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Publications 2010-2016

2011 Publications

Badar, A., DeFreitas, S., McDonnell, J.M., Yahya, N., Thakor, D., Smith, R., Sacks, S. and Mullen, G.E.D. (2011) Recombinant complement receptor 2 radiolabelled with [99mTc(CO)3]+ : a potential new radiopharmaceutical for imaging activated complement


Bode, F., da Silva, M.A., Drake, A.F., Ross-Murphy, S.B. and Dreiss, C.A. (2011) Enzymatically cross-linked tilapia gelatin hydrogels: physical, chemical, and hybrid networks


Borthakur, S., Andrejeva, G. and McDonnell, J.M. (2011) Basis of the intrinsic flexibility of the Cε3 domain of IgE


Castiglione, F., Valero, M., Dreiss, C.A. and Mele, A. (2011) Selective interaction of 2,6-di-O-methyl-β-cyclodextrin and plutonic F127 micelles leading to micellar rupture: a nuclear magnetic resonance study


Croasdale, R., Ivins, F.J., Muskett, F., Daviter, T., Scott, D.J., Hardy, T., Smerdon, S.J., Fry, A.M. and Pfuhl, M. (2011) An undecided coiled coil: the leucine-zipper of NEK2 kinase exhibits atypical conformational exchange dynamics


Holdom, M.D., Davies, A.M., Nettleship, J.E., Bagby, S., Dhaliwal, B., Girardi, E., Hunt, J., Gould, H.J., Beavil, A.J., McDonnell, J.M., Owens R.J. and Sutton, B.J. (2011) The high affinity complex between IgE and its receptor FcεRI


McDowell, M.A., Johnson, S., Deane, J.E., Cheung, M., Roehrch, D., Blocker, A.J., McDonnell, J.M. and Lea, S.M. (2011) Structural and functional studies on the N-terminal domain of the Shigella type III secretion protein MxiG


Manolaridis, I., Gaudin, C., Posthuma, C.C., Zevenhoven-Dobbe, J.C., Imbert, I., Canard,B., Kelly, G., Tucker, P.A., Conte, M.R. and Snijder, E.J. (2011) Structure and genetic analysis of the arterivirus nonstructural protein 7α


Rahman, K.M., James, C.H., Bui, T.T., Drake, A.F. and Thurston, D.E. (2011) Observation of a single-stranded DNA/pyrrolobenzodiazepine adduct


Rahman, K.M., James, C.H. and Thurston, D.E. (2011) Observation of the reversibility of a covalent pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) DNA adduct by HPLC/MS and CD spectroscopy


Trotta, R., De Tito, S., Lauri, I., La Pietra, V., Marinelli, L., Cosconati, S., Martino, L., Conte, M.R., Mayol., L., Novellino, E. and Randazzo, A. (2011) A more detailed picture of the interactions between virtual screening-derived hits and the DNA G-quadruplex: NMR, molecular modelling and ITC studies


Yang, R., Gaidamakov, S.A., Xie, J., Lee, J., Martino, L., Kozlov, G., Crawford, A.K., Russo, A.N., Conte, M.R., Gehring, K. and Maraia, R.J. (2011) La-related protein 4 binds poly(A), interacts with the poly(A)-binding protein MLLE domain via a variant PAM2w motif, and can promote mRNA stability


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