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Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR): Frequently Asked Questions

FAQscrab2Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

What is the HEAR?

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is an electronic document produced by a higher education institution that provides a record of student achievement during their period of study.

Who will receive a HEAR?

All taught students studying at King's from the 2012/13 academic year will be eligible to receive a HEAR. Students registered on an Intercalated BSc programme will become eligible to receive a HEAR when their substantive Medical or Dental Programme becomes eligible.

All students who first registered before the 2012/13 academic year will continue to receive a paper transcript.

What does a HEAR look like?

The HEAR is a document whose contents and format follow a nationally agreed schema which King’s is adopting. The HEAR will be delivered in electronic format to allow it to be easily shared by the student. 

This is a sample HEAR.

Will the HEAR contain all the information to meet professional requirements?

No, the current schema does not allow for the inclusion of additional information required by students applying for certain professions, for example Nursing.

In these cases, transcripts with this information will remain available, and the College will be reviewing what can be done to enhance the access to these documents, following the implementation of the HEAR for Undergraduate students.

Will information on Placements be included in the HEAR?

We are working towards including this information.

Will information on Student Selected Components be included?

We are working towards including this information.

What level of information on module marks will be published 
in the HEAR?

The HEAR will contain the overall module mark achieved.

How will I access my HEAR?

HEARs will be electronic documents that will be accessible via the Gradintel website. Students will be able to share their HEAR with potential employers or other universities, and can also use the system to build a CV and search for employment.

What is Gradintel?

Gradintel is the service King’s is using to deliver the HEAR. It is owned by the Tribal Group who supply the College’s Student Records System, SITS.

How do I register with Gradintel?

If you are eligible for a HEAR you will receive an email with detailed information on how to register.

How much does the HEAR cost?

There is no additional cost to King's College London students to join Gradintel or receive a HEAR.

When were the first HEARs published?

The first HEARs were published in August 2013. 

How often will the HEAR be published?

The HEAR will be published twice a year, in August and October of each year.

What is ‘Section 6.1: Additional Achievements’?

Section 6.1 contains additional achievements that have been verified by King's College London. Please visit the Additional Achievements webpage for further information on Section 6.1 of the HEAR.

What will Section 6.1 contain?

Please visit the HEAR: Section 6.1 page for information about the items that King’s College London is currently recording in Section 6.1 of the HEAR.

Can I choose what information is included in my HEAR?

Most of the information on the HEAR is nationally defined and cannot be changed. However, students will have the option to not display some of the items in Section 6.1.

How can additional items be added to Section 6.1?

Units within King's College London or KCLSU can submit a proposal for additional items to be included in Section 6.1 of the HEAR. This proposal should meet the criteria agreed by the College Education Committee. Individual students are not permitted to submit proposals for Section 6.1.

Please visit the Additional Achievements webpage to view the criteria and process for making a request to add additional information to Section 6.1 of the HEAR.

Some of the information on my HEAR is wrong, who should I contact?

If the information on your HEAR is incorrect, you should contact the centres/teams responsible for your School directly.  You can find links to their webpages and contact details on the Student Records & Academic Administration webpage.

Alternatively, you can email the HEAR Team.

I’m having problems with the Gradintel Site, who do I contact?

You should email if you are having any problems with the Gradintel Site.


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If you have a question that is not answered here or require further information about the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), please email the HEAR team.


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