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Being released into Clearing

Students in the King's Building at King's College LondonThe information on this page is for students who wish to be released into Clearing from their offer at King's College London.

If you currently hold an offer from King's and wish to turn this offer down in the hopes of studying at another university, you can be released into Clearing. By being released you will then be able to take up a Clearing space at a different university, provided they are willing to accept you.

Three important notes on being released into Clearing:

  1. By being released into Clearing you will lose your offer from both your firm and insurance universities, and King's will be unable to reinstate your offer should you change your mind.

  2. You do not need to be released into Clearing if you are looking to apply to another course at King's through Clearing.

  3. You do not need to be released into Clearing if you have achieved higher grades than your offer and are looking at applying to another university through Adjustment.

If you would like to be released into Clearing, there is no need to call King’s to ask to be released. You can now release your application via UCAS Track. Please login to UCAS Track to explore your options through “Decline my place”.

Other scenarios where you may be thinking of getting released into Clearing:

By being released into Clearing you will lose your firm and insurance university places. To go to your insurance university, you will need to be released into Clearing and confirmed in Clearing by your insurance choice, as a Clearing applicant.

You should call your insurance university, explain your situation - that you would like to confirm your place with them and not your firm choice university - and they will be able to provide confirmation of whether there is space available for you on your chosen course.

Once your insurance choice provides confirmation that they will take you through Clearing (they may provide a Clearing offer or reference), then you should then visit UCAS Track to explore your options under "Decline my place". Please be aware that declining a UF offer may be irreversible, so please do check the guidance carefully before you make your final decision.

If you hold an alternative offer (an offer for a course that you didn't originally apply for) then you do not need to be released into Clearing, and can simply decline this offer through UCAS Track. Once declined you will automatically go into Clearing or to your insurance choice.

If you have achieved greater than the conditions of your firm choice offer at King’s then you may be eligible to apply to other courses and universities through Adjustment, and will not need to be released into Clearing.

If you are eligible for Adjustment you simply need to register for Adjustment on UCAS Track, and are then free to call universities to discuss securing a place. If you are successful in obtaining a place your UCAS Track will be updated to reflect this change, and if you are unsuccessful you will keep your firm offer from King's.

If you are eligible for Adjustment, you do not need to be released into Clearing.

UCAS Adjustment – if you’ve done better than expected

By withdrawing your UCAS application you will lose all of your offers, and you will be unable to enter Clearing or Adjustment and will not be able to apply for September 2021 entry to university. Please think carefully if this is the option you would like to proceed with before withdrawing your application.

If you would like to withdraw your application you can do this on UCAS Track.

As a deferred applicant, we may be unable to release you into Clearing as your application is not technically part of the 2021 UCAS cycle.

Please call our hotline to speak to someone who can check if this is possible or you may be able to check this on UCAS Track. In the likely event we are unable to release you, you will need to withdraw your original application and reapply through UCAS, paying the UCAS application fee.

From here you will be able to accept a Clearing offer made by another university. You may be able to obtain a Clearing offer before withdrawing your application, and so we recommend speaking to other universities prior to withdrawing your application and explaining your situation to them.

Your offer with King's College may still be conditional if we have not fully received some of your academic or English language qualifications. If you would like to discuss what is still missing, please call our hotline.

If however, you wish to decline this offer from King's College and choose to go elsewhere please contact us and we will reject your application, which will either move you to your insurance choice or into Clearing.