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Centre for Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Ph.D. theses


Work performed using the Facilities of the Centre for Biomolecular Spectroscopy has contributed to a number of PhD theses:




Veronica Ilkow: Engineering IgE antibodies and CD23 for therapeutic discovery

(Supervisors: Dr. A.J. Beavil and Prof. B.J. Sutton)


Cinzia Imberti: New approaches to radionuclide imaging of cancer with gallium-68

(Supervisors: Prof. P.J. Blower and Dr. S. Karagiannis)


Min Gyu Kim: Alzheimer's disease biomarkers discovery using metabolomics approach

(Supervisors: Dr. C. Legido-Quigley and Dr. A.J. Mason)


Ewelina Krysztofinska: The roles of the co-chaperone SGTA/Sgt2, the BAG6 complex and E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF126 in cytosolic quality control

(Supervisors: Dr. R.L. Isaacson and Prof. J.M. McDonnell)




Lizzie Allan: Investigating allostery in IgE-Fc using a panel of anti-IgE antibodies

(Supervisors: Prof. J.M. McDonnell and Prof. B.J. Sutton)


Safa Damiati: Exploring solubilisation of drugs by hydrotropes

(Supervisors: Prof. M.J. Lawrence and Dr. D.J. Barlow)


Michaeljohn Kalakoutis: Specific force in human single muscle fibres with specific reference to ageing

(Supervisor: Prof. S.D.R Harridge and Dr. J. Ochala)


Tokuwa Kanno: A metabolomic investigation of Rho-ROCK signalling in metastatic melanoma

(Supervisors: Dr. A.J. Mason and Dr. V.M. Sanz Moreno)


Kamrun Nahar: Design and synthesis of benzofused biaryl polyamides as G-quadruplex targeting agents

(Supervisors: Prof. D.E. Thurston and Dr. K.M. Rahman)


Katie O'Brien: Defining metabolic responses to hypoxia and the potential for dietary nitrates to alleviate hypoxic stress

(Supervisors: Prof. S.D.R Harridge and Dr. L.M. Edwards)


Dibesh Thapa: Targeting the interaction between p38α and TAB1

(Supervisor: Prof. M.S. Marber)


Arjun Thapaliya: Biophysical studies of SGTA, a protein involved in quality control

(Supervisors: Dr. R.L. Isaacson and Dr. U. Eggert)




Laura Fin: Investigation of the functional role of the cannaboid receptor interacting protein 1 (CNRIP1)

(Supervisor: Dr. R.A. Steiner)


Carolyn Johnson: Cloning and characterization of IA-2 specific autoantibodies in Type 1 diabetes

(Supervisors: Dr. M. Christie and Prof. M.R. Conte)


Daniel O'Loughlin: The molecular nature of the human pro-allergenic cytokine TSLP (Thymic Stromal Lymphoprotein)

(Supervisor: Prof. J.M. McDonnell)


Nicola Pace : Exploring solid state NMR spectroscopy as a tool to study F-actin and its complexes

Supervisor (Dr. M. Pfuhl)



Seema Mayank: Ce3 domain of imunnoglobulin E: role of IgE flexibility and receptor binding

(Supervisors: Dr. A.J. Beavil, Dr. Y.W. Chen and Prof. J.M. McDonnell)


Adam Nabeebaccus: The role of NADPH oxidase 4 in regulating cardiac metabolism

(Supervisors: Prof. A.M. Shah and Prof. M. Mayr)


Tom Wylie: Molecular characterisation of RndGTPase-PlexinB RBD interactions.

(Supervisors: Prof. A.J. Ridley and Prof. M.R. Conte)




Gianluca Bello: The interaction of antimicrobial peptides with lipopolysaccharide aggregates and model membranes

(Supervisors: Dr. R.D. Harvey and Dr. A.J. Mason)


Eva Grace: Gastrointestinal symptoms, nutritional status and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in patients with cancer.

(Supervisors: Prof. K. Whelan and Dr. C. Shaw)


Justyna Kozlowska: Combined systems approaches to understand host-bacterial interactions.

(Supervisors: Dr. A.J. Mason and Dr. K.D. Bruce)


Abigail Newe: Unearthing the molecular mechanisms that govern L-selectin-dependent adhesion and migration.

(Supervisors: Dr. A. Ivetic and Prof. M.R. Conte)


Reg Rehal: A physicochemical and biophysical investigation into the role of Lysyl-phosphatidylglycerol in the membrane of Staphylococcus aureus under mild acidic conditions.

(Supervisors: Dr. R. Harvey and Dr. K. Bruce)


Mariola Zaleska: Structural and functional characterisation of MS1.

(Supervisors: Dr. M. Pfuhl and Dr. F. Wardle)



Wen-Pin Kao: Protein engineering and characterization of a stable trimeric form of CD23 and a fluorescent IgE biosensor.

(Supervisors: Prof. B.J. Sutton and Dr. A.J. Beavil)


Zhisheng Lu: Structural studies of HIV-1 Vif and its SOCS-box domain.

(Supervisors Dr. M.R. Sanderson and Prof. M. Malim)


Marie Pang: The discovery of small-molecule inhibitors of allergy.

(Supervisors: Dr. A.J. Beavil and Prof. J.M. McDonnell)


Daopeng Yuan: Structural studies of human CD23 and its complexes.

(Supervisors: Prof. B.J. Sutton and Dr. A.J. Beavil)



Louise Saul: Structural and functional studies of the cannabinoid receptor interacting protein (CRIP) 1a

(Supervisors: Dr. R.A. Steiner and Prof. P. Doherty)



Katherine Hands-Taylor: Rpp20 and Rpp25: Two protein subunits of human RNase MRP

(Supervisor: Prof. M.R. Conte)


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