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Your questions answered – staff

Updated: 27 March 2020


As a member of staff, who should I contact about visa and immigration concerns?

If you are a member of staff and you have visa or immigration concerns, please contact our UKVI team on  

Can I still travel for work?

All international travel for business purposes is suspended until further notice, but at least until the end of April.

Events, meetings and recruitment

Should planned events still go ahead?

All university events, gatherings or meetings with over 50 people are to be offered virtually, postponed or cancelleduntil, at the very earliest, the start of May 2020.

I’m holding or planning to hold interviews for a new member of staff, should I postpone?

From 23 March, only essential recruitment (this means recruitment directly related to the student experience and/or regulatory or compliance related roles) can proceed with interviews taking place remotely where possible. 


Recruitment at King's is temporarily paused, with immediate effect. In exceptional circumstances, some recruitment may be authorised for business critical roles.


Any recruitment must be authorised by your provost - Evelyn Welch or Robert Lechler.

If you have any questions please contact your HR Senior People Partner: 

  • Arts and Sciences Faculties Senior People Partner: Frederico Maia
  • Health Faculties Senior People Partner: Imtiaz Ali


Any recruitment must be authorised by Stephen Large.

If you have any questions please contact the HR People Partner for your area.


As a staff member who is self-isolating, what leave should I take? 

If you are a member of staff who is self-isolating you must notify your department and fill out the online Self-Isolation Reporting Form without delay. 

Self-isolating with symptoms:

If you have symptoms of the virus, your absence will be treated as sickness absence and the university’s standard sickness absence reporting procedure will apply (for example, reporting via TeamSeer or other local system). Please see the Sickness Absence Management Policy for further details. You should follow the PHE guidance for self-isolating at home.

Self-isolating without symptoms:

If you do have not symptoms your absence will be treated as special paid leave by reason of self-isolation for coronavirus. Alternatively, you may, with the agreement of your line manager, continue to work from home during this period.

What if a dependant contracts novel coronavirus, COVID 19? 

If you need to care for a dependant who has contracted COVID-19 or is in self-isolation, Dependants’ Leave is available to cover genuine and unforeseen emergencies involving dependants. Please see the university’s Dependants’ Leave Procedure for information about eligibility and duration. 

If you then develop symptoms, please let your department know and complete the Self-Isolation Reporting Form without delay. Your absence will be treated as sickness absence (as described above) and the university’s standard sickness absence reporting procedure will apply. Please see the Sickness Absence Management Policy for further details. You should follow the PHE guidance for self-isolating at home.

What if one of my students is self-isolating or reporting symptoms?

If a student advises you that they are self-isolating or have tested positive for Coronavirus, please ask them to fill in the online form straight away. Any student declaring that they have no support, or that they have been confirmed as testing positive for Coronavirus are contacted directly by the Advice & Guidance Team as a matter of upmost priority. There is no requirement to also raise a Student of Concern in these cases.    

Working flexibly

School closures and caring responsibilities

If you have young children at home when the schools are closed or have other caring responsibilities and are working at home, we know that you may be unable to commit to a full day of work. We understand and thank you for your best efforts. You do not need to take annual leave to make up any perceived difference. Do what you can, ask for help and take care of your family. If you are unable to work at all because of caring for dependants, please talk to your line manager about dependant's leave.


If you are employed on a fixed term contract which is due to expire and would have been renewed in normal circumstances, we will honour that renewal and you will continue receiving your salary. We will work with everyone whose contracts expire during this challenging period to provide help and support and will be in touch with you individually as soon as possible.


Teaching sessions for taught students will be delivered online from 23 March 2020 until the beginning of May 2020. We will be reviewing the situation regularly. There may be some exceptions to this policy in Clinical Faculties, for example where term dates differ. Students will be contacted by their faculties and departments about specific plans for clinical and lab teaching.

More information on supporting teaching and learning with technology is available.