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Women Entrepreneurs Programme

The Women Entrepreneurs programme aims to achieve gender parity across the Entrepreneurship Institute's activities, with a key aim to ensure that half of the ventures on the King’s20 Accelerator are women-led.


The programme is open to all King’s women students, staff and alumni and increases your exposure to entrepreneurial skills, knowledge sharing and community building.

Activities focus on inspiring you with the message that entrepreneurship can be a career pathway and help you develop your entrepreneurial skillset. We are creating a community of women with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are empowered to support each other’s ideas and ventures and who share learning and experiences. 

This is a space for passionate women to come together and thrive. Support includes discussion events with industry leaders, practical workshops, networking opportunities, mentoring and a two-day retreat.

The Women Entrepreneurs Programme is a three-year programme supported by Santander Universities. Diversity & Inclusion at King's


"We find it really motivating to be in such an exciting community of passionate entrepreneurs at the Entrepreneurship Institute. As a small company, if we were just working alone, we wouldn’t have the same energy, buzz, collaboration and idea sharing. We’ve already had tonnes of informal coffees to go over strategies and learn from each other’s mistakes.”  

Madeline Petrow, King's alumna & Co-founder and CEO, MAMOQ 



rawpixel-745949-unsplashRetreat 24 -25 March, Central London: We have organised a two-day retreat at the Allbright Club, including one overnight stay in central London. During this weekend you will be exposed to industry experts who will share their knowledge about how to best present, validate and pitch a business idea. 

Application for the Retreat closed in February 2019. 

2019 Key dates

31 January - Launch event 

February - Workshops on validating your idea + becoming a founder 

23-24 March - Retreat, Allbright Club, London   


What is the retreat about?

We have organised a two-day retreat at the Allbright Club, including one overnight stay in central London. During this weekend you will be exposed to industry experts who will share their knowledge about how to best present, validate and pitch a business idea.

Who should apply?

If you are a passionate woman who is thinking of taking the leap to either create or further develop a venture, then this retreat is for you. This weekend retreat is aimed at women who have identified and have a strong understanding of a problem or challenge and have developed a potential, marketable, solution that they want to pursue. The retreat has been specially designed to prepare you to have strong knowledge about idea validation and pitching in order to make a solid application to the King’s20 Accelerator in June 2019. The retreat is open to all King's women students, staff and alumni.

What will you gain from the retreat? 

  • Entrepreneurial Skills: 16 hours of learning about entrepreneurship and practical tools
  • Peer networking: Connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs and create a support system
  • Mentoring: Access to mentors who will support you in the King's20 Accelerator application process
  • Professional entrepreneurial community: Access to the Santander Fellows LinkedIn group
  • Certificate: Obtain an entrepreneurial credential for your CV + career enhancement
  • Follow up mentoring sessions will be available to strengthen your proposal and get you ready to pitch for the King’s20 Accelerator.

“Half the world are women, and so should half of our entrepreneurs at King’s. Florence Nightingale, King’s alum, was an entrepreneurial and innovative woman and we are looking for more women to follow in her footsteps. More men think entrepreneurship is for them than women. More men pitch venture ideas, get investment and apply for accelerators. That’s why our new Women Entrepreneurs Programme is so vital.

We’ve thought hard about why men outnumber women dramatically in accelerators around the world and have devised new outreach, communication and support to ensure that we become the first university accelerator to reach gender parity, sustainably, whilst delivering the same level of quality amongst our investment-ready, scaling ventures. 

We’re creating a thriving community of passionate, entrepreneurial women at King’s with the skills and confidence to win big investments for exciting new, scaling ventures. We’re really grateful to Santander Universities for supporting us to make the programme possible and to deliver this ground-breaking goal, sharing our learning as we go.” 

Julie Devonshire OBE, Director, Entrepreneurship Institute, King's College London 


“We’re delighted to be partnering with King’s College London on this key initiative, and supporting them to expand their entrepreneurial activities. We look forward to seeing the positive impact the Women Entrepreneurs Programme will bring to the next generation of entrepreneurial talent.”

Matt Hutnell, Director at Santander Universities