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Your questions answered – students


I'm a student and worried about my Tier-4 visa if I study remotely

If you are a student and concerned about your tier-4 visa you can opt into remote study using the remote study form. Providing you continue to take part in study online you will still meet the conditions of your visa. You must return to classroom based study when we confirm you are able to do so.

More information is available in our guidance for remote study.

My visa is expiring but I cannot travel back to my home country, what should I do?

The UK Visas and Immigration have provided some reassurances that students affected by the travel bans will have the option to update their status to avoid becoming an overstayer in the UK.  Please contact  the Student Advice & Guidance Team to learn how you can protect your status in the UK.

I need to apply for a visa to come to the UK but the Visa Application Centres are closed, what should I do?

King’s is offering remote study for the majority of our programmes.  Once a decision has been made to resume on campus study, we will support students to apply for their next visa.  For support with your individual situation please contact the Student Advice & Guidance Team.

Do I need a letter to support my return to the UK when normal teaching resumes on campus?

No, if you have completed the remote study form and your Tier 4 is still valid you should not require an additional letter to return to the UK.  You will be able to return to the UK using your current passport and Tier 4 visa.  If your Tier 4 visa will expire before you return to the UK, please contact Student Advice & Guidance for further guidance.


Who do I notify that I am self-isolating or have symptoms?

It’s really important that anyone who is self-isolating or experiencing symptoms notifies us straight away by filling in this online form. This will be shared directly with the Advice & Guidance team so that anyone with no support or who has tested positive for Coronavirus can be contacted directly to discuss advice, support and resources available to them.  

We also strongly encourage you to reach out to your personal tutor or department office, and anyone close to you or nearby who be able to support you. 

As a student who is self-isolating, can I apply for mitigating circumstances?

We acknowledge this situation will be disruptive and appreciate that engagement with your studies may be difficult. If you feel like your learning has been impacted because of self-isolation, please use the usual Mitigating Circumstances application process. We will work with your faculty to identify ways in which learning can be substituted.

Please be reassured that mitigation will be applied as appropriate for those required to self-isolate. 

KCLSU Advice can also provide you free, confidential and impartial academic advice if you feel this issue is affecting your studies.  

I live in the private sector and I am self-isolating with no support network can anyone help me?

If you are self-isolating (for any reason) and are estranged from your family or unable to return home because it is not safe for you or your family to do so, and need support please contact Advice & Guidance who can provide you advice and support on accessing help in your local area. 

Guidance on studies


Teaching sessions for taught students will be delivered online from 23 March 2020 until the beginning of May 2020. We will be reviewing the situation regularly. There may be some exceptions to this policy in Clinical Faculties, for example where term dates differ. Students will be contacted by their faculties and departments about specific plans for clinical and lab teaching.


Exams and assessments will take place remotely after Easter, except where professional bodies are involved. The main assessment period has been extended from five to nine weeks, to run from 27 April to 26 June 2020. In many cases  assessments will be conducted in alternative formats to allow students to complete them remotely. We are working to consolidate assessments and for many students the volume of assessments will be reduced. Faculties and departments are currently finalising details for the assessment period and will be in contact with individual students in the first week of April.

For current first year students, the grades from this year’s assessments will not contribute towards their final degree classification. Progression to the second year will now be on a pass/fail basis. 

Further information about changes to assessments can be found in the message sent to all undergraduate and postgraduate taught students on 26 March

We would like to reassure you that no student will be disadvantaged by any of the changes we put in place to our assessment and examination process this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.We are in the process of finalising policies to honour our commitment to offer extensive provisions and a broad range of mitigation arrangements. We thank everyone for their patience as we continue to navigate this challenging and unsettling time together.

Money and housing

I have lost my job due to COVID-19 containment policies or a family member I rely on has?

If you or your family have lost your job or your finances have been impacted in some other way by COVID-19 Advice & Guidance can provide advice and support on your options.  You may be entitled to claim some of the financial support that government has announced but there are restrictions on what students can claim welfare benefits, the advisers can help you to navigate the rules and discuss other sources of support or options to pause rent, utilities or debt payments.

I live in the private sector and I am not sure what my rights are if I need to leave early or I am asked to do so?

Our partners at University of London Housing Services have put together a handy legal guide on some of the key areas coming out of the Covid-19 crisis and its implications for your housing. It currently covers:  

  • If you have left your home or London but your contract hasn’t ended  
  • The consequences of non-payment of rent   
  • If a flat mate is self-isolating or confirmed to have Covid-19  
  • If you fall behind on your rent because of Covid-19 can you be evicted?  
  • If your Landlord is bringing round people for viewings  
  • If you are a lodger and you are asked to leave   

The guide can be found here and may be a good start but please do not hesitate to contact Advice & Guidance if you have questions about your specific situation and need to talk through your options.  



Am I still able to access career guidance?

King’s Careers & Employability is continuing to deliver the same service of 1:1 careers guidance and application advice appointments, group workshops, and events entirely in an online format. You can book for these in the usual way using King’s CareerConnect and you will get joining instructions when you book. You will also find a huge range of online learning and resources to answer your questions and support all your career learning and employability development on our King’s Careers KEATS site.

You can also contact us via and we will endeavour to respond to you personally as quickly as possible.

Student Services (all general enquiries)  

Submit your enquiries through Student Services Online  

To protect the health of our students and staff all Student Services branded campus service desks are now closed. As a result, we are currently unable to answer phone calls until further notice but are still available online as normal.  

For the most up-to-date guidance, please visit the main Coronavirus pages. If your enquiry is not answered by this information, please visit Student Services Online where you can contact us for support.  

We’re working on alternative arrangements and have expanded our online support options to make sure that submitted enquiries are answered as quickly as possible.  

Counselling & Mental Health support  

We are now operating an online service   

To protect the health our students and staff the Counselling & Mental Health Support Service has moved fully online. We continue to offer free and confidential mental health support to all King’s students  

We are providing online alternatives for all scheduled appointments Appointments and triage assessments will take place via Microsoft Teams or over the phone, and we will be offering email check-ins. We are open to new registrations as normal.  

Our administrative team or your counsellor or mental health adviser will be in contact to make specific arrangements for this if you already have an appointment booked or are already registered with the Service.   

If you need to get in touch with us directly during this period, please email us at

You may find it helpful to check out some resources for online support from Big White Wall  and Mind on looking after your wellbeing.

Disability Support   

We’re transferring to remote support   

To protect the health our students and staff drop-ins and face-to-face appointments will now take place online. During this time, we are unable to take phone calls.

Please be assured that if you have an appointment booked we will be in touch with you.  

We are in the process of transferring our service online, to offer remote support. Our team will be in contact with students booking or already booked directly to arrange. If you have any enquiries in the interim please contact  

  • Study skills and assistive software training
    We will continue to offer these sessions through Microsoft Teams. Group workshops are being put on hold, but self-help guides are being offered as an alternative.  
  • Screenings and assessments for specific learning difficulties
    We will continue to screen students and if necessary, discuss the results with them via Microsoft Teams. We will however be suspending full diagnostic assessments whilst offices are closed.   

    Students whose screening suggests a full assessment is recommended will be informed and held on a list to be offered an assessment after we re-open.
  • Online seminars and lectures
    We will be reaching out to students who are Deaf/hearing impaired and who may not be able to access lectures online.  
  • Self-help guides  
    We are working to develop and expand our self-help guidance for both students and staff.   

Student Advice & Guidance

We have transferred to remote support 

The Student Advice & Guidance team will continue to provide advice and support to all current and prospective students by phone and email.  Our drop-ins are on hold but these have been replaced by telephone advice sessions via our AdviceLine.  

The quickest way to speak to an Adviser about any money, housing or immigration issue, including how COVID-19 may be impacting your ability to work, study and live, please call the AdviceLine which runs Monday-Friday. Opening times are subject to change so please check the website for the current timetable.     

If you are already consulting Advice & Guidance about an ongoing situation please email your adviser directly to follow up with them.  Anyone requiring a follow up interview will be offered one online via Microsoft Teams

If you require further advice a follow up consultation can be booked for you.  If you are unable to call the AdviceLine and would like to discuss your situation via email please use the online booking form to detail your enquiry and confirm your availability for a telephone appointment.

Online access to library resources and support 

Access to library spaces

All library sites are currently closed and will remain closed until further notice in response to official public health advice.

Online access to library resources and support 

You will continue to have access to our wide range of online databases, journals, ebooks and other online material during this period. Unfortunately, due to licencing restrictions some resources are not available off campus – these resources will be clearly marked. We have a variety of online support and learning to help you access and make the most of our resources.

Our primary email address and our online library chat service will be staffed Monday – Friday 09.30-17.30.

King's Residences: tenancy agreements 

How do I cancel my contract?  

You can cancel by completing this quick online form. Once you have submitted the information and confirmed your departure date the team will contact you with confirmation of your cancellation.  

What happens if I am unable to confirm my departure by 3 April? Can I get an extension to this?

Yes – the deadline will be extended for students in these cases. Final decisions on contract end/extensions will be made on an individual basis. Please email us to let us know you are unable to make a decision by the deadline so we can note your status. 

Can residents stay for term 3, and then make a decision about the term 4 contract at a later date, given students currently do not know whether KCL will be open in term 4? 

King’s Residences will review this position closer to that date based on the latest government guidance. We will write to you to let you know. 

Can residents cancel only the term 3 installment, and move back in for the term 4 installment? 

Yes – accommodation will be offered subject to availability at the time of the request but cannot be guaranteed. 

If residents decide to cancel their contract, but circumstances change in the future, can they decide to take up a new KCL contract for the remainder of the academic year? 

Yes – accommodation will be offered subject to availability at the time of the request but cannot be guaranteed.

If term 3 and 4 installments have been paid already, can these be refunded? 

Yes. If pre-payment for term 3 and/or 4 have been made, a full refund will be issued. Once you have submitted your form and confirm your departure date, we will amend your contract and process the refund into your account.

Will I be charged for my room if I left my possessions?  

No.  But you do need to let us know that you have left or are leaving by completing the form so that you are not charged for term 3 and 4.

How can I get the possessions I have left in my room? 

If you have already departed your residence and were unable to remove all your belongings, please complete the online form to confirm your departure. Your belongings will be kept safe and not removed from your room and we are currently working on ways we can support you and coordinate the packing and removal of any remaining belongings and will update you with options at a later date.

Can a friend who is not is residences pack my belongings 

No. Following the government guidelines on social distancing we can only allow current residents to access our residences.  

Is there an option of the accommodation staff moving items out 

Unfortunately, accommodation staff are not able to pack your belongings, but we are working on alternative solutions in order to support with packing and removal of belongings. We will be in touch with you about this. 

Will the on-site accommodation office/reception be open going forward? 

Following government guidelines, we are operating reduced staffing levels, but our buildings remain manned 24/7 and staff can be contacted with any questions on 0207 848 5959 or at You can still contact your reception via the usual ways.  

Will returning the keys to confirm I am not living there suffice even though my belongings are in the room? 

We ask all our students to return their keys to reception at the earliest convenience. Confirmation of departure will be acknowledged once you have completed the online form.  

Is there an option for leaving items on site, if someone is able to move everything out of the room?  

Unfortunately, we do not have storage facilities in Residences.

Can keys be returned by mail where necessary? If yes, if post is delayed will this be accommodated for? 

Yes, keys can be returned by post and we would appreciate you doing so. Delay with the post will not impact your contract end as long as you have completed the residences online form confirming your departure date.

 Can I come back to my room if I move out temporarily? 

You can request accommodation should you wish to return to Residences; however, we cannot guarantee availability once you cancel your contract with us. You will still need to complete the form to let us know if wish to depart and we will not charge you for term 3 and 4.  But if you wish to return to the accommodation at a later stage.

I am in the Hilton - can I terminate after 31 March 2020 and still get the 7-week compensation? 

No, the 7 weeks compensation only applies until 31 March. 


I have a 51-week contract and I want to shorten it to 40 weeks because of Covid-19, can I do it? 

Yes, you can shorten your contract to 40 (ending 20/06). Please email to request amendment to your contract.