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Publications 2010-2016

2010 Publications

Hands-Taylor, K.L., Martino, L., Tata, R., Babon, J.J., Bui, T.T., Drake, T.T., Beavil, R.L., Prujin, G.J., Brown, P.R. and Conte, M.R. (2010) Heterodimerization of the human RNase P/MRP subunits Rpp20 and Rpp25 is a prerequisite for interaction with the P3 arm of RNase MRP RNA


Lan, Y., Ye, Y., Kozlowska, J., Lam, J.K., Drake, A.F. and Mason A.J. (2010) Structural contributions to the intracellular targeting strategies of antimicrobial peptides


Lan, Y., Langlet-Bertin, B., Abbate, V., Vermeer, L.S., Kong, X., Sullivan, K.E., Leborgne, C., Scherman, D., Hider, R.C., Drake, A.F., Bansal, S.S., Kichler, A. and Mason, A.J. (2010) Incorporation of 2,3-diaminoproprionic acid into linear cationic amphipathic peptides produces pH-sensitive vectors


Merabet, A., Houlleberghs, H., Maclagan, K., Akanho, E., Bui, T.T., Pagano, B., Drake, A.F., Fraternali, F. and Nikolova, P.V. (2010) Mutants of the tumour suppressor p53 L1 loop as second-site suppressors for restoring DNA binding to oncogenic p53 mutations: structural and biochemical insights


Soloshonok, V.A., Ono, T., Ueki, H., Vanthuyne, N., Balaban, T.S., Bürck, J., Fliegl, H., Klopper, W., Naubron, J.V., Bui, T.T., Drake, A.F. and Roussel, C. (2010) Ridge-tile-like chiral topology: synthesis, resolution, and complete chiroptical characterization of enantiomers of edge-sharing binuclear square planar complexes of Ni(II) bearing achiral ligands
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