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There have been many interesting developments with the ACFF since it's first Chapter Launch in Colombia, 2011. The Alliance currently has 26 chapters spanning 6 continents, with further Chapter launches ahead.


Events and News 2018

Policy Lab 2

Towards Paying for Health in Dentistry: 2018 ACFF Policy Lab

‘How can we create and implement acceptable prevention-based dental payment systems to achieve and maintain health outcomes?’

This question was the focus of the second ACFF Policy Lab, held in conjunction with the King’s College London Dental Institute and the Policy Institute at King’s. The meeting took place in London on the 23-24th July 2018 and brought together 35 participants from around the globe.

The meeting followed on from the success of the 2017 Policy Lab, ‘Towards a Cavity-Free Future: How do we accelerate a policy shift towards increased resource allocation for caries prevention and control?’ The 2017 report can be found here:

Participants came together for this two day meeting to focus on addressing the complexities of designing dental payment systems which better encourage and reward preventive treatment. Government officials and policy influencers, along with practitioner groups, health economists, academics, public health groups and NGOs were among the handpicked attendees brought together to initiate this discussion, called for as one of the ‘next steps’ following the publication of the 2017 Policy Lab report.ACFF_0169

With lively discussion and keen enthusiasm throughout the event, participants worked collaboratively to build a ‘blueprint’ of key considerations which must be addressed when looking to restructure or build payment systems, with the aim of ensuring all stakeholders are considered. A full meeting report will be published, which will include background information alongside the ‘blueprint’ as well as guidance for local adaption and implementation.

Overall the 2018 Policy Lab event was a huge success, and feedback showed participants left feeling inspired and energized to push for change within their countries and organisations. A strong sense of collaborative energy ran through the session and has remained tangible through post-event meetings and discussions surrounding implementation strategies, and we look forward to sharing further updates when we are able.

An infographic overview and summary of the meeting outcomes can be found here:

A full report is due for publication before the end of 2018.


5 Year Anniversary of Pan European Chapter

On March 21st 2018, the Pan-European Chapter of the ACFF held a Collaborative Council meeting of seven other affiliated European Organisations. This meeting marked a 5 year anniversary of the inaugural meeting, also held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. Read more.5 year Anniversary meeting RSM

5th Anniversary Pan European Chapter

2018 marks the five year anniversary of the launch of the ACFF Pan-European Chapter. The Chapter was founded at a small meeting which took place in London in 2013, and the Chapter celebrated this milestone by returning to their birthplace, the Royal Society of Medicine, for their 2018 council meeting.

Since 2013 the Pan-European Chapter has grown hugely, and has become the first group in Europe to bring together experts from multiple public health, practitioner and education groups in dentistry to unite against the common challenge of dental caries. There are currently seven partner organisations seated on the Pan-European Council, the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE), European Association of Dental Public Health (EADPH), European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD), European Dental Hygienists Federation (EDHF), European Dental Students Association (EDSA), European Organisation for Caries Research (ORCA), and the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe (PBOHE) along with a number of independent members.

The group has seen particular success in the areas of curriculum and policy reform and at building an effective network, with involvement at some level in the majority of major European conferences and public health and practitioner groups. They also have an ever increasing supporter base, with eight ‘Local’ Chapters formed across Europe between 2013 and 2016.

To mark the successes achieved across Europe, the ACFF has released a report focusing on the key milestones reached by the Pan-European Chapter over the last five years. You can read the report here.

February 2018 - ACFF Launch Japan Chapter

Sunday 4th February 2018 saw the launch of the 27th ACFF Chapter in Japan.

A symposium attended by 150 local dental professionals, policy makers and other health workers, as well as some representatives from industry, introduced the Chapter to the dental landscape in Japan, and promised to push caries prevention up the agenda.

Professors Mikako Hayaski and Nobuhiro Hanada, co-chairs of the Japan Chapter, arranged the symposium along with the inaugural meeting of the Japanese Chapter members. Professor Nigel Pitts was in attendance, presenting the journey of the ACFF on a Global level to the willing audience, and welcoming the Japanese Chapter to the ACFF family.

ACFF Japan Launch


The Chapters core local goals will be:

  • To combat inequalities and reduce the prevalence of caries in children by enhancing the education of pregnant women and mothers through local health organisations and schools
  • To accelerate biological management of caries by campaigning for adoption of ICCMS™ throughout dental education in Japan.
  • To overcome the frequent incidence of root caries amongst the elderly, seeking to look into effective methods of prevention of root caries by conducting nationwide research.

To find out more information on the ACFF Chapters and any news, please follow the new website here.

ACFF Launch new Online Hub

The end of 2017 saw the launch of an exciting new web resource by the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future. is an online hub offering information on caries prevention for both professionals and the public. The format of the website also offers each ACFF Chapter the chance to build their own ‘microsite’ onto matrix, at no cost and with minimal time commitment. The ACFF team hopes that throughout 2018 we will see many of our local Chapters building taking advantage of this to build their own microsites, sharing locally relevant information in their own language, and enhancing the important digital aspect of the ACFF community.

Visit the hub site for updates, blog posts and announcements, or sign up to the Professionals and Families areas to access informative and useful downloads to help both patients and practitioners build towards our cavity-free future. 


Events and News 2017

Policy Lab Event - Outcomes and Whats next?

On July 28-29th, the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future in partnership with King’s Policy Institute facilitated a 2 day Policy Lab meeting entitled ‘The economics of a cavity-free future’. With participants from around the world, and with the involvement of multiple Chief Dental Officers, Public Health groups, the BDA and representatives from across all faces of dentistry, the focus of the session was to answer the question ‘How do we accelerate a policy shift towards increased resource allocation for caries prevention and control?’

The success in bringing together such a varied group for the session allowed for a holistic discussion of the issue at hand, and following 24 hours of in depth, varied discourse, the attendees agreed that this is an important and truly a multi-faceted challenge.

When looking at shifting to a preventive focus, there is a need to look at caries prevention and control for both a) excluded and vulnerable groups with limited access to dental care and b) groups who already have access to care but where treatment is still too surgically focussed. In order to do this, there are at multiple stakeholders we need to consider, all of whom have contrasting views on the legitimacy, attractiveness and economic viability of pushing for preventive caries care.

Moving forward, these groups all need to be brought to the table throughout the process, especially when we are investing in long term activity to shift public, professional and industry behaviour with regards to prevention. It was resolved by the group that useful, mid-term next steps would be to find a way to demonstrate the monetary value of a cavity- free future, and to look into ways to promote models for prevention focused payment systems for dentists, better equipping the dental and related health workforces to deliver effective caries prevention and management. 

Attendees left the Lab enthused, with a view to developing a range of ideas both individually and collectively on how best to advance progress in this field with their stakeholder organisations. A report outlining the full outcomes of the session will be published later in the year.Team Image Policy Lab


May 2017 - ADEE/ADEA King's College London

As part of this springs ADEE/ADEA meeting, hosted at King's College London, the ACFF facilitated a full day meeting and workshop dedicated to introducing the progress and potential of the European Core Curriculum in Cariology with the aim of identifying key next steps in enabling the wider implementation of such curricula within the Global dental education system.

The workshop highlighted the importance of cariology teaching for all dental and other healthcare professionals, and showed how the ECCC encompasses a shift towards teaching of caries as a process, the caries balance and pushing the need for preventive as well as surgical methods of intervention and treatment, aligning with the most up-to-date scientific knowledge and focusing on patient-centric approaches to dentistry.

A global panel presented examples of how this new cariology curriculum has been effectively implemented and taught in Colombia, the USA and Europe, as well as drawing input from dental Hygienist and Student groups regarding curriculum content and the impact of new technologies on teaching methods and requirements.

Participants were invited to explore with the presenters how a unified cariology teaching method would be impacted by, and impact on the need for global networking, an inter-professional educational approach, developments in new technology and assessment in a global context, in line with their thought streams for the ADEE/ADEA event.

An overview of the session can be found here.

October - ACFF Expert Panel Meeing, Washington

This year's Expert Panel meeting will be held again in Washington. The meeting will consist of the panel members coming together to discuss the work and goals of the ACFF.


News Archive 2016

October 2016 - ACFF Panel Meeting, Washington

Annual Expert Panel meeting took place on 13-14th October.

September 2016 - FDI Congress, Poland

ACFF Symposium was delivered at the FDI Congress in Poland on Wednesday 7th September. Follow for Congress Programme information.

August 2016 - Pre meeting Workshop, ADEE Barcelona

The Colgate Oral Health Network and the Alliance for Cavity Free Future,  presented The European Core Caries Curriculum (ECCC) pre meeting Workshop on 24th August. For more information on the event, please click here.

The ACFF also hosted a series of ICCMS(TM) training sessions at the ADEE and EDSA meetings in Barcelona.  The sessions were chaired by Professor Anahita Momeni of the University of Phillips University, Marburg, and will offer attendees an introduction to the ICCMS(TM) Documents and an overview of the systems, including a look at currently implementation successes.  Session information can be found here.

February 2016 - ACFF Launches Nordic Chapter

On Tuesday 9th February l in the heart of Denmark, the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future launched their 26th local Chapter committed to working towards a future free from dental caries. The Nordic Chapter comprises members from Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, and is Chaired by Kim Ekstrand, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen and Visiting Professor to the King’s Dental Innovation and Translation Centre (DITC). The Chapter will be focussing on improving caries prevention for all across the life course, with a focus on groups who are ‘high risk’.

The Nordic Chapter launch coincided with the annual Pan-European Collaborative Council Meeting, Chaired by Professor Nigel Pitts, Director of the DITC. During the day both the Nordic and Pan-European Councils received a presentation by Professor Stefan Listl of the University of Heidelberg on the Economic Impact of Caries, and together celebrated the signing of the ACFF declaration by the Nordic Team, showing collaborative commitment to the global ACFF goal to ensure that no child born after 2026 need suffer from tooth decay.

Pan-European Council member Professor Tim Newton was recently featured in March issue of the British Dental Journal for his involvement in the ACFF Global Symposium in Dubai at the beginning of this month. Tim’s presentation to the congress looked into the link between patient behaviour patterns and caries prevalence, and presented ways in which dental teams might work with patients to help motivate them to change their oral hygiene habits.

The Board of the Newly launched Nordic Chapter

Nordic Chapter Team 16

February 2016 - ACFF hosts Global Symposium at the AEEDC Dubai Conference

On February 2nd, the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future hosted their 2016 Global Symposium, entitled ‘Joining up the Evidence to make an achievable difference’ at the AEEDC Dubai Conference.

The Symposium approached the question ‘Does our current approach to caries prevention and control strategies integrate a sufficiently broad range of evidence?’ and the invited expert speakers approached this from the standpoints of Nutrition, Education and behaviour change, Cariology, Public Health, Clinical Practice and Integrated Caries Prevention and Management. The aim of the event is to facilitate discussion around how we can most effectively work together across the health disciplines to impact the prevention of dental caries. For further details please click here:

Dubai picture










Professors Tim Newton and Nigel Pitts attending the Symposium.

For a full overview of the Symposium, please click here.


News Archive 2015

October 2015 - Latin American Success for ACFF Colombian 

October 2015 saw the ACFF’s founding Chapter bring together representatives from all over Latin America in a fantastic example of how almost half a decade of hard work can truly pay off.Team Photo Colombia

This meeting represented a milestone in the growth and maturity of the Colombian Chapter, who launched in May 2011 and who have since worked tirelessly to promote caries prevention initiatives across their country and beyond.

This meeting offered an opportunity for the Chapter to celebrate becoming one of the joint recipients of the first Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future Champions award, and to evidence the progress that has been made both within their hugely successful community development programmes, and in their work to implement important changes within the dental curriculum, which have now been adopted in all dental schools across Colombia and are being filtered out to other Latin American countries.  

Colombian Chapter Co-Chair Dr Stefania Martignon, who works both within the Universidad el Bosque in Bogota, Colombia and as a Senior Lecturer in the Dental Innovation and Translation Centre at King’s College London, spearheaded the plans to use this fantastic opportunity to cement a partnership between the two universities. Professors Nigel Pitts, Kim Ekstrand and Tim Newton of King’s College London, all members of the ACFF themselves (Professor Pitts as Global Chair and Pan-European Chapter Co-Chair, Professor Ekstrand as Co-Chair of the Upcoming Nordic Chapter, and Professor Newton as a member of the Pan-European Chapter Collaborative Council) were in attendance, and engaged in a number of further relationship building, educational events during their visit. 

The Professors spent a day meeting with a group of UNICA masters students, providing a sounding board for their ideas regarding the research they are currently doing which links the two dental schools, and also delivered presentations on caries and behavioural sciences at the Latin American IADR meetings, attended by dental researchers and educators from across Latin America.  

We would like to sincerely thank the Colombian Chapter for being such committed trailblazers for the ACFF, and are with further plans simmering for expansion across Latin America, are very excited to see what will happen next. Watch this space.

July 2015 - Pre-ORCA Symposium on Caries epidemiology and surveillance

Please click here for more information about the 62nd ORCA Congress to be held in Brussels, July 2015.

April 2015 - Italian Chapter Launch
For further details on the launch click here.
February 2015 - Interview with 'News Medical' - 'Sugar Intake and Tooth Decay'
Interview by 'News Medical' on 'Sugar Intake and Tooth Decay'. The article is featured on the front page of the website and is the first item on Google news searching for 'sugar intake'. The website has over 678,000 unique visitors a month and over 49,000 daily views. To view the article, please follow this link.
February 2015 - North Africa Middle East Chapter Launch

February 2015 saw the launch of a brand new ‘local’ ACFF Chapter. With the AEEDC conference in Dubai as the perfect excuse for a launch, the North Africa Middle East (NAME) Chapter members signed the pledge to work towards ensuring a Cavity-Free Future for all.

NAME encompasses countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and with more links in many other countries in the covering area being chased down, this chapter is unique in it’s potential to expand and extend its reach hugely over the coming years.

The influential panel of experts includes representatives from multiple countries, and together they have committed to involve Public health Associations and local cariologists in the ACFF’s battle against caries, as well as placing an emphasis on working with first time mothers to help give a better understanding of the importance of caries prevention from birth. We’re delighted to have a chapter with such potential and are excited to be able to update you on their progress in the coming months.


October 2014 - E-Health Magazine interviews Professor Pitts
As Chairman of the ACFF, Professor Pitts is interviewed by E-Health magazine about the 'issue with caries'. 
September 2014 - Chapters Russia and Thailand Launch

Details soon.

March 2014 - Interviews held at European Chapter Brussels

Interview at the recent ACFF European Chapter held in Brussels.

Interview at the recent ACFF European Chapter held in Brussels.

July 2013 - Dental Experts highlight gaps in public knowledge of tooth decay.

Follow the link here for more detail.

January 2013 - What's New? First Chapter Launch

On 15th May 2011, Colombia became the first Chapter to launch with the Alliance, since then there have been numerous countries joining the Alliance to achieve the same goal. Please read about some of the chapters here, we will continue to update with progress as this continues.




ACFF 2015 Review

ACFF 2016 Review

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