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Publications 2010-2016

2012 Publications

Al-Ahmady, Z.S., Al-Jamal, W.T., Van der Bossche, J., Bui, T.T., Drake, A.F., Mason, A.J. and Kostarelos, K. (2012) Lipid-peptide vesicle nanoscale hybrids for triggered drug release by mild hyperthermia in vitro and in vivo


Borthakur, S., Hibbert, R.G., Pang, M.O., Yahya, N., Bax, H.J., Kao, M.W., Cooper, A.M., Beavil, A.J., Sutton, B.J., Gould, H.J. and McDonnell, J.M. (2012) Mapping of the CD23 binding site on IgE and allosteric control of the IgE-FcεRI interaction


Iacobucci, V., Di Giuseppe, F., Bui, T.T., Vermeer, L.S., Patel, J., Scherman, D., Kichler, A., Drake, A.F. and Mason, A.J. (2012) Control of pH responsive peptide self-association during endocytosis is required for effective gene transfer


James, L.K., Bowen, H., Calvert, R.A., Dodev, T.S., Shamji, M.H., Beavil, A.J., McDonnell, J.M., Durham, S.R. and Gould, H.J. (2012) Allergen specificity of IgG(4)-expressing B cells in patients with grass pollen allergy undergoing immunotherapy


Jawad, R., Elleman, C., Vermeer, L., Drake, A.F., Woodhead, B., Martin, G.P. and Royall, P.G. (2012) The measurement of the β/α anomer composition within amorphous lactose prepared by spray and freeze drying using a simple (1)H-NMR method


Kappo, M.A., Eiso, A., Hassem, F., Atkinson, R.A., Faro, A., Muleya, V., Mulaudzi, T., Poole, J.O., McKenzie, J.M., Chibi, M., Moolman-Smook, J.C., Ress, D.J.G. and Pugh, D.J.R. (2012) Solution structure of RING finger-like domain of retinoblastoma-binding protein-6 (RBBP6) suggests it functions as a U-box


Le Friec, G., Sheppard, D., Whiteman, P., Karsten, C.M., Shamoun, S.A., Laing, A., Bugeon, L., Dallman, M.J., Melchionna, T., Chillakuri, C., Smith, R.A., Drouet, C., Couzi, L., Fremeaux-Bacchi, V., Köhl, J., Waddington, S.N., McDonnell, J.M., Baker, A., Handford, P.A., Lea, S.M. and Kemper, C. (2012) The CD46-Jagged1 interaction is critical for human TH1 immunity


Martino, L., Pennell, S., Kelly, G., Bui, T.T.T., Kotik-Kogan, O., Smerdon, S.J., Drake, A.F., Curry, S. and Conte, M.R. (2012) Analysis of the interaction with the hepatitis C virus RNA reveals an alternative mode of RNA recognition by the human La protein


Naldi, M., Fiori, J., Pistolozzi, M., Drake, A.F., Bertucci, C., Wu, R., Mlynarczyk, K., Filipek, S., De Simone, A. and Andrisano, V. (2012) Amyloid β-peptide 25–35 self-assembly and its inhibition: a model undecapeptide system to gain atomistic and secondary structure details of the Alzheimer’s disease process and treatment



Rahman, K.M., Hossain, M.D., Sohrab, M.H., Drake, A.F., Bui, T.T., Husby, J., Gunaratnam, M., Neidle, S., Hasan, C.M. and Thurston, D.E. (2012) The prenylated dioxopiperazine alkaloid Cristatin A has selective telomeric DNA G-quadruplex stabilising properties


Rees, M., Gorba, C., de Chiara, C., Bui, T.T., Garcia-Maya, M., Drake, A.F., Okazawa, H., Pastore, A., Svergun, D. and Chen, Y.W. (2012) Solution model of the intrinsically disordered polyglutamine tract-binding protein-1


Stevenson, P.C., Kite, G.C., Lewis, G.P., Forest, F., Nyirenda, S.P., Belmain, S.R., Sileshi, G.W. and Veitch, N.C. (2012) Distinct chemotypes of Tephrosia vogelii and implications for their use in pest control and soil enrichment


Tedaldi, L.M., Pierce, M. and Wagner, G.K. (2012) Optimised chemical synthesis of 5-substituted UDP-sugars and their evaluation as glycosyltransferase inhibitors


Vermeer, L.S., Fruhwirth, G.O., Pandya, P., Ng, T. and Mason, A.J. (2012) NMR metabolomics of MTLn3E breast cancer cells identifies a role for CXCR4 in lipid and choline regulation


Vermeer, L.S., Lan, Y., Abbate, V., Ruh, E., Bui, T.T., Wilkinson, L.J., Kanno, T., Jumagulova, E., Kozlowska, J., Patel, J., McIntyre, C.A., Yam, W.C., Siu, G., Atkinson, R.A., Lam, J.K., Bansal, S.S., Drake, A.F., Mitchell, G.H. and Mason, A.J. (2012) Conformational flexibility determines selectivity and antibacterial, antiplasmodial, and anticancer potency of cationic α-helical peptides

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