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Arabic Cinema: A reflection of Politics and Religion in the Middle East


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Open to King’s/LC Students only

The workshop will provide a journey through the evolution of Arabic cinema, from its early beginnings to the present day. It will analyse how political events, revolutions, and social movements in the Middle East find expression in film. The workshop will delve into the portrayal of religion in Arabic cinema and examine how filmmakers handle religious themes, traditions, and conflicts, shedding light on the complexities of faith and spirituality in the region.

Target audience: Language Module Stage 1;Language Module Stage 2;Language Module Stage 3;Short Course Level 1;Short Course Level 2;Short Course Level 5;PGO Beginners;PGO Intermediate;LAHP Beginner;LAHP Beginners Plus;LAHP Intermediate.

Convenor: Amira Mills

Please email if you have any access requirements.

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Amira Mills

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