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Current Projects


The Creative Role of Research: Understanding research impact in the creative and cultural sector  

This report draws on the data from the last REF to interrogate the ways in which academics and creative practitioners have forged relationships, collaborated, borrowed from and influenced one another.

featured_project_educate KCC-puff-sizeKing's Cultural Challenge

The King’s Cultural Challenge summons the collective and individual creative-brain power of King’s students, inspiring debate, reflection and generating original ideas for how art and culture can positively transform the world.



My Primary School is at the Museum Tate Liverpool drawing
My primary school is at the museum

Testing the hypothesis that there may be beneficial learning and social outcomes for primary school children and their families if their primary school is located in a museum.



Cultural_democracy_200x135Towards cultural democracy: promoting cultural capabilities for everyone

This report presents a timely and distinctive vision of how to build a cultural life for the UK that is valuable for everyone, and made by all.

APGttWoC2Research-informed practice scheme
This scheme supports the development of creative collaborations between leading cultural organisations and academic researchers working in complementary fields towards a new creative project.


soundscapes puffSoundscapes
Investigating how research in 3D sound and signal processing technology can change the way that people experience artistic performances.


200x135px_013What shapes our body and movement patterns?
A new creation exploring the question ‘what shapes our body and movement  patterns?’ focusing on the way our  conscious and unconscious knowledge of the body might affect our physicality. 

Cropped UnageCo-researching for innovation and change
In collaboration with the NCCPE this scheme will explore and support innovative approaches to co-research between King’s academics and our partners in the arts, culture and heritage sector.


Dance COPD 5Dancing for health
A project based on a dance programme for adults at Trinity Laban who have experienced an acquired brain injury (ABI) or stroke. It aims to develop new tools to better capture the perceived impact of taking part in dance.


PiersPloughmanFair field
Fair Field re-imagines Piers Plowman, William Langland's extraordinary vision of fourteenth century England, in a series of site-responsive performances that splice together medieval and modern through music, theatre, spoken word and digital storytelling. 


HPNoSSHospital project on noise, sound and sleep (HPNoSS)
This is a collaborative project that aims to provide a holistic understanding of sound in the hospital environment and the intimate relationship of noise to sleep, rest, treatment and recovery.


Is it normal1
Is it normal to be psychotic?  
An immersive art installation was created to increase public awareness of what it is like to experience psychotic symptoms (hearing voices, having visions, believing others are trying to harm you).


200x135px_019Early career researchers scheme
Providing ECRs from across King's with the funding and support to develop a collaborative and innovative project with a cultural sector partner in their area of research.


Boosting resilient healthcare puffBoosting resilient thinking in children
Exploring whether illustrated books improve resilient thinking in children by investigating whether visual storytelling and character illustration can reduce levels of anxiety and depression in children.

Rice paddy and rice farmingReimagining water futures
Developing new ideas and communicating complex scientific messages on sustainability, equity and social justice in the use, allocation and stewardship of water by bringing together academics, artists and science writers.


cvfoof-puffLeading culture in the 21st century
Providing stimulation, provocation and access to the leadership of a range of London’s world-class cultural institutions and a bespoke opportunity to think afresh with an international peer group.


musicacademy-gnLearning the museum business
Mapping the uneven discourse of music industry education in collaboration with UK Music, the British music industry’s key policy group.


Be-PerfectAre you feeling better yet?
Part of the UTOPIA season, this project placed artists with students from across the health faculties to look at how far the world of health is a utopian enterprise in itself and how healthy individuals - and societies - can be realised through its visionary disciplines.


Face for Dental HumanitiesClinical humanities for dental undergraduates
A new pilot module, Clinical Humanities for Dental Undergraduates to support the undergraduate Batchelor of Dentistry Science clinical teaching.


Arts in Mind HeadArts in mind education
Bringing together educators in the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience with artists and cultural practitioners in order to explore creative, arts-based responses to key educational priorities in the faculty.


HoliKings Cultural Experience Award
The King’s Cultural Experience Award allows sudents to explore and map their own cultural London in a fun, sociable and supported way. 


Weaving a new story1Weaving a new story
Weaving a new story is a project creating a mindful sewing and textiles intervention to help women with post-natal depression, exploring how and why light-hearted activities, such as sewing, have real therapeutic impact.




Boom-imageBoom! The politics of black sound      This project is the first stage of a broader research project on club  culture and queer nightlife in the UK.


Davids medications copyTalking heads                                    This project aims to develop a series of ambitious binaural audio monologue artworks exploring the phenomenon of hearing voices frequently associated with schizophrenia and psychosis.


CreativeHub7The creative arts hub Zimbabwe
This project uses a combination of music, movement, drama and meditation to encourage self-expression and connectedness for young people living with HIV with the aim of improving their engagement in HIV care. 


Sound-Mind2Sound mind
This project aims to develop a live music and visual intervention which can enhance mood and provoke altered states, by recreating some of the     effects of hallucinogenic (AKA psychedelic) drugs. 


What-does-consent-sound-likeWork out
This project aims to explore issues of sexuality and consent, masculinity and male privilege within educational contexts.


The Filibuster imageThe filibuster
This project is a 12 hour durational performance piece featuring a series of female identifying performers speaking spontaneously, tackling the baggage around public discourse and women.


RestRest in public space
This project aims to highlight the value of restorative public spaces by examining cultural attitudes towards public rest, alongside a diverse range of personal tactics that people use to elicit a sense of calm or rest at the emotional and sensory level.


MigrantMigrant agency and the moving image
How are the erection of borders, fences and other migration management practices experienced by refugees themselves; what is their experience     of everyday life?


Food-FictionsFood fictions & frictions
This project looks at our evolving relationship to what we eat, particularly in the social media and digital technology era.


Mind Map c Isla MillarLosing one's sense of self
Our outer self may be viewed in how   we interact with the world around us, through our relationships with others and the roles we play in our personal lives and in our work. Our inner self is formed by our personality, our thoughts and emotions, views and beliefs.


Maternal Journal2Maternal journal
This project explores the potential of ‘journaling’ as a creative & therapeutic tool to promote good mental health and wellbeing for pregnant women who   have a history of mild to moderate mental health problems. 


This project is an 'immersive audio piece' designed to help communicate the experience of mental health conditions in engaging new ways; changing attitudes and behaviours, building empathy and reducing stigma. 


170823 Die-or-run-imageDIE OR RUN: Policy, anxiety and stigma
This project explores patterns of general worry, social anxiety, and current and inherited political policy in a provocative performance to stimulate debate on the impact social policy can have on mental health.


170803 The Cerebral City1The Cerebral city
The human mind as a living, moving, city is the central metaphoric idea of   this project, which explores the affinities between the structure of the brain and the landscape of the city.


pp coverParallel perspectives
Challenges of curating visual cultures in contemporary transnational contexts. British Library, Tate Britain and V&A address questions of representation, post-colonial legacies, institutional histories, and the status of objects in histories.


Docklands Bomb ImageRemembering the docklands bomb
This project explores the unwritten memories and legacy of an explosion loaded with political significance, the 1996 Dockland’s Bomb. 


Arts in Mind HeadArts in mind innovation
Bringing together academics from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience with artists and arts organisations to develop innovative new conversations and collaborations in the healthcare sector.


Arts-in-society lead imageArts in society innovation
This scheme works in partnership with Somerset House Studios to inspire, facilitate and support new collaborations between King’s researchers from across the Arts & Sciences and the Studios’ hub of 100 resident artists and designers.


This project tested the role of fashion as a vehicle for positive well-being in patients with musculoskeletal conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, who often have difficulty dressing due to pain, stiffness, fatigue, and restricted joint mobility.


ArtsHealthImageInnovation in arts, health and wellbeing
A new programme with Breathe Arts Health Research will explore how the arts can enhance health and wellbeing in clinical and care settings.


A team from King’s Improvement Science is working with a writer and animator to develop a short film to help women to share their safety concerns about life threatening illness and enabling maternity response.


Blue plasticThames memories
With a focus on London’s river Thames, this project is a collaborative public art project with a mission to creatively inform and scientifically challenge our understanding of the widespread dispersion of plastic debris on both fluvial and marine environments.


africandiaspora_200x135African diaspora artists
A project to review the history of Black Art, take stock of the present, galvanize existing networks, develop new projects and ask important questions about the future.  









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