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If you hold a conditional offer for an undergraduate course at King's College London, this guide will help you to prepare for your results and explain what you need to do if you do not meet the conditions of your offer.

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Preparing for your results

UCAS has some excellent guidance on steps you can take to prepare for the release of your exam results. You can see which exam results come to us directly from UCAS, as well as knowing what to expect when you log on to Track. If you have any questions about your offer conditions make sure that you contact the Admissions Office through King's Apply.

Getting your exam results in July and early August?

Please check our FAQs below to see which results are sent directly to King's. Note that some students who do not quite meet the conditions of their offer may sometimes need to wait until mid-August for a final decision from King's. If you have any questions please contact us through King's Apply.

A-level results day: Thursday 15 August 2019

On Thursday 15 August 2019 many of you will receive your exam results. Here's what you should do on A-level results day:

  • If you applied originally through UCAS, check UCAS Track on Thursday morning to see if your place at King’s has been confirmed.

  • You can also check with our application portal King's Apply, which will be available from mid-morning. 

  • If your place is confirmed at King's, congratulations!

    You do not need to call or contact King's to secure your place.

    Simply enjoy your celebrations and wait for us to send you further information about enrolment and starting with us in September. In the meantime, you can see our Welcome to King's webpages.

    We ask that you avoid calling us during Clearing on Thursday 15 August and Friday 16 August unless you have an urgent question, so that we are able to assist other students.

  • If you have not met the conditions of your offer, or if you have any questions about your offer, you need to contact King's. Please call us on the Clearing and Adjustment Hotline to get in touch.

What to do if you don't meet the conditions of your offer

Notify King's of your results

Do I need to send my exam results to King's?

For many applicants, exam results will be sent by exam boards directly to UCAS, who will send them directly to King's. This means that you don't need to notify us of your results, unless specifically asked.

However others may need to ensure that they send evidence of their final results to King's directly. Please note that certified translations may also be required if your results are not in English, though we will accept your official results without translations wherever possible. Evidence should be submitted by attaching a scanned copy of your document to a King’s Apply message and submitting this to the Admissions Office for review. If you’re in any doubt as to how we’re receiving your exam results, we advise that you speak with your school/college as soon as possible and submit scans of any paper copies of your results in the meantime.

No. Your exam results should be sent to your school or college, or you should follow any other instructions you have been given by your exam boards.

If UCAS is not sending us your results, you must send them to King's by the deadline stated in your offer letter. If you believe there may be a delay in providing your results you should inform us via King's Apply as soon as possible. If we do not have your results by this time and you meet your conditions after this date then we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer you a place on your programme this September. It is very important that you ensure that you have provided evidence that you have met all the conditions of your offer. Evidence should be submitted by attaching a scanned copy of your document to a King’s Apply message and submitting this to the Admissions Office. We will only be able to confirm your offer once you have done so.

King's Apply

Yes. We are unable to make a final decision until we can see evidence of the results you received. Please send us a scan of your official results through King's Apply.

King's Apply

We are only able to accept cashed in A-level results. Please contact your school or college to discuss cashing in your grades and receiving the final results.


Check which results King’s usually receives directly from UCAS:

Yes (if taken though a UK school/college).

No, only partial results. You will need to scan and send us an official copy of your confirmed results through King's Apply*, including: Confirmation of the award (naming your Access Diploma subject) and a breakdown by Unit & Level of your Credits and Grading (Pass/Merit/Distinction).

Yes (though module results will need to be sent to us separately through King’s Apply* where this is an offer condition).

No, please scan and send us your official results through King's Apply*.

No, please scan and send us your official results through King's Apply.*

King's will have these results.

No, please scan and send us your official results through King's Apply.*

Yes (if taken though a UK school/college) though we may also have access to your results from IBO – please contact us if you’re at all unsure.

If not included on this list, you will need to scan your certificates and/or transcripts and send them directly through King's Apply*. If you are unsure what you are required to send, please send us a message as soon as possible.

King's Apply

Find out if you have a place at King's

If you have not met the conditions of your offer, your place on your chosen programme is not guaranteed. In some circumstances, however, we may still be able to offer a place to applicants who were very close to meeting their offer. Please read the following carefully:

You should check UCAS Track to check your offer status on Thursday 15 August, and go to your school/college to collect your exam results. King's will have sent a decision to UCAS ready for you on Thursday wherever possible. Remember, if you see that your place has been confirmed on UCAS Track, you do not need to call/contact King’s to confirm your offer. Track will say something like: 'Congratulations! Your place at King’s College London to study [course name] has been confirmed.' We'll send you further information about enrolment and starting with us in September. Thanks for helping to keep our telephone lines free for others.

You must meet the exact terms of your offer in order to take up your place on the programme (e.g. if your offer was AAB, you are not considered to have met your offer if your grades are A*AC). If you were very close to meeting the conditions of your offer, your application may have been given further consideration - please note though that our decision will take into account the results of other applicants and the number of spaces available on the programme. King’s will notify UCAS of our final decision and you will be able to see this on UCAS Track on Thursday 15 August. If we are unable to confirm your place, we hope that you will be successful with your insurance choice. UCAS can also advise you of alternative options.

You must meet the exact conditions of your offer - in one test sitting - in order to take up your place on the programme. Some of the less competitive programmes may be able to consider students who are very close to but do not quite meet all the conditions of the English language exam, but only if there are places available on the programme after the A-level results are released. Please be aware that changes to government legislation mean that we have to be very strict on applicants meeting our English Language requirements. No English language test results that are below the College minimum will be considered.

If you are having any part of your exams remarked, please inform the Admissions Office through the King's Apply system immediately. You will need to ensure that all change of results forms are submitted to the Admissions Office through King's Apply by 31 August for consideration.

Unfortunately we are not always able to offer even academically strong applicants the course they initially applied for. In some of these cases we are able to identify another course at King’s that we believe they would be more suited to – perhaps based on interests raised in their personal statement, or the subjects they are currently studying. In this case, you would receive what we call an alternative offer, where we offer you a place on a course different from the one you originally applied to. You can find out more information about the offered course by searching for it on our website, and we would recommend reading this information before responding to your offer. It is important to note that you will not be able to switch back to your original course after accepting an alternative offer, so you should only accept this offer if you are interested in the offered course. There is a limited timeframe for you to accept the alternative offer, the deadline is indicated when you log in to UCAS Track and you can contact UCAS if you are unsure.



The next key steps will be getting your email address, completing online enrolment and attending campus registration. King's will send you details about these next steps by email in the weeks before you start your programme so please make sure your contact details in UCAS and King's Apply are updated. In the meantime you can see our Welcome to King's webpages which will be the key place to look for all the information you need to have a great start at King's. We ask that you avoid calling us on Thursday 15 August and Friday 16 August unless you have an urgent question, so that we are able to assist other students.

Welcome to King's

See the accommodation FAQs for all your accommodation allocation questions, you can also find further information on our King's Residences webpages.

Accommodation allocation FAQs

You need to hold an unconditional offer in order to be issued a CAS number for a student visa. Please make sure that you have entered your passport information and indicated that you will require a visa on your UCAS application. If you have completed these steps and now hold an unconditional offer and have paid your deposit, the Admissions Office will produce your CAS number. This will be visible through the King's Apply system when complete in a new tab called "Your Visa", usually 5-7 working days after the CAS number is requested, but this could be slightly longer at peak periods. Please be aware that the CAS number is only valid for six months from the date of issue and therefore we are only able to issue these six months before the start of your programme.

View more guidance on making your Tier 4 student visa application.

Full details of campus registration sessions and specific induction sessions for your programme/department/faculty will be made available as soon as they are confirmed. For most students however key dates will include - International Orientation event (optional for those new to the UK): Thursday 12 September; Registration for all first-year students*: Monday 16 September - Friday 20 September. *Please note: dates may vary between programmes. Check your enrolment schedule on the Welcome to King's webpages carefully for campus registration times, and check your programme handbook once you have arrived to confirm details of your term dates, reading weeks, and any key exam dates.

Welcome to King's

Your department or programme will provide full details at your induction session.

See the Disability Support webpages for contact details and guidance.

Disability Support

You do not need to pay your tuition fees before - or at - campus registration. If you are paying tuition fees yourself, the College will invoice you for your tuition fees after you have registered on your programme. Your invoice will detail deadlines and payment methods.



Clearing at King’s

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How Clearing works

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