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History of ICCMS/ICDAS

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ICDAS: the International Caries Detection and Assessment System

The vision of the ICDAS Foundation has built over the last decade:

  • employs an evidence based and preventively oriented approach
  • a detection & assessment system classifying stages of the caries process
  • use in dental education, clinical practice, research and public  health
  • provides all stakeholders with a common caries language
  • evolves to comprise a number of approved, compatible “formats”
  • supports decision-making at both individual and public health levels
  • created ICCMS™ to enable improved long-term caries outcomes

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ICDAS then developed ICCMS™: the International Caries Classification and Management System. Having synthesised the evidence base in the area with ICDAS and refined the approach to clinical management with ICCMS™ – the research teams now seek, through the Global Collaboratory for Caries Management, to achieve lasting and sustainable implementation of the research findings, using a sharing approach to learnings, barriers and facilitators. This is happening between a wide range of Global locations and settings.

The Global Collaboratory has a number of key features:

  • an implementation vehicle to get Clinicians & Policy Makers to use ICCMS™ with Patients & Communities and to also facilitate its use in both dental education and research
  • an international Collaborative Implementation Science/Improvement Science “Laboratory” in which local and global stakeholders seek to implement evidence-based policy and practice
  • a Centre without walls where collaborators can interact with colleagues without regard to physical location; can use IT resources and communication technologies to support ICCMS™ Implementation in order to get research into policy, practice, and education; and also participate in collaborative Implementation science to conduct experiments to evaluate and improve ICCMS™
  • a new networked organisational form that will include social processes and collaboration techniques uniting around the values and vision of the ICDAS Foundation.
  • The Global Collaboratory and ICDAS Foundation has published an ICCMS™ guide for Educators and Practitioners ICCMS-Document
This collaborative is part of the ICDAS Foundation, a charity set up to promote optimal caries classification and decision making. It focuses on the Implementation of ICDAS and ICCMS™.

CCI - CariesCare International

CariesCare International (managing caries in clinical practice) is an international organisation which has been set up for implementing ICCMS™ globally, and by using the Glbal Collaboratory for Caries Management for Quality management/Quality assurance. The new Foundation is launching in July at ORCA, Copenhagen, and a workshop is in the making which will deliver a consensus document and guidance for in-practice benefits for CariesCare. Further updates as the work of the Foundation progresses.

ICDAS Calibration Training Event - November 2016
For the first time, ICCMS (International Caries Classification and Management System) has held an ICDAS (International Caries Detection and Assessment System) calibration training event attended by more than 50 dentists representing 11 countries (Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela) who are now able to provide ICDAS calibration training within their countries.  This event, held in Universidad El Bosque in Bogota, Colombia November 2016, was provided by an international group of ICDAS Foundation members (Stefania Martignon (Colombia), Gail Douglas (UK), Mariana Braga (Brazil)) over 4 days and included lectures, hands-on workshops with teeth in labs, and clinical assessments with volunteer patients.  As a result of this event, ICDAS furthers global usage and penetration of this visual caries detection system to the benefit of patients whose treatment will focus more on preventing the progression of early lesion and preserving tooth enamel through less aggressive treatments.

To further support people wishing to run similar events locally, the ICCMS group is producing an elearning programme that will provide all the resources (powerpoints, excel sheets, guidance) to help. This will be available in early 2017.  Watch this space for details.We would like to acknowledge for supporting the event: the ICDAS Foundation, ICCMS, Global Collaboratory and King's College London, Universidad El Bosque, IADR LAR, IADR Colombia, ACFF Colombia, University of Leeds, USP.

ICDAS Calibration

System Definitions

Caries Classification
International Caries Detection and Assessment System - known as ICDAS
Caries Management

International Caries Classification and Management System - ICCMS™

Implementation Systems

Global Collaboratory for Caries Management - directed by ICDAS and its ICCMS™    

Further information on the Global Collaboratory for Caries at King's College London can be found on the King's Health Policy page.

For further developments on the ICDAS Training, please click here.

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