr Eloise Radcliffe, University of Southampton   
28 October 2020 Palliative care and advance care planning in nursing homes: what will move the needle?  Professor Lieve Van den Block, VUB-UGhent End-of-Life Care Research Group in Belgium Event details
30 September 2020 Re-claiming the public understanding of dying Dr Kathryn Mannix, author Event details
22 July 2020 The ImproveCare study: Lessons from a feasibility cluster RCT of the AMBER care bundle for patients in hospital settings Dr Jonathan Koffman, King's College London Event details
24 June 2020 How opening a shop helped us learn to talk about death Nick Hillier and Holly Rogers, Academy of Medical Sciences Event details 
26 February 2020 Interdisciplinary research, my journey and insights Professor Dame Jessica Corner, University of Nottingham Event details
22 January 2020 Using human-centred design to mitigate the impact of neoliberalism on burdunsome end of life care Dr Liz Dzeng, University of California Event details


2019 Open Seminar Series

 Date Title / Topic Speaker Related documents

23 January 2019

'Rehabilitation and palliative care - companions, competitors, or collaborators?'

Professor Derick Wade, Consultant in Neurological Rehabilitation


27 February 2019

Uncovering the contributions and costs of family caregiving towards the end of live 

Professor Gunn Grande, Division of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Care, University of Manchester


27 March 2019

'Doctors need to believe in miracles too: truth-telling about therapeutic aims of cancer treatment' 

Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield


24 April 2019

'Global health palliative care: partnerships, evidence and mutual benefit'

 Professor Richard Harding


29 May 2019

'The Namaste Care intervention for people with advanced dementia living in care homes: findings from a feasibility cluster RCT'

Professor Katherine Froggatt


26 June 2019

'Using connected datasets to deliver systemwide insights: a matched analysis of health and social care costs at the end of life'

Jenny Shand, University College London


**CANCELLED**24 July 2019

**CANCELLED**'What are the systems-level factors that contribute to overly aggressive, burdensome life-sustaining treatments near the end of life?'

Elizabeth Dzeng, MD, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor at UCSF



28 August 2019




23 September 2019

The role of effective self management in person centred care

Professor Barby Singer, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia


25 September 2019

Volunteers and Palliative Care Provision: What is the evidence of their effect?

Professor Catherine Walshe, Lancaster University

23 October 2019  Measuring Outcomes in children with serious illnesses and their families: What matters Eve Namasango  
27 November 2019 Guidance on how to develop complex interventions to improve health and healthcare’  Professor Alicia O'Cathain

2018 Open Seminar Series
 Date Title Speaker Related documents
 24 January 2018 NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US: Including people with learning disabilities Associate Professor Irene Tuffrey-Wijne (RH, PhD), Associate Professor, Kingston & St George's University and Amanda Cresswell, Co-Researcher


28 March 2018 Hospice and Palliative Care in the USA: Policy Update and Future Challenge Dr Pedro L Gozalo (PhD), Health Economist at Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research, and Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice (Research), Brown School of Public Health, USA Flyer
25 April 2018 Examining Differences in US Hospice Care Experiences by Profit Status Using the CAHPS Hospice Survey Marc Elliot, senior principal researcher and Distinguished Chair in Statistics at RAND  Flyer
30 May 2018 Reciprocal Relationships and the Importance of Patient and Public Feedback in Health Research

Elspeth Mathie (MA, PhD), Senior Research Fellow at CRIPACC (Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care), University of Hertfordshire

27 June 2018 Integrating Palliative and Critical Care: Lessons from Recent Trials
J. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine Flyer
25 July 2018 Why missing data matter Dr Jamilla Hussain, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow, Hull York Medical School  Flyer
26 September 2018 Assisted Ventilation to Prolong Life: A Matter of Choice Professor Louise Rose, RN, PhD, FAAN, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada Flyer
24 October 2018 Episodic Disability, Rehabilitation and Chronic Disease: Lessons Learned from the Field of HIV and Ageing Professor Kelly O'Brien, PhD, PT University of Toronto Flyer
28 November 2018 Health, till death do us part? Impact of spousal bereavement on health and mortality among older adults in Sweden  Lucas Morin, Aging Research Center of Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm  Flyer


2017 Open Seminar Series
 DateTitleSpeakerRelated documents
22 November 2017

Prioritising global research opportunities for children’s palliative care

Professor Julia Downing, Honorary Professor Makerere University, Chief Executive International Children's Palliative Care Network

Seminar Flyer (PDF, 196KB)
25 October 2017 Understanding a new public health approach to end of life care 

Dr Libby Sallnow, Research Fellow and Doctorate Student, St Joseph's Hospice

Seminar Flyer (PDF, 293KB)
27 September 2017

Evidence-based policy making and the role of researchers

Lesley Wye, NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Fellow, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Academic Primary Care, University of Bristol

Seminar Flyer (PDF, 2,073KB)
26 July 2017 The effects on costs of palliative care teams in hospitals 

Professor Charles Normand, Edward Kennedy Professor of Health Policy and Management at Trinity College Dublin and Visiting Professor of Health Economics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine                                          

Seminar Flyer (PDF, 2,111KB

View slides (PDF, 629KB

28 June 2017 Outcomes following treatment limitation discussions in newborn infants

Professor Dominic Wilkinson, Professor of Medical Ethics & Director of Medical Ethics, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics

Seminar Flyer (PDF, 1,138KB)

View slides (PDF 2,098KB)

24 May 2017 Understanding symptoms as a threat to function

Dr Matthew Maddocks, Lecturer & Specialist Physiotherapist, King's College London

Seminar Flyer (PDF, 1,264KB)

View slides (PDF, 1862KB)

26 April 2017

Capturing the views of patients and carers about their experiences of care co-ordination

Jenny King, Associate Director of Research, Picker Institute Europe

Seminar Flyer (PDF, 1,226KB)

View slides (PDF 2,450KB)

22 March 2017 Unexpected results- rehabilitation trials demonstrating no benefit

Professor Catherine Sackley, Head of Physiotherapy, Professor in Rehabilitation & Deputy Head of Division in Health and Social Care Research, King's College London


Seminar Flyer (PDF, 1144KB)

View slides (PDF, 1,435KB)

22 February 2017

A new biography of Cicely Saunders: goals, challenges and methods


Professor David Clark, Sociologist at the University of Glasgow, School of Interdisciplinary Studies and leads the Glasgow End of Life Studies Group


Seminar Flyer (PDF, 1434 KB)


25 January 2017

The challenges and opportunities for an ageing population living with frailty

Professor Martin Vernon, National Clinical Director for Older People and Integrated Care at NHS England, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


2014-16 Series
 DateTitleSpeakerRelated documents
23 November 2016 Migrant mortality 1979-2013 & implications for the next generation: beating the odds? Professor Seeromanie Harding, Professor of Social Epidemiology & Nutrition, King’s College London Seminar Flyer (PDF, 289KB) 
19 October 2016 The Access to Opioid Medication in Europe (ATOME) project: benefits and challenges in working in an international context Professor Sheila Payne, Emeritus Professor in Palliative Care, International Observatory on End of Life Care, Lancaster University
View slides (PDF 2367KB)

28 September 2016

Enhancing palliative and end-of-life care for LGBT people             Dr Richard Harding, Reader in Palliative Care, Cicely Saunders Institute, King’s College London View slides (PDF, 4586KB)

24 August 2016


Assessment and management of pain in dementia Dr Jane Hutton, Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Psychological Medicine, King's College Hospital

Seminar Flyer (PDF, 1.04MB)

View slides (PDF, 8658KB)


27 July 2016 Work is an important – but neglected – issue in palliative care Dr Gail Eva, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, Brunel University

Seminar Flyer (PDF, 957KB)

22 June 2016 What’s the story? Patient and family carer experiences of living with a life limiting diagnosis Dr Marilyn Kendall, Senior Research Fellow with the Primary Palliative Care Research Group, University of Edinburgh

Seminar Flyer (PDF, 957KB)

View slides (PDF, 3.21MB)

25 May 2016 Registry-based research and randomized
controlled trials (R-RCTs) in Sweden
Magnus Ekström, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Lund University/Flinders University View slides (PDF, 3.64MB)
27 April 2016 The personal impact of English end-of-life care policy Dr Erica Borgstrom, Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine  
30 March 2016 “Then she won’t miss me when I’m gone”:  Using an interactionist perspective to understand the experiences and behaviour of children with life limiting conditions and life threatening illnesses and their families Prof Myra Bluebond-Langner, True Colours Chair in Palliative Care for Children and Young People, University College London  
17 March 2016 A mixed-methods research process to develop a complex
intervention for weight loss and anorexia in advanced cancer: the Family
Approach to Weight and Eating (FAWE)
Prof Jane Hopkinson, Professor of Nursing, Cardiff University View slides (PDF, 1.52)
24 February 2016 Assessment and management of pain in dementia Dr Liz Sampson, Reader in the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department, Division of Psychiatry, University College London View slides (PDF, 1.88MB)
27 January 2016 Modelling the costs of caring for people with cancer at the end of life Mr Jeff Round, Bristol University View slides (PDF 1.16MB) 
25 November 2015 ‘I want to feel at home when I pass’: how can we better cater end-of-life care to patients in a medical setting? Dr Fiona Kelly, Bournemouth University Dementia Institute  
28 October 2015 Vocational rehabilitation; supporting a return to work — lessons from stroke Dr Kate Radford, Associate Professor in Rehabilitation Research, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham   View slides (PDF 1.52MB)
Thursday, 24 Thursday, September 2015  Non-pharmacological interventions for refractory cough Dr Surinder Birring View slides (PDF 5.19MB)
Monday, 14 September 2015 Advance care planning for people with chronic kidney disease  Dr Josephine Clayton, Associate Professor of Palliative Care Medicine, University of Sydney /
Consultant Physician in Palliative Medicine
View slides (PDF 670KB)
22 July 2015 A palliative care approach for people with advanced heart failure: recognition of need, transitions in care and effect on patients, family carers and clinicians
Dr Amy Gadoud, NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Palliative Medicine at Hull York Medical School Seminar slides (PDF, 1.2MB)
24 June 2015 Costs of care at the end of life
Dr Martin Bardsley and Theo Georghiou, Nuffield Trust Seminar slides (PDF, 2MB) 
27 May 2015 Diagnoses, problems and healthcare interventions amongst frail older people admitted to hospital as an emergency
Professor Rowan Harwood Seminar slides (PDF, 946 KB)
29 April 2015 Better informing decision-making with multiple outcomes cost-effectiveness analysis in palliative care
Dr Nikki McCaffrey, Department Palliative & Supportive Services, Repatriation General Hospital, Daw Park, Australia Seminar slides (PDF, 24 MB   
22 April 2015 Managing uncertainty for people with dementia in care homes
Professor Claire Goodman  
25 March 2015 Implementation Science
Professor Jo Rycroft-Malone Seminar slides (PDF, 165KB)
25 February 2015 Dame Cicely Saunders and the hospice vision - is the hospice fit for the 21st century?
Dame Barbara Monroe, former Chief Executive, St Christopher's Hospice Seminar slides
(PDF, 569 KB)
28 January 2015 Is the experience and expression of living with severe multiple sclerosis ethnically and culturally patterned?
Dr Jonathan Koffman, Cicely Saunders Institute, King's College London

Seminar slides (PDF, 5MB)

26 November 2014 Prolonged disorders of consciousness national guidelines
Professor Lynne Turner-Stokes, Herbert Dunhill Chair of Rehabilitation, King's College London and Director of Regional Rehabilitation, Northwick Park Hospital  


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