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Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)


What is the HEAR?

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) provides detailed information about a student's learning and achievement to supplement the traditional degree classification and standard transcript.  

Within the HEAR, there is a section (6.1) for recording 'Additional Achievements' e.g. prizes.  This is of particular importance, as it provides a place for a student's extra-curricular activities to be officially recorded by the College.  Previously, there was no capacity for this type of information to be formally documented.  Further information on the the Additional Achievements can be found on our dedicated Additional Achievements Section 6.1 of the HEAR pages. 

King's College London started issuing its first Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) in August 2013.

How do I access my HEAR?

HEARs are accessible via the Gradintel website.

Background to The HEAR

The HEAR is an initiative developed following a report produced by the Measuring and Recording Student Achievement Steering Group, in 2007. The Beyond The Honours Degree Classification report concluded that the development of the HEAR would assist in providing a richer record of student activity, as well as modernising the traditional degree classification system.

The HEAR was formally introduced by the Burgess Implementation Steering Group, in October 2012, through the publication of a report entitled Bringing It All Together: Introducing the HEAR, which provided a comprehensive breakdown of the HEAR and its implementation.

Further information on the HEAR

Please visit the HEAR Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to any questions you may have relating to the HEAR. 

More information can be found on the following external websites:

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